Sept. 12, 2008     Audio of Cable TV Broadcast:
Alan Watt on "Time Out" with Kevin Gallagher
(Originally Aired Sept. 12, 2008 on Cable TV Channel 23 - Bethel, Connecticut, USA)
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PART 1 -

Kevin Gallagher – Hey everybody, welcome once again to ‘Time Out’ with Kevin Gallagher. I’m your host and it’s a pleasure to have you here once again. I’ve got a phone in front of me and the guest is far away. He’s up out in Ontario, Canada. This is somebody whose show I listen to quite a bit and has really changed the way that I look at the world and the different paradigms that I used to have and you’ve shattered many of them my friend and I thank you. Alan Watt, you can hear from him, Monday [through] Friday night at 8pm on RBN. Correct?

Alan Watt – Yes.

Kevin – And before we get rocking and rolling, what do you want to say about yourself for anyone out there who’s watching and not familiar with you. What would you like them to know about you?

Alan – Well basically that I’ve spent a life being awake and understanding and looking into the causes and effects of the behaviour changes in society and I came to the conclusion, very young, that society and culture was deliberately being directed along a certain path; that was music, that was all entertainment basically and then when I got a hold of Plato’s book written 2300 years ago, called ‘The Republic’, and reading his other books on culture and culture creation and how you lead millions of people along a desired direction, I realised it had never stopped.

I also knew that we were going into a European amalgamation long before the governments ever admitted it. I travelled across Europe and I wondered why the same laws were passed at the same time in every country and yet they never mentioned that this was an international agreement they’d had. Then I saw the same thing happen in the Americas and we’re going into it – actually we are amalgamated already and it’s been out in mainstream media here in Canada.

Kevin – That’s amazing. How did this all kind of sit with you when you started to find out that there was a lot of control from the top, so to speak, that works its way down? And the second part is, what exactly is the top? What are the elite? Can you explain that for the people at home?

Alan – Well, how you deal with it is that you can only absorb so much at a time. People today have too much access to too much, I call it, ‘data’, not just information, but ‘data’ which is totally confusing. You have to organise yourself to go through and study it and you start studying it by history and realising that the masses in every country were always ruled by a small, dominant minority, and that’s the term they use. People like Aldous Huxley called it the ‘dominant minority’ and you start to realise that it’s never really changed.

The United States, at least theoretically, was the first country to be born where the people for a little while at least, had a say in their affairs and it was the only country born into existence that was not in a form of slavery, at least again, theoretically. Every system that had existed prior to that was European and in Europe you were a subject to the king or the queen; you were property of the king or queen and the people today don’t realise how unique that was and how short-lived it was really too because it was under attack immediately as soon as it was formed.

Kevin – Yeah, you make some very good points because if you look through history the concept of freedom and people actually being free, and I know it’s an oxymoron, but living under some form of good government really hasn’t existed except for very small pockets in history. You do agree with that, right?

Alan – Yes and even then it’s again what Charles Galton Darwin, who was the grandson of Charles Darwin, said in the 1950’s. He wrote a book called ‘The Next Million Years’. That’s quite the boast on behalf of the elite. He said that there’s always existed slavery in one form or another and we today, in the 1950’s, he says, are creating a more sophisticated form of slavery. Well, you see, that’s happened. That’s the society we live in today. We don’t realise that we’re given more propaganda about being free than actually experiencing freedom. It’s all propaganda; the same kind of propaganda that brought us into this World War III which we’re living through. This is a war, a hundred years war, to change the entire world, not suddenly drummed up in 2001 on September 11th, but drummed up a long time ago and September 11th was just the kick-off to get it all into action.

So we’re living an agenda; an agenda worked out like long-term business plans are worked out by big corporations and we don’t realise that every major change in our lives, that’s going to affect us personally, was planned, generally before we were even born.

Kevin – Right, and you talk about Plato and the book ‘The Republic’. In there I believe he talks about ‘The Cave’, the cave scenario. Do you want to get into that a little bit because I’ve heard you talking about it?

Alan – He actually goes into ‘The Cave’ I think in ‘Timaeus’, another writing that he did, but he talks about how your reality is shaped for you and he gives the allegory of a few people being born and brought up in a cave where they can only see the back of the cave. They can’t look towards the entrance and so they see the light behind them changing as the day wears on and as people or objects outside pass by, they see shadows on the cave wall and they build up a whole philosophy to do with what these shadows mean and so on and they don’t know any of the truth. They don’t know there’s even a back of the cave or an entrance to the cave. One escapes, gets into the real world, comes back and says ‘my god, here’s the real reason why we see these shadows. There’s a big world out there’, and they wanted to kill him because he was shattering their illusion; the whole concept of reality and philosophy they’d built up by being in the cave. That’s how the whole of society is. We’re given a fictional reality.

Kevin – Yeah, it’s that reality, that perception that’s been built around people. I mean, I’ve heard you talk about this and also, you know, when I talk to people, even people that kind of have the same view on life, the same outlook as myself, a lot of people aren’t really aware of what’s going on. They think they really understand what’s going on around them but when I talk to people, for 10 or 15 minutes, I hear the like the same radio show hosts, so they’re doing nothing more than ‘monkey see, monkey do’, or what a parrot would do by mimicking the words and I hear the same expressions, it’s not like they’re actually going out and doing their own research and making it their own and thinking for themselves. I know that on your program this is something that I’ve heard you really, you really stress being able to think for yourself and getting out of the programming that’s being hit to you through shows and one I like to pick on a lot I call ‘American I-d-l-e’ because it makes people just sit there very idle and do nothing and that’s what they’re talking about at the water cooler at work and one thing I learned along the way is that if you really want to know what a person’s involved in, what they’re about and what they’re really paying attention to, listen to them for 5 or 10 minutes; listen to what they talk about and you’ll know everything you need to know.

Alan – Yes, I know and that’s what Brzezinski said in his book, ‘Between Two Ages’. He said that the people shortly, because of their conditioning, would be unable to talk about anything that wasn’t on the previous night’s news. He said they’ll expect the media to do their thinking and reasoning for them. Well, that’s what you’re talking about right there. That’s what you’re going to hear tomorrow, what’s on today’s news. That’s going to be the chit-chat at the water cooler. They can’t think for themselves. They don’t know how even to interact with each other on a truly human basis anymore.

Kevin – I’ve got two books in front of me. The first is one written by a guy you’re well aware of, Zbigniew Brzezinski, ‘The Grand Chessboard’, and I told you before we started taping that I’m going through and reading this book and I’m a pretty good reader, I read a lot and I can normally sift right through a book, especially one like this which is only about 200-something pages, but I’ll tell you Alan, I get reading this book and I get about 10-15 pages in and I have to just go and put it down because I cannot believe what I’m reading; the level of arrogance and the word that you use, that I think just fits, is the psychopathic nature of the people that we’re dealing with. And someone like Brzezinski, who is behind Obama, and his whole history of hating the Russians and being the guy who started the Mujahadeen, which we know is ‘Al Qaeda’ or ‘Al CIAda’ now. What do you have to say about the pathology, the total psychotic nature of these people?

Alan – These people, if not born for the task, certainly are recruited for their task because of those natures that they have. Killing one person to attain an end would be one thing for them. These people think in whole countries and maybe the deaths of millions of people to obtain a strategic objective or a financial objective; it’s generally geopolitics to do with finance, and we can’t even relate to them humanly, these people. They can sleep at night without sleeping pills. They can go to parties and drink and be happy and it isn’t until you go into, as you say, a psychopathic’s nature and study psychopathy that you understand the difference between these types and the general population. They don’t have what we think of as a human conscience and they cannot put themselves in the shoes of those that are going to get wiped out, that they plan to wipe out, to have a strategic ending. We can’t relate to them.

Kevin – From what I’ve understood and from the research that I’ve been doing about these people who I just call the elite, for no better term because it’s a term they use for themselves, you know, these people, just as you said, they have no conscience, there’s just nothing there, there’s no guilt, there’s nothing there. I mean I can’t picture being that way and these people I think speak of themselves as being a separate species from the rest of humanity. Is that correct?

Alan – They do. In fact they do certainly champion Charles Darwin’s whole idea or religion of evolution and they do believe that they’re the most evolved type on the planet and we’re all inferior to them, we haven’t evolved up to that level and they rationalise it. You see only psychopaths can truly climb up to the top ruthlessly. You have to be ruthless to get to the top in these big corporations or even in the political arena. You have to be utterly ruthless. You can have no conscience and you must have the intellect to be cunning and never be caught red-handed at it. So it’s only natural that these type will always get to the top in an economic type of system, a commercialised system. In fact this is their system. They gave us their system.

Kevin - Yeah, I think a good thing to bring up at that point, when you talk about their system, is somebody I learned about through you, which is John Dee. I think he even used the moniker for himself of ‘007’?

Alan – He did.

Kevin – So why don’t we get into that because John Dee was around the 1500’s I believe. Could you get into that because this is one of the things that I heard from you when I listened to it in one of your podcasts. I had to rewind it a couple of times and listen to it and then I had to go sit down and think about it for a while because it just blew me away.

Alan – Well, John Dee was one of a group of people that sprung up in the 1500’s in England who all belonged to this Rosicrucian Order they called it, a society, a fraternity, and they were mainly advisors around kings and queens in Europe; Dee was one of the advisors to Queen Elizabeth 1st.

He actually drafted up the whole part about the British Empire. The term hadn’t been used before, ‘British Empire’; you only had Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales, so he coined that term and he talked about it [saying] it will be based on a form of ‘free trade’. But of course you had to capitulate, if you joined them, to the orders of London. London would rule them. That really is where the concept of ‘free trade’ came from. Every country in the British Empire is part of the same system and since World War 1 definitely they’ve been bringing more and more countries into this same system, under different names, NATO even. Everything that you join internationally is part of the same one-world system. It brings you ‘closer ties’ as they call it and this is interesting because from John Dee onwards; and John Dee had the largest collection of books in Britain at that time. He was the biggest librarian. He had the histories of the world there. He knew how societies could be ruled. Machiavelli was just a minor player compared to John Dee and his cohorts. So these guys knew how to run whole nations of people, how to create cultures, how to alter cultures, how to guide cultures and how to profit and benefit off the people.

So it was to be an ongoing war. That eventually changed into the Cecil Rhodes foundation. They took over their part of it in the 1800’s and furthered the plan to also to bring in, under their auspices, the world’s resources; that’s mineral rights, gold, silver, all precious metals and so on, and he was set out to do that. They joined with the Lord Alfred Milner Group, the Round Table Society, and they became the Royal Institute for International Affairs, who drafted up the League of Nations which became the United Nations. So these guys have always been on the go. The American branch is called the Council on Foreign Relations and they have over 200 members working inside the federal government, as bureaucrats, of the United States of America.

Kevin – And these are where the think tanks all spring from, and if you look at our current election, you’ve got the Chicago arm of the CFR through Obama. You have of course Biden who’s CFR. On the Republican side it’s no different and it just looks like you have in these elections different factions of the elite or even within the same group, like the CFR, vying for who’s going to have power. It’s kind of like what you would see, in my own experience with local elections where you have different power struggles within the local political parties. And I found that when I got politically active, I got active through first the Republican party and I figured, ‘ok all the battles I’m going to have are going to be with the Democrats in town’ but I found that wasn’t really the case. I didn’t battle them until there was like an election coming around. I had the infighting within my own party to figure out who was going to rise to the top and who was going to dominate on particular issues.

Alan – You’ll find that the historian, the authorised historian for the Council on Foreign Relations, was Professor Carroll Quigley and he wrote a book alongside his book ‘Tragedy & Hope’. It was called ‘The Anglo-American Establishment’; in the 1960’s he wrote it, and he said there has been a secret government, a parallel government running America for the last 60 years and he said that they put in their own people at the top of all parties. He said it’s not necessary that you have everyone in every party as a member; it’s only necessary that you have the top people, the candidates and their advisors as members of the CFR; and, he says, We guide the future. So you’ve had a parallel government all along.

Kevin – It’s amazing because I look at somebody like Brzezinski, and you look at what’s going on right now, he’s the guy basically backing Obama. His son Mark is working with McCain’s people. His son Ian is hooked up into the defence department working on that missile problem between Poland and Russia and you’ve got all that mess over there. His daughter Mika is on Joe Scarborough getting to be watched, it’s a different network, but ‘fair and balanced’ reporting at MSNBC. So that just kind of frames for me the whole picture of the game that’s currently being played in the media and this scam that’s being run on the American people and the rest of the world.

Alan – Yes and it’s interesting too to go into ‘Tragedy & Hope’ because Quigley goes through the techniques they’ve used in the past to get countries to go to war and in there he mentions all the top newspaper magnates of the time and they were all members of the Council on Foreign Relations. So you see, our whole perception of reality has been managed all along. All information… See, knowledge is power. You cannot share true knowledge with the public or you lose the control of power, so they never share true power with the public. We’re kept truly in a fantasy; a propaganda fantasy world, and these characters and their offspring are dedicated to this. Mind you they’re well financed and well paid for it, but they’re dedicated to this cause of bringing in a global system and it’s not a global society where we can take our shoes off and breathe a sigh of relief. It’s to change our whole way of living and it’s to bring in a regulated society from birth to death, where no individual will have any real say in their life whatsoever, even the right to breed. That’s all part of this ‘hundred years war’.

Kevin – That’s all part of it because they have to change what’s ‘normal’. What you see now with the cops and everything else and the way that they’re treating the rest of the population and I learned, actually from you, listening to your show, and it was one of these things where I always kind of knew it but the light didn’t go on until I heard you put it together, and that is, what we considered ‘normal’, say 30 to 50 years ago, is not what’s normal now and ‘normal’ is very flexible. It’s like ‘Stretch Armstrong’. You can just keep stretching it out and the perceptions change. So one of the things that I don’t ever want to see is this beating that the cops do on people for nothing, you know, to become what’s normal, where somebody gets pulled over by a cop and they say, ‘Well, I guess I’m just supposed to get beat today because that’s the normal thing to do. I guess I’m going to the hospital’

Is that possible? I can’t imagine thinking that way.

Alan – It’s sad but, see, I knew years ago that when they change… See, they had to bring in a war on the family unit. That was one of their main planks basically, to destroy the family unit and big players wrote about this; many big players wrote about this in their own books including Lord Bertrand Russell. They said, before government can fulfil its mission to literally order the world, they’d have to destroy the family and therefore they’d have to separate parents from children. They wanted a generation to grow up where the state had given the children their values and the media would take over from there, from school.

Now you’ve had a generation who’ve grown up with the worst kind of possible rap music, nihilism in their writings and the stuff that they watch on television and so on, it’s nihilistic, it’s barbaric, it’s ‘dog eat dog’. That’s the new value system, winners and losers, and the only outlet they see is becoming like the video games, the guys in black uniforms in the video games, they can actually get a chance to wear those uniforms, wield the big sticks, have the big guns and beat up the public. They’ve raised a generation for this very time in history. That was intentional. That’s how far back they plan this kind of thing.

Kevin – Because you’re talking about things like free trade with John Dee going all the way back to the 1500’s, what you were talking about a few minutes ago, and whenever I hear that term ‘free trade’ Alan, my first question, the knee-jerk that I have, is ‘free trade’ for who? Free isn’t free. Somebody’s got to pay for it.

Alan - It’s not even free trade. What it is really, it’s like everything else they tell you, there’s a double meaning. It’s free for the big boys who are authorised to take part in it. Little guys who are unauthorised won’t get a leg in the door or a foot in the door. It’s also added onto with the United Nations Charter and the economic union of Britain and Europe, and the Americas, the summit of the Americas, the free flow of labour and goods. Now, it’s authorised labour only because the system they’re bringing in will be that you cannot move from your own area, not even your country but your own area, unless you’re authorised to go by a corporation that needs you. That’s what’s coming in.

Kevin – It sounds like what I heard about China where they’ve got the ‘two child’ system; they’re not allowed to have any more children than whatever the state says and then they say, “well when you grow up you’re going to be an electrician”. We just had the Olympics over in China so I’m looking at these little gymnasts, I figure they couldn’t be more than 12 years old, and it turns out that some of them really weren’t, but they’re trained from when they can barely walk, they say, “oh, this person’s flexible, they can move, ok we’ll train them to be a gymnast” from when they’re like 3 years old.

Alan – Yes and you have ‘school to work’ here, that’s now institutionalised, where they’re going to pick you at school, see what they think or decide that your better qualities are and train you in that part only of life and you’ll know nothing else about, say, the Humanities or English, History or anything like that. You won’t get taught any of that. You’ll be trained just for your task.

Kevin – And continue…

Alan – Well that’s the whole thing. China was set up to be the model state for the world and that’s what the United Nations has said to us all, that we are going to end up emulating them and their system of collectivism. You see, another big think tank that’s related to the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the CFR, is the Club of Rome and the Club of Rome are the guys who dreamed up the whole scam of global warming and they write about that in their own book. It’s called ‘The First Global Revolution’. Now they also say in that book though that they’d looked at all the different systems for controlling populations and what they favoured; now they’re speaking on behalf of the global elite in the West, what we favoured the most was ‘collectivism’, which is communism basically.

So you have a fascist elite at the top, who have all the freedoms you can imagine, then they have a massive bureaucracy running us all down below it in a communistic fashion. That’s what’s coming in.

Kevin - I believe it was Khrushchev that said that the difference between communism and socialism is that communism is socialism in a hurry.

Alan - That’s right, that’s what he said. And he also said something which people forget. He said America will fall in decay from within without us firing a shot. How could he know that? Because those guys in control of your media and culture creation industry and the education system were already working on it, that’s why.

Kevin– Already working on it… Listen, I’ve got about 2 minutes left to go on this show and I’d like to have you plug your website and I plugged it in the beginning and anything that you want people to be aware of with your website. We can’t promote anything on ‘Access’ but we can promote how people can get more information, so what can people do to find out more about what you’re doing on the web and about Alan Watt?

Alan – Well, they can go onto the website and look at all the free talks I’ve given on these topics and more to do with the histories leading up to this agenda and where we’re going from here. It is and they can check out that; there’re hundreds and hundreds of hours of history, players, books that they’ve written on this topic. I never speculate. I use what the big boys write themselves and it’s astonishing to realise that these books are out there gathering dust in old libraries and never being read.

Kevin – Well yeah, I went and bought ‘The Grand Chessboard’ off of a very popular website and I got it for not as much as I thought I would. I got it for a very good price and I know that this book is disappearing. It’s hard to find. ‘The Anglo-American Establishment’ which is a book we haven’t talked about yet but there’s this book here that I’m going through and that’s absolutely mind-blowing looking at how everything is just coming together; looking at Cecil Rhodes, you know your RIIA and all that because we call it the CFR here as you pointed out because we won’t have anything ‘royal’ in this country. I think that would kind of make it rather obvious. One minute to go; what would you like to add before we go bye-bye?

Alan – Well people have to realise where we’re being guided and that this war is a war to change the entire planet, the way we live, even the right to procreate or even be sterilised; that’s coming down the pike too, they’re talking about that in other countries, even Switzerland is talking about that; and we better start realising now to start saying NO before we go any further because these boys are on a roll. They’ve announced it’s a hundred years war and we can’t allow them to have their way. This is a war on us. It’s a war on us, all of us.

Kevin – We’re the ‘mark’, we’re the ‘mark’. And Alan Watt, I want to thank you very much for joining me here tonight on ‘Time Out’. And folks you can go, and I’m going to plug your website one more time. It’s Great information like I said at the beginning. I literally went and I downloaded everything and it’s like 4.7 Gigabytes of some great information, of his talks etc. and he really has a way of putting it together for you in ways that… just go see for yourselves and download it.


Kevin – Hey everybody, how you doing? and welcome once again to ‘Time Out’ with Kevin Gallagher. I’m of course your host and it’s a pleasure to have you here each week. We’re doing a kind of impromptu Part 2, a second show with Alan Watt from and man, I’ve learned a lot from listening to him on the radio. You can check that out Monday [through] Friday nights. Make sure I got this right Alan, 8pm to 9pm on Republic Broadcasting Network. Is that correct?

Alan – That’s right

Kevin – Hey, before we kind of covered a whole mishmash of different subject matter, and tonight we’re going to look at really the secret societies as they’re called. I don’t really know if that’s a very accurate name for them but they do operate outside of the public eye which I guess makes them kind of secret.

There’s a book right here that I’m holding in my hand called ‘The Anglo-American Establishment’ written by Carroll Quigley who was an insider to the Council on Foreign Relations and, as we covered earlier, correct me if I’m wrong, but he had a lot of access to their libraries, everything about what they’re about and their agenda and what they’re up to. Do you want to go back earlier like say with Cecil Rhodes and some of this that really kick-started how this got really established?

Alan - Well, we do know that in Britain for instance, Britain never gave up, or at least the monarchy never gave up their reins of power. They decided to give the public what they called ‘democracy’, a sham in other words, a complete farce, that would keep them from rebelling every few years. It would actually make them work for the system and allow themselves to be taxed for the system. So what they did was set up a parallel type of government with real movers and shakers that moved behind the scenes and that really merged into the Cecil Rhodes Foundation as one of their main branches of doing this very thing. So you’ll find that anyone who was anyone at all in the 1800’s, the late 1800’s in Britain, when Britain was at the peak of its empire, they were all members of the Cecil Rhodes Foundation. They started wars. That’s in regular history books now; Rhodes had a mercenary army and he did attack South Africa. He kicked off the Boer War. He had reporters brought in who lied about the war and said that the Boers attacked the British and then the government stood back and said, “Well what can we do? We got to go and back up these poor guys who’re being attacked by the Africans” and that gave Britain the official reason to go into South Africa and take it over.

So by using deception and intrigue and acting technically outside the bounds of government they could get this job done much quicker. Whatever their world plan was they could get it done. Now if we jump forward in history, Margaret Thatcher who was Prime Minister of Britain, reiterated that very thing; she said, I belong to a parallel government, now that she had left politics. She said, We run the world. We are the real movers and shakers.  She said, We’re all ex-Prime Ministers and Presidents and top bureaucrats who all know each other and democracy is just too untidy, too costly, too slow to get things done so we are the real movers.

Well that is the whole system. They have a parallel government they set up with the Cecil Rhodes Foundation which merged with the Lord Alfred Milner Foundation; that’s what they call the ‘Round Table Society’ that also belongs at the United Nations. Every major meeting they have at the United Nations they then split up into the Round Tables as they debate the different parts of the topics. That became, they were eventually given a Royal Charter to exist under the Royal Institute of International Affairs. So that is the main world governing body, the Royal Institute of International Affairs. Every non-royal or Commonwealth country is called the Council on Foreign Relations and that is what the United States branch is and that’s in the Harold Pratt building in New York. They are the American branch. Their whole goal is not only to bring in a world system and world finance, a standardisation process for the whole planet, but also to bring in what they claim is a regulated society.

We’ve heard about ‘family planning’ – they want to bring in global planning and decide who will get born and who will not. What they really want is a new type of human to serve them better at the top. Yeah, that’s it.

Kevin – It sounds to me something like right out of H.G. Wells.

Alan – H.G. Wells was a member of that society.

Kevin – Yes he was, yes he was. It sounds like something out of ‘The Time Machine’ with the Troglodytes and all that stuff.  But you were talking earlier about democracy and the thing is I know that here in the United States, here in Canada, we were never set up in this country, you know we weren’t intended to be a democracy. The way I define democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner. You know the sheep’s always going to lose and nowhere do you see in our constitution the term ‘majority rule’; I mean that will make the hair on the back of my neck kind of stand on end because the one thing that I get out of reading our constitution when I go through it, is that it was all about checks and balances and protecting the voice of the minority. And in the town I live in, we even have written into our charter, for example, things about minority representation and that one party can’t have like all the members on a particular board. You’re going to have to have some members from another party on a board. So there’s even some things like that written locally into our boards.

Democracy to me is ‘mob rule’. It’s the rule of the many to rule over and lord over the few and terrorise; that word comes back in again, that root word that has the same root word to tyranny, to tyrannise the minority. How do you react to that?

Alan – Well, democracy, even though they’ll say that it’s mob rule, it’s not really because, you see, the bulk of the population will always go in the direction the elite want them to go. So they can count on the masses to fall for the bait for the trap and under the guise of democracy they can say, “Ok 50%, 70% have accepted this – what’s your problem? why won’t you go along with it? – so we’ll make it law”

This is the trick of democracy that they play on us but we’ve never really had any input. The United States was the first country, at least theoretically, that was set up where the people were in charge of their government and that was the whole point about checks and balances. Prior to that, every country that ever existed, had been basically a form of slavery where the monarch owned the country and the people and could do as he wished with it; and so the United States was the first country that was supposed to be the other way around and we know of course that as soon as the US was formed… It’s interesting to me that people think that Britain just gave up after the revolutionary war… I mean, Britain has never… A country that works in centuries, they plan in centuries ahead, don’t just sit back and say, “Ok you won. Let’s shake hands and go our separate ways”. They never gave up and they knew it too, that through money and commerce and treaties, they could take the US down over time.

Kevin – Over time. When you look at what you were talking about, you have many of the founding fathers who it turns out were members of the Masonic Order and I know that this is kind of like to me, the way I look at the Masons and the rest of the different secret societies you can get into like the CFR, the Rosicrucians etc., not all Masons are, you know, say, members of the CFR or Rosicrucians, you know but they all seem to lead in. The Masonic Order is kind of like the connecting tissue or the spokes in a wheel that kind of connects out to all the other secret societies. You see it woven into all the other ones. Is that kind of how you see it? because that’s kind of how I see it.

Alan – It is. If you want to look at society, and again, we have to remember that Masonry, its main target was to destroy Christianity; that was the first target because you can’t have people, even if they belong to groups that have been technically stagnant for a long time, the salt loses its flavour or savour as they say, but the fact is, in people who are religious, they might just fight because they think they have rights from a God. See, that was the whole point of it. If you can destroy that idea that you have rights given by a creator, and that governments cannot take those rights away from you, then that creates a problem for those who want to dominate, so they had to destroy existing religions. It’s so amazing that Masonry, through its own books in fact, its official books, will admit to that very proudly that they helped bring down the old established institutions.

Meanwhile, what are they themselves? Albert Pike says it in his own book and he was the ‘Pope’ of Freemasonry and he said in ‘Morals & Dogma’, from his book, he said, Make no mistake, we are a religion. So here’s this religion that’s scattered from the smallest village to the biggest city all through the Americas and the Western world, and even the Eastern world, co-existing with every other types of religions and yet we think of them as a charitable institution. In their own writings Masonry boasts that everything that’s happened, even the educational system that we have today in the Western world, it was their members who went forward to advocate it. It’s Freemasonry that have it up on their own sites that they want every child to carry the chip, the identification chip, for their own safety of course. It’s the Masons who lead the charge for fingerprinting of all children, who become adults, remember; those prints stay the same.

You’ve got to say, “Wait a minute, what is this charitable institution? Why does it have secrets? Why does it have secrets and how come it is a particular religion who work very, very hard towards the ‘great work’ as they call it? How come there’re no restraints on them?”

Kevin – Yeah, do you agree with the term ‘secret society’ being used to describe organisations like them?

Alan – Well under the guise of ‘charities’, we’ve got to realise that this is the front line; this is how they disguise themselves. It isn’t until you get into their work that you find out they have an actual political and social agenda; that is regulated from a headquarters in the world, and if you want to be a good Mason you must follow those dictates and bring in those mandates and work towards those mandates and then you get rewarded by going up the ladder; old Jacob’s Ladder. So, we have a ‘society with secrets’ as they say and they do pick anyone who’s anyone in information, from a local newsman to whatever; you have to get into that society really to get up the ladder or you won’t go very far.

Kevin – You won’t go very far. The one thing that I see all the time, I see different things now relating back to how the secret societies are kind of woven right through the texture of our society. Take for example, I walked out of seeing the movie, I’m a big movie buff, it was with my wife and we saw the latest ‘Batman’ film. Well on the wall is a picture for the movie, a poster, and there is Heath Ledger dressed up as ‘The Joker’ holding a knife down at his side and if you look at his feet, and I’m looking at the poster as I’m walking out, and you look at his feet, his feet are in the exact same setting that they would use as a 3rd Degree Mason. It’s right there, right hidden in plain view and I called it ‘The Masonic Joker’. It’s absolutely amazing. I sent that out to a couple of people that are more familiar with that stuff than I am and they were like, “My God I didn’t see that before. That’s amazing; look at that. It’s the perfect form that they would use for that.”

Alan – You’ll see it in lots of things, even the album covers for a lot of groups for teenagers; the ones who have joined the OTO sect of Freemasonry. It’s all through society, it’s everywhere you look. If you go into a town or a city, the first thing we see about a mile out of town is the big billboard with all the Eastern Star, the different masonic lodges and so on. They’re telling you who owns and runs that city.

Kevin – Right. Why, I just lost my train of thought… Why would the Masons…Why is it that they… It seems that all their phraseology, you have all these different terms seem to have been littered right out into the speech that we use in everyday use. I think like ‘the third degree’ or ‘life begins at forty’, these different terms that we hear and it comes right out of the Masonic societies.

Alan – Oh, absolutely. Our language, they claim themselves, was created by some of their members. I mean the English language is not an old language, the language we have today called English, because before John Dee and his boys, and in Francis Bacon’s time as well, we spoke old Saxon type German in England and if you look at the writings of Chaucer and others you’ll see that right there, that it was definitely a Germanic language. And we find that John Dee and Francis Bacon and many others said, in their own writings, that they were creating a new language, to be called ‘English’, which would be the international language of the future.

Kevin – Yeah, I was talking with my wife, who just was taking a trip internationally, and I’d learned from someone that was a pilot for many years that, you know, if you go to like a Middle Eastern country or some country they don’t, or even down in say South America where they don’t, normally speak English, the language of the air is English. All the air traffic controllers, the captains of the airplanes, people that have to be radioing back and forth, they all have to speak really good English because you can’t have all these planes up flying around in the air and everybody speaking sixteen different languages. And it never occurred to me before and it’s like, oh, that makes perfect sense.

Alan - It’s also the business language of the world as well.

Kevin – Does that kind of go back to the Romans when they were holding meetings for government? They would speak in one language and the common people spoke in another? Is it kind of along those lines?

Alan – It is too but the language itself is actually encoded and the higher Masons are taught the coding as well. The alphabet itself is also another language by itself and in three or four different levels in fact of understanding. So the whole thing was set up and Pike said this himself, Albert Pike, he said, We never speak so clearly as we do when we’re amongst the public. In other words, the public could hear them saying one thing when the members actually understood the inner meanings of what they were saying. So they have all these techniques of communicating to each other which the public are oblivious of

Kevin – Now, you’re talking about somebody who’s very significant to me, Albert Pike. There’s another name that I’m aware of, he’s also very significant, that’s Manly P. Hall. How does he fit into this whole mess? What’s his significance?

Alan –Well, Manly P. Hall supposedly was set up by a very rich, this is what you’ll find often, a very rich multimillionairess who liked his writings and decided to back him and promote him. He was a mason, a high-level degree Freemason and back in the 1930’s even, he was the first one to openly, at least in that milieu, use the term ‘interdependence’. “We’re creating a society, a world society of interdependence”.

Kevin – Instead of ‘independent’

Alan – Yeah, and so now that’s what’s written into the UN Charter, it’s written into the European Charter and into the Summit of the Americas, bringing in this ‘interdependence’. So he was well aware of the agenda and they needed an army to do it. So, what army do you use? You use Freemasonry to do it. Anything which is organised on that level, you see, is a very handy tool to bring this world structure in.

Kevin – Now one thing that shocked me in the time that I’ve been looking at some of the stuff we’re talking about; a lot of these groups, to really understand their significance on our society and to understand a lot of things that are happening right now in the days that we’re living, you have to go back sometimes thousands of years because this is what they look at. When we talk about some of this stuff, some people may be watching and thinking ‘these guys are nuts’, but I’m not talking with Alan here about what I believe. This is what these people believe, and in trying to understand where they’re coming from and they look at a lot of stuff that’s very old. Am I correct? And it has a great impact on what’s we’re doing today.

Alan – Yes, they have archives of history. That’s why Professor Carroll Quigley and others were not only historians, and philosophers to an extent, but they were also tutors to governmental departments, especially the State Department; they taught diplomats the cultures that they’d be going into and how to manipulate them. In Britain you had the same sort of thing with Arnold Toynbee who was the tutor for Rhodes Scholars for world government. So these characters are well placed and they do know their stuff. They’ve got to have a grasp of history, a grasp of how certain people in the past have swayed whole nations, or conquered nations, and you must also teach people if you’re going to be the aggressor, what are the weak points or the Achilles Heel of different societies, how can you get in and dominate them and once you dominate them how can you keep control over them. These are all sciences which are taught from archives, real in-depth archives, because running society is to do with formula. Everything that you want the public to do, or go along with, has a formula that’s already worked at some time or another.

Plato talks about this; he said: Anything that has been done to the public in the past, which they’ve accepted and gone along with, can be done again in the future if you go through the same technique. In other words, the same formula. And don’t miss a step; you must introduce it the same way. So at one time in ancient history they could have the Greek women giving up their firstborn to the mountains to die and then in comes the Christian era and suddenly it’s a crime to do that and they’d stone the ones who used to follow the old religion. So you can go back and forth, as you say. Culture is very plastic and these guys know exactly how to control it.

Kevin – I mean, to some people, and even to me, I hear you say something about women sacrificing their children and I think well what woman would do that because the bond between mother and child being so strong, it’s to me pure insanity, I don’t care what kind of religious devotion. But then on the other hand I can look at news reports now where they may go and outlaw something like lemons, because you may need to get a prescription to eat lemons or something, where food is going to be regulated; and to me and you and people watching this, that sounds just as crazy but that’s what’s on the horizon, right?

Alan – Absolutely. If you look at the whole idea of the ‘Green’ project, the ‘Greening’ project, which is completely intertwined with the ‘sustainability’ agenda, which again comes from the Royal Institute of International Affairs, they have built up an army. Now, interestingly enough, one of the main science fiction writers or owners of a science fiction series, the ‘Star Trek’ series, was Gene Roddenberry and he belongs to a NASA department and he talked about the creation of the first ‘Earth Army’. This became the environmental movement, that would tie in with the political movement for sustainability. Well, look at what we’ve got today. We’ve got people who literally will almost kill you if you eat meat.

You can alter the perceptions of people. You can make them fanatics by selective propaganda and through repetition from many sources and they will become fanatics; you have an army.

Kevin – You have an army then of people that are willing to just mindlessly do your bidding and I see that a lot at a far more innocent level and I think we got into that in the last show. But what for people watching at home, who maybe have never really heard about a lot of this information, what may be the most important secret society that’s operating out there today that maybe nobody’s ever heard of or very few people have?

Alan – What they have to go into, to start off with, are the ones which have a semi-official or at least an official capacity to an extent; that is the Council on Foreign Relations. You can’t join them. You have to be asked into them. So, from that you also have the Trilateral Commission; from there look into the Noble Orders of England where you get knighted and you’ll find that almost every major player is knighted by the Queen of England; Kissinger got knighted, different Presidents got knighted. Even Gorbachev from the Soviet Union, the President of the Soviet Union, got knighted by the Queen.

You are looking at something that’s very important because now you’re into the real high Masonry. Now, Masonry uses architectural symbols and terminology because they build the world, they build culture, they build the future. That’s why they use those terms, but it isn’t until you get into the high degrees that you find out the Noble Orders. And so once you look at the members of the CFR, the Council on Foreign Relations and the Royal Institute of International Affairs, Trilateral and so on, the ones who are running this world agenda, on behalf of their masters, see how many of them belong to the Noble Orders of high, royal Freemasonry.

Kevin – We’ve got a few minutes left. Is there anything that I haven’t covered on this important program that you’d like to get out on the air right now before we go off the air?

Alan – I think people have to get active very quickly because what you’re living through right now is not just a war to dominate the world where we can take our shoes off and breathe a sigh of relief and sit down. This is a war to end society and humanity as we know it. Science has been raised up to be the new God and through science they will dictate to us everything we must do, including what your offspring, if you’re allowed to even have them, will be like. They want to remove genes, insert genes and all the rest of it. What they’re looking at really is a society that doesn’t have to be watched and entertained and has individual free will. They want a controlled, perfectly predictable society and predictability is the key.

Kevin – I sometimes wonder what the old Roman Empire, with the Caesars and the circuses and the arena; can you imagine what they would have done with something like 24-hour-a-day news networks and shows like American Idol?

Alan – Absolutely. It’s the same technique that’s used on the public on a bigger scale and it’s working very well. Most people are so mind bombed, they can’t tell reality from fiction and now they’re working on a generation which they’ve publicly said that shortly the children will be unable to tell a virtual reality from the real world. That’s where they’re taking us.

Kevin – And you know what’s interesting, I’ve noticed the trend now where if you put on the Weather Channel it’s like there’s a hurricane out you know in the Atlantic and around this time of year Alan, we all know, that’s really not news. We’re going to have hurricanes.

Alan – We always have, always have every year.

Kevin – We’ve got Hurricane Ike down in the Gulf right now and it’s like people are freaking out like they just figured out who Jack the Ripper really was, some mind-blowing thing and I’m like ok, it’s a hurricane. I know it’s really bad but there’s really no need to have this level of panic.

Alan – Yes. Once again we have to be taught you see. We have to be taught that we’re causing the bad weather. This is the key to it and when they started up the Weather Channel I thought well who on earth is going to watch a 24-hour weather channel? Well suddenly on the Weather Channel when it opened up, a drizzle became a flood, an inch of snow became a blizzard and so on. In other words they had to hype up the perception that the weather is changing. As you say they’ve had hurricanes there, from long before Columbus came along. It’s an annual event.

Kevin – It happens all the time. It’s like I remember a whole bunch of them last year. I remember another one called Katrina, right. It’s just one of these things conditioning people and getting people used to ‘new normals’ and that’s the thing that I really picked up on with you, that it never really dawned on me before, that they can change my perception of what I perceive to be ‘normal’. I mean I’ll give you an example that I like to use. If you go back to the 1950’s, if you saw somebody back then walking down the street acting like these kids do when they’re impersonating rap artists, they’d put a straightjacket on them and throw them in the nearest psych ward.

Alan – Yes, of course.

Kevin – We’ve got less than a minute. Anything real quick in about 15-20 seconds that you would like to leave the viewer before we go off the air?

Alan – People have to start using their own logic and trusting in their own perceptions and not waiting for the media to tell them what to perceive or how to perceive it or what your conclusions should be. We’ve got to start… This is self-preservation here. If you’re not like a wild animal that uses its ability for self-preservation, then you’re gone and that’s what’s happened to most of society. They’ve been domesticated and they don’t trust themselves anymore.

Kevin – Ok Alan, we are running out of video tape; thank you so much for doing these two shows with me tonight and please tune in and listen to Alan on Monday [through] Friday nights at 8pm on RBN; go look for it out on the web at Republic Broadcasting Network.

I’m of course Kevin Gallagher with Alan Watt. Tune in again next week and see what it is we’ll be talking about. Have a great night and Alan, thank you very much.

Alan – It’s been a pleasure.


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