May 11, 2008
on “World Review Commentary”
with George Butler and Charlotte Littlefield Brown

2 Hours
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George Butler (GB): Welcome to World Review Commentary, I’m George Butler, along with…Charlotte Littlefield Brown will be with us in just a second. This evening we have just a fine guest, his name is Alan Watt, and he has a website called Cutting Through the Matrix, and Welcome to our program Alan Watt.

Alan Watt (AW): It’s a pleasure to be on again.

GB: OK, nice having you with us. We’re getting a little feedback there; I don’t know where that is coming from. Charlotte Littlefield Brown should be with us shortly, also. How’ve you been doing? Alright?

AW: Yeah, just keeping out of the rain that seems to go on every other day.

GB:  OK, are you making any breakthroughs? And what’s the latest, what’s your update on what’s going on right now? Tell us what’s going on.

AW: Well, this whole world system is on a super roll to complete a good part of the agenda that was planned a long time ago because now they are going for, they’ve been going for the food supply of the planet for the last 50 or 60 years and now they are simply pulling off the coup de grace; they’re telling you that there’s going to be a world famine, how the whole society must change. Now you’ve got Prince Philip coming out in England saying that there’s just too many people on the planet, we must depopulate and even get voluntary sterilization if need be. The whole agenda is unfurling because they have a public who are ready to accept major changes through their conditioning over the last 50, 60 years.

GB: Yeah, boy that is interesting. We’re having a little technical difficulty, in getting your feedback to me right now, so you sound a little muffled but we’ll continue on. So, the world is really having, and the Chinese thing you’re saying is really hitting the fan?

AW: Yeah, the whole system is steamrolling ahead now because it’s time. The public are ready for the major changes, which they’re oblivious are coming down. But they’ve been conditioned mentally for them, to accept them, their whole lives in fact through massive propaganda through all media and the public are into the greening of the planet, the depopulation and a whole new way of living is to be unfurled where governments will decide if you will even be born and if you are born it will be to serve a world state and that will be your duty. They’ve written about this from the Royal Institute of International Affairs for over a hundred years and now we’re seeing the fruition.

GB:  I see. Yeah, there’s so much going on, you know it’s mind boggling isn’t it?...{static}  Yeah, it’s very mind boggling. So I assume that we’re still going out on the air, we seem to be having some technical difficulties here, we’ll just muddle our way through the best way that we can and go from there. Alan Watt is our guest and he has a site called, Cutting Through the Matrix, it’s and, I don’t know if we are actually going out on the air right now or not but we are going to continue the conversation as soon as we get him back up and running. We had a really bad connection over the air and I don’t know exactly what was going on but also we did, anyway we didn’t have a very good connection, so...

AW: Yeah, I’m back now.

GB:  Oh OK, Alan, how are you doing now? Are you better now?

AW: I still have a bit of an echo, but not quite as long as the last one.

GB:  OK, yeah, yeah, I’m getting, I don’t know what’s wrong. Sounded OK on my ISDN so I don’t know exactly what the problem is there.

AW: I get this kind of thing often.

GB:  Oh OK. We did call you in on your line right? So we got you on that line OK? So anyways, we’ll just continue on and do the best we can through the break, we’ll probably be able to come back and get the thing straightened up a little bit better during the break So, you have your own program now, of course you have for a long time, and also, your site. Tell us about your site and what all you have on your site.

AW: On the site that’s called, you can look at talks I’ve given over the years, some of them are as far back as ten years ago when I was outlining, basically, the agenda and it’s astounding really to know the agenda and even more astounding to live through it actually coming along the way that you have mentioned before. You can never know enough, you can never know enough of what’s to come and yet you’re still astounded when they actually pull it off because it’s done so slickly and so methodically that it’s actually predictable; and everything that’s happening today, with the war in the Middle East, with the global supposed food shortage coming along, all of these things, the depopulation program being rolled out, were written about a long, long time ago. And because it’s so huge a plan, on such a huge scale, it’s inconceivable to the average mind that this can possibly be so.

GB: So, the plan is so overwhelming it’s preposterous in a way so people have a very hard time trying to grasp it. Is that what you’ve discovered over your years of study?

AW: Absolutely. Especially when mainstream media is giving them a completely different version of reality and even major news, horrific news, is mixed in with trivia and entertainment, nothing is real anymore to the average person. They’ve been put out of the loop of deciding their own destiny completely and we’re managed. We’re completely managed on all levels of society by experts. Experts that work together for foundations; really they’re the capstone on the pyramid to an extent and they had planned over a hundred years ago to create a scientific socialism where indoctrination and through control of the mind through massive media indoctrination would control the minds of everyone and that’s pretty well where we are. We’re watching horrific things happening even within the United States with government interference, from many, many levels, taking all your rights away and most people literally don’t care. That’s astounding.

GB: So, it’s a virtual reality is what you’re describing. Charlotte Littlefield Brown is with us. Charlotte, how are you doin’ this afternoon?

Charlotte Littlefield Brown (CLB): I’m good George.

GB: Charlotte joined us just a second ago, Alan.  So, what you’re describing here is like a virtual reality that has been created by the real top people in the world, the movers and shakers, right?

AW: Yes. People don’t realize that culture doesn’t just develop by happenstance. Culture and culture creation and culture changes is always planned from the top and promulgated to the people below and we adapt. We mimic what we see and hear, even the fashions, even the music, everything, and even the topics of conversation or what happens to be given as news that day, we simply parrot that. And when Brzezinski wrote “Between Two Ages” quite a long time ago, he said that eventually the public will be unable to think for themselves; they will expect the media to do all their major thinking and reasoning for them. Well that’s happened and it’s been so well done that most people in the world are oblivious to the agenda or the reasons that things are happening in their own lifetime. They think it’s all just happenstance and we’re bumbling down through space and things are happening as we go along. Nothing is further from the truth. Everything that happens on a major scale is planned that way.

GB: So, it’s a big machine, it’s a big beast. What is the occult tie-in to all of this? Is there a lot of occultism and secret societies that are promulgated and draw people in and just mesmerize them?

AW: Yes, you will find that to control a world you need helpers and we know for a fact that Freemasonry broke out to a new class of people that was created in the industrial, beginning of the industrial age. They called it the middle class, the managerial class, so they gave them a freemasonry, a type of freemasonry, to join and that really was a way of controlling them. To get your helpers to really believe in what they’re doing, you give them a belief system, different from the average person at the bottom and they will believe in it. It won’t dawn on them in fact, that there’s people above them, with another belief system even way beyond that one. So they think they’re part of the team, the ‘team player’ thing that we’ve heard over and over again ad nauseam. So the middle classes had to be helpers and they had to believe in what they were doing. And freemasonry, there’s no doubt about it, Albert Pike mentions it himself, that the objects that they see and the sequences of objects, and so on, it’s like a language and your subconscious can understand it. Your conscious mind will skip over. But you can be programmed through various kinds of languages. The written word as we see it is only one way of getting it across, but symbolism is highly effective. You’ll notice that children, if you give them a pen and paper, they’ll always scribble down the same kind of things, stars and circles and so on. These are symbols and strung together in a certain way, they form a language which your subconscious understands and you can be programmed by them. I’ve talked to Masons who have left and after many, many years of being in freemasonry, and after a few years they say it’s astounding how they now view the world as compared to when they were in Freemasonry. It was like tunnel vision when they were in Freemasonry.

And so there is a form of mind control at work here and we know for a fact that the CIA, MI6 and the big organizations, secret organizations that your government runs, has been behind many of the occult groups in the past. They used them for studying the populations. What can be done on the microcosm, can be done on the macrocosm, if it works. So we know, for instance, that the CIA were involved in groups like the Jonestown group, even Manson and different ones were being heavily observed and studied and so on. Because as I say, that’s the microcosm, and once you understand the techniques you can use that on the whole of society. And sure enough since, really, since the 70’s onwards we’ve seen a phenomenon, which was called “The New Age,” which is pretty well every modern religion to do with greening, the worship of the planet, nature and so on, that’s being used as a big stick to control us all. But we saw it all come to fruition and it all started with very small groups but heavily funded, promising people occult powers, longevity, the oneness with the world, the oneness with each other. This was constructed deliberately, to bring in a new era of even more people who are brainwashed, a whole world if need be, who are brainwashed into a new agenda. Now Mikhail Gorbachev did say in one of his books, “Towards a New Civilization”, he said we are creating a new religion for the world. And he says it must be based on a form of Earth worship. So here’s a man who tells you he’s an atheist in the same book, who admits that they’re creating an earth worship type religion. And that earth worship religion will bring depopulation, sustainability, all of this stuff, into it. And of course those who are involved in the movement are oblivious to the fact that they’re being used for a different purpose.

GB: So, what part has the internet played? Has it furthered some of this chaos, mind-wash and this seduction?

AW: Yes, again Brzezinski in that book, “Between Two Ages”, before the internet was given to the public, he mentions that a system of communication WOULD be given to the public shortly and it would help the authorities for data collection, meaning on every individual, but he also said, to get the young minds all together along the same path, again “on board”, “on track”, etc. He says they would control it at the top and sure enough, you can get utterly lost in data; it doesn’t mean that the data is true or false or whatever, it’s just plain data. You can scramble your mind with irrelevant data, and eventually it will be used as they bring in internet 2, 3, 4 and so on and start policing it heavier and heavier; you’ll find it will be the most politically correct device ever given when they’re finished.

GB: Do you see it’s just a new way to support that ego and just to cultivate and just nurture what’s wrong in us, you know. We’re always looking for power. Whenever we experience trauma and that power is taken away from us we have to reassert ourselves it seems like and go out and try to reestablish ourselves, you know.

AW: Yes, and also the trick is, as well, that to bring in a new society, you must destroy ALL of the old society; even the memory of what was normal not so long ago must be eradicated. If you look at the shift of everything that was, say in about 1950 to today, we’ve turned 180 degrees, culture-wise, interpersonal relationships and everything; and most people, just like Plato said 2300 years ago, he said new culture can be given to the people and it can turn completely opposite in its value system and the ones to live through it are the last ones to question it; they won’t even notice. Well that’s happened and it was planned that way.

GB: Yeah, we’ve got to go to a break here and we’ll work on our sound a little bit better and get our connection, you know, adjusted in a second, but we’ll be right back, Alan, thanks.

{Break ♫}

GB: Welcome back to World Review Commentary. Welcome back, Alan Watt and Charlotte Littlefield Brown.

CLB: Thanks, George. Hi Alan.

AW: Hi, how are you?

CLB: You sound like you’re doing well too Alan.

AW: It’s better, I’m not getting that echo back.

GB:  Oh good, we’re sounding good. We’ve got it fixed now huh?

AW: I hope so, yeah.

GB:  OK; oh we love radio, right?

AW: I always get it in stereo, two ears, with a time lapse.

GB:  You’re a recording specialist, I forgot about that. This is going to be a good one for you, right?  So right now is progressing on-line and now, what is happening over there in Burma, have you been putting your ear to the ground on Burma and some of those areas in there at all?

AW:  Not so much; I do know that the big cabal that planned a long time ago with Cecil Rhodes that turned into the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the Council on Foreign Relations to set up a global system, they did plan to take over all of the world’s resources, everything that would be needed for sustainability of life, was to be owned by their own members and that’s pretty well what they’re doing at the moment. They’ve gone across the whole planet, plundering though various guises, acts of war and all the rest of it, but they’re basically stealing all the wealth of the world for future use. So we’re going to get into a world society where only a handful of people, or a few dozen families even, will actually really own the wealth of the planet and everything that you need for living. The only thing that they don’t technically own yet is the fresh air and I wouldn’t be surprised if that comes down the pike too.

GB: Hey you know what? I just invented a backpack that gives you a measure of oxygen.

AW: Oh my goodness, have they taxed it yet?

GB: And you know what, it’s got GPS and it’s controlled by satellite and if you breathe too much it’ll cut down a little bit on the oxygen. ha, ha, ha

AW: Oh well I’ll tell you, that would be a good citizen. I think the first place to sell it is Congress and the Parliament in London.

GB: Well, I thought about it. I was a scuba diver…yeah, Parliament, that’s a good idea.

AW: That’s where most of the hot air comes out of.

GB: Boy, I’ll tell you, I was a skin diver, a scuba diver when I was a kid so I guess we could take that above, above, out of the water couldn’t we?

AW: We could, we could definitely. Mind you they’ll heavily tax you on it.

GB: They will, every square or cubic meter of it, or cubic, yeah, that’s right they would. They’ll find a way to tax it, no matter what it is.

AW: “Every breath you take, I’ll be watching you” as the song goes.

GB: Hey, that’s The Police isn’t it?

AW: That’s right.

GB: Yeah, yeah…Hey, you know, we need to get into some of your music sometime. What all kind of music have you written, Alan?

AW: All kinds, all kinds.

GB: Some folk stuff and some rock and roll, or?

AW: Folk to rock to even some country. I’ve played with some country artists too; and ballads and classical. So, it’s the whole gambit really.

GB: I think I was researching you before I first met you and you were with some kind of classical group at one time…way back?

AW: Not so much with classical groups; I’ve played with them.

GB: I mean you’ve accompanied some classical groups, I was thinking.

AW: Yeah, and I used to do solo as well in theaters across Europe for classical guitar. But I also formed groups, sometimes to do stage shows or musicals and played with them on stage, at least for the first few months, then I’d sell it off.

GB: Have you done any playing there in Ireland? Have you been through there at all?

AW: Ohyeah, oh yeah.

GB: Boy they have a lot of nice theaters there in Dublin.

AW: Yes they do, and I’ve played from north to south and I know all the old songs.

GB: Oh gosh, that Irish stuff really gets to me sometimes. I don’t know what…it must be in my genes.

AW: It gets the feet going and you can’t help it.

GB: It must be in the genes right?

AW: It must be, it must be.

CLB: Hey, I have a question, I don’t mean to change the subject on you guys because I love talking about music, but The Council on Foreign Relations and the British, or the England, you know Royal Institute...we have the member list, we can get member lists, people have compiled them. Has anybody that you are aware of written a book or compiled the data on how all the assets, the entanglements of the relationships, the circles of influence, how they are playing out? because it sounds like what you’ve said can be graphed even or put in a flow chart or a relationship chart and it can be quantified.

AW: You can actually go into the Royal Institute of International Affairs website, and go into the website and look at everything they’re involved in; they have think tanks and workers working on everything, including, and they’ve had this for years now, the coming food crisis, as they called it.  They have a finger in every pie in the direction of the world’s affairs.  Look at the CEOs they put in charge of each group and you’ll find out what organizations and what other big international corporations they belong to. They’re all tied in together. It’s a form of new robber barons under a more legitimate title.

CLB: And I would tie those into, George, those sovereign wealth funds out of Davos?

AW: That’s right. These characters literally, you see the real world is vastly different from what has been instilled into us. Even during the Cold War, it was admitted over and over again by major writers that the war would be won by those with the highest technology. Therefore, technology could not be given, or say some small company with innovative technology would not be allowed to sell it to the public, therefore the CIA and MI6, the big institutions, funded major corporations into existence and most of the big corporations that we know, even in the electronic industry, they’re well known household names, are actually run by the same agencies. It’s one big agency. They could not allow independent technology to get out there into public hands.

GB: Alan, have you done any research on the Basque region of Spain?

AW: I have talked to some people from that area and they have long histories of conflict.

GB: Some of the story that I get is that it was industrializing but it was becoming competitive with the English industry, early industry. And so they had an early hand in trying to defeat the industry in the Basque region and later on they started supporting the separatist movement there against the central Spanish government. Have you gotten into any of that at all?

AW: Their history is pretty well known, I mean Spain was very much a Catholic country too and Britain since the time of Henry VIII, it’s pretty well mandated in its unwritten charter supposedly, that they would never allow Catholicism to take over or dominate the world, so from the 1500’s onwards they were plundering Spain for gold and silver and Francis Drake, Walter Raleigh, all these boys, were pirates working on behalf of the Queen of England, but they never let up and out of that whole movement in the 1500’s came this cabal they started up, not long afterwards, very shortly afterwards, they started up the British East India Company as a front crown corporation to take over much of the resources of the world and they have never stopped since then. They talked about creating a world system based on the British Empire, based on the British system. Now, you understand, what they meant by that was a form of democracy where only nobility had the right to vote at that time and even though they had the right to vote there was still an aristocratic elite or royal elite at the top that could counter any orders made in parliament. So this has never changed, this goal has never changed, democracy is nothing more than a front to fool the people while the Establishment, as it’s called in Britain, rushes on ahead with its global system. Now in the 1500’s with John Dee, he mentioned the word Free Trade, and he coined the term “the British Empire” at the same time. He said countries would be allowed to join them, if they would adopt the British system and they would be given “favored nation” status, trading status, if they would join this free trading system. That’s how long ago this system, this world system that we are going through now, stretches back, to the 1500’s.

GB: Boy, I tell you, it’s really involved isn’t it? And you have a good grasp of it. We’ve got to cut away here for another short break and then we’ll be back and continue the conversation, but, boy, it’s getting good. Thank you very much, we’ll be right back.

{Break ♫}

GB: Welcome back to World Review Commentary. I’m George Butler, along with...

CLB: Charlotte Littlefield Brown.

GB: Welcome back, Alan Watt.

AW: It’s a pleasure to be here.

CLB: It’s a pleasure to have you Alan. You’re so interesting and insightful. I just, I really enjoy you.

GB: How long did it take you to accumulate all this knowledge and wisdom, Alan?

AW: Oh, I was born thinking. I always tell people I’ve got a form of autism, I see things as they really are.

GB:  Ha, Ha, Ha. Hey you know, hey, something’s wrong with you. I knew there was something wrong with you.

AW: That’s what it is, yeah.

GB: So when you were small you started waking up; and what were some of the first little experiences and notions there that awakened you?

AW: Well, when you’re small you have an advantage because people ignore you, so you can go through your friends’ homes and toddle through there and they ignore you. And you could observe adults and I noticed early on, everyone I knew, all the couples, they were all having arguments about the same basic things, mainly money to pay rent at that time. And I thought well if this is Great Britain, that rules an empire, how come pretty well across Britain, everyone was the same, a massive working class, who are broke, on pretty well a fixed income where you could never get ahead; there were no credit cards or anything like that in those days and it wasn’t money for extras, it was money for the basic things. And I got into the books very early on, into adult libraries to read the histories and all I came across was what was obviously just massive corruption at the top, over and over and over again. So what I realized very early on, once the media came in and television came in, big time, and it was mandated in Britain, they wanted everyone to get a television set, just like they did in China two years ago. Now of course the Prime Minister of Britain has created a politicians bureau to deal with getting every child in Britain on the internet. So you know when government is behind something, there is another agenda to it; well, Britain brought in DER company, which is “red” backwards of course, to sell used televisions (reconditioned) to every British home and it was the only thing they could buy on what we called hire-purchase, you could not get credit if you owned nothing at that time, but they made one exception for televisions and once that TV took off, I saw very early on how it affected the adults. I saw how the life changed in fact. I remember, as a toddler, all the couples in the area would go down to the local park on the weekends. They’d sit there on towels and they’d chat, they’d walk around and discuss everything. Once television came in, within about a month, two months, three months, definitely by the end of a year, you’d go to that park and it was empty. But you could pass all these houses at night and see the glowing tube coming through the windows. That thing took over, that completely changed the life of people; and the culture creators going all the way back to the days of Plato said that the people mimic what the actors and actresses do. Not only do they mimic and get new words and new terms to parrot, but they also mimic the behavior of the actors and actresses in the dramas. You can also condition them as to what’s to come in their future, what the same people will experience in their own future, by giving them dramas and putting that into the story. The people then emulate what the actors did in that drama when they meet it in real life. So they understood this technique thousands of years ago but the television was the greatest tool.

Then I noticed at the same time the Pop industry was coming in and it was promoted ALONG WITH drugs at the same time. It was simultaneous. The BBC, which only took its employees from Eton, the very wealthy, you know, old, established school, for the aristocracy and the wealthy members. They’d only employ from Eton. It was the BBC who pushed the drug industry and the Pop industry from the top, down to the public and I wanted to know what was behind it. But what was so obvious was that they were pushing sex to the limit and getting stoned was just plain naughty and they’d laugh and all the rest of it, as they brought people on who were stoned. So I went into the books to learn how culture was created and why they would be doing this and I got into H.G. Wells and other peoples’ writings and Huxley etc, and they all had the same eugenics idea, agenda, to bring down a population to a manageable level but to eradicate what they claimed were the useless eaters, those who would be useless after an industrial era was gone. The best way to do it was to sterilize them. Well, how do you sterilize people? You can’t sterilize them by command; there’d be too much backlash. You encourage promiscuity, you point to the fallout of the promiscuity, which was unwanted children, you bring in mandatory abortion and you’ve solved your problem.  You also destroy the family unit. That was essential; every tenet that came out of any manifesto, including the communist manifesto, talked about the destruction of the family unit. So they knew with experimental schools as far back as 1920, funded by the Crown of England, and Bertrand Russell, Lord Bertrand Russell, was in charge of the first ones. They found that if they promoted promiscuity between pre-pubertal children then the chances of them mating for life down the road was almost impossible. So everything that they tried and experimented with in the 20’s they introduced in the 60’s, along with the drug culture and the music; they told a generation that “this is your generation, everything is yours, you’re creating this,” and nothing was further from the truth. There was an ulterior purpose behind it and it’s been very, very successful as we can see today.

CLB: What are your thoughts on compulsory public education?

AW: It should not be compulsory. Whenever you get compulsory anything from government there’s always another agenda at work. It’s no secret even in social worker lectures that they have at college and so on, it’s no secret that when they train their employees to get a peaceful society then they must get everyone on board along the same path and they do that by getting children at a very early age and give them all the same indoctrination. When they brought out the League of Nations, that was one of its stipulations, that it would create a section; that turned into the United Nations, and UNESCO was the educational department. In its goal and its mandate, if you read it and you can go into the UN and look at it, it tells you it’s to create a unified culture by indoctrination of the young in the same, along the same path. There will be no free, individualistic thinking. You’ll all have the same indoctrination, you’ll all think that things are normal as you grow up and you’ll have nothing to compare it to. Everyone’s getting the same indoctrination.

GB: Very, very good insight. I once did research on PBS, Public Broadcast System here in the United States, and went back to an education channel early on that preceded that; and it wasn’t two or three years that the Aspen Institute latched into that and locked into that and it started promoting it and expanded it to what it is today. So I went back and I said what is this really about, and it’s just like you’re saying, they were promoting at the time, Humanism, you know. Scientific, secular and religious humanism, see what I mean.  But they were couching it in terms that were palatable to the average person that wasn’t that religious maybe or didn’t know that much about science. See what I mean?

AW: Yes they were. The Aspen Institute, of course, was heavily involved in ways of controlling small groups of people and studying them to see if you could make people do anything that you wanted them to do, even though it was crazy. At the same time, out came Rolfing and all these different exercises, primal screaming, all of these encounter type groups and then big corporations started to mandate their employees attend these particular groups. The idea was to stop being independent and thinking for yourself and they’d do little experiments like fall back and your friends will catch you and all this kind of stuff. That’s how they would start these encounter groups, but the idea was to break your dependence on your self-reliability and be part of the team, rather than an individual. This was all heavily studied by CIA, all this information from ALL these groups was fed back to CIA departments. And eventually they used these techniques on a global scale. It’s even in the media and even through comedies you’ll get little blurbs about the greening of the planet and mother earth and how we’re all one and all the stuff that these encounter groups were teaching was nothing more or less than “the new age”, this whole new religion and different segments of it.

GB: Yeah, cosmic humanism huh?

AW: Yeah. And Humanism itself, if you go into Humanism, and look at the founders and what their particular tenets are, they’ll tell you it is a religion. It is itself another religion.

GB: Sure, sure. Francis Shaffer, a theologian, a Presbyterian theologian, coined the term secular humanism and they hate him for that term because he spotted early on in the university system that they were creating a new religion and that’s just like you were saying there a second ago.

AW: Yes, and their whole front was that they were non-religious and they bashed every other religion, so they became a new religion; they did what all religions did in the past, was bash each other, but putting the word science to it tends to blind us to what it really is.

GB: Yeah, we’ve got to leave here for another break and we’ll be right back. Thank you very much.

{Break ♫}

GB: Welcome back to World Review Commentary. I’m George Butler, along with…

CLB: Charlotte Littlefield Brown!

GB: Welcome back, Alan Watt!

AW: It’s a pleasure.

GB: Do you believe that human nature is one of the major barriers to man attaining a bit of wisdom?

AW: It’s not just human nature. We definitely have very strong drives; we’re born with them and survival instincts and so on. However, every drive that you have can be exacerbated by, again, the media and the culture you’re given at a particular time. It’s like if you keep showing fast foods and hamburgers on the TV, people are constantly thinking about fast food and hamburgers; that’s why advertising works. That’s why they spend so much money. So, in other words, they can make you obsessed with something. It’s the same thing when you take a drive, like sexual drive, and you see nothing but sex, sex, sex. You are not going to have a Walton type society. You’re going to have a very promiscuous society and obviously a broken society. So yeah, human nature, if you understand human nature, and the big boys most certainly do that, they’ve done so many incredible studies on behaviorism and psychology that they can literally use these techniques now on whole nations, whole continents if need be, and it has been done for quite some time. They shape the direction we are going into, always. They turn around and point to the fallout they’ve created, which they knew would come, and then they come forward with their solution which they’d planned in the first place. Their whole problem was getting you to that solution and getting you to accept it. And that’s how it’s done.

These guys at the top, really, you would not believe the lengths they have gone to, to get the public to acquiesce to their own demise. I’m talking about eugenics again and the whole eugenics program. The big foundations that were set up in the 1800’s, foundations that were mentioned by people like Albert Pike, and you also find the same thing with the supposed Illuminati bunch that was caught over in Germany. They said they’d set up foundations as front organizations under the guise of philanthropy, but they’d in fact fund what now are known as Non-Governmental Organizations, thousands of them, which would lead the direction that society was to follow and that’s precisely what we have. These big philanthropic organizations like the Rockefeller Foundations, Carnegie, Ford and so on, fund the direction that society is planned to go along and we do go along that path without thinking. They started a eugenics society in America, in the USA, back in 1904 officially. They already had it in the 1800’s and the Carnegie Institute, with federal money backing them, set up Cold Spring Harbor in the US, and they called it The Station for Experimental Evolution and they brought in the American Breeders Association, Willard Hays was brought in on this whole thing, and their whole idea was to see if they could breed people like cattle for specific traits. And they looked at all the lower classes and they said, if we don’t do something then down the road in the future, there is going to be too many of these lower class types, these useless ones, as they called them, who will overtake the ones at the top.

Now remember that Darwinism is an official religion amongst these people at the top and they believe that a higher species will be brought down by a lower species unless there is only a few at the bottom and a lot of the higher species at the top. If there’s too many of the lower species dominating they’ll eradicate those at the top. That’s always been their main fear. So they put all this money into the eugenics programs and then they started to fund governments in the United States, state governments, to give forced sterilization. They’ve been doing forced sterilization right through into the 1970’s through various US states. Now there’s a lot of white people that think well it’s not for us. Well, that’s not true. If you hadn’t made it into the top elite and proven your worth by at least a few families of special selection and breeding, that means your wife was picked for you, then you were still a member of the lower class. These guys at the top don’t care what ethnic group you belong to, all commoners are commoners. The agenda is still on the go, it’s worldwide now. You have a world full of commoners that are supposed to be gradually eliminated, brought down, sterilized, etc. and I often think it’s such a strange coincidence that the United Nations, every year, would give out all its major statistics and they tell you every year that the sperm count in the western male is down 75% of what it was in 1950 and there is no comment to follow it up by saying this is a crisis, therefore, you know this is a planned agenda. There is something either been inoculated into us, which is probably the best, easiest way to do it, through various guises, or it’s in the food or the water or it’s all of those things combined. The world population is being brought down and people are becoming infertile. In fact, infertility clinics is a booming industry now. It’s one of the fastest growing industries there is.

GB: Do you see that, that this thing has synergistically; is it operating on a synergistic level?

AW: Yes, there’s no doubt about it. The first thing you must do with any operation is to, as I say, get the public to accept it. If you just sprung something upon them and said, “please, would volunteers come forward for a mass sterilization,” you’re going to have trouble. But if you say, OK, we work in generations, big foundations, like Huxley and others said, and Russell said, foundations can start up with an agenda and literally go three or four or five generations if need be to finish and complete its own part in that agenda because foundations outlive each generation. So if you can train a public and get them to acquiesce gradually through indoctrination and lots of propaganda towards a specific goal of reducing their own population you will achieve it unfortunately, it will work. Today you already have young people coming out in newspapers now, and I predicted this years ago, saying they would like to get sterilized to save Mother Earth and it’s a selfish thing to simply want to reproduce your own, it’s very, very selfish and it’s anti-social. That’s what they’re saying.

CLB: How does that go with the doctrine of the Catholic Church, you know they’ve been very, you know...the opposite of that at least, is what I think, historically, the way I understand it.

AW:  Well, I remember one of the speeches or the talks that Aldous Huxley gave; now Aldous Huxley talks through both sides of his mouth, he’d have one persona for the general public but another for his own peer group, because he belonged to these big institutions. So when you hear him talking, he’s talking as a person who knows what’s really coming and Huxley talked to Wallace, Michael Wallace, the interviewer, he gave a few talks with him and some are available on the internet, and in one of them he said, the only opponent of this whole world strategy, he was also including communism, by the way, which has merged, as you know, with capitalism, but, he said, the only opponent that it truly has, is Catholicism, and he said, it’s waning now. He said, when that goes, there will be nothing to stop it. So, I think he’s probably right there. We know Malachi Martin and others have come out; before he died he came out and said that the Catholic Church had been totally infiltrated with Freemasonry and fraternities.

GB: Yeah, “The Windswept House” that he wrote, it was a novel, that Malachi Martin wrote? It was a very disturbing, very chilling novel.

AW: Yes, and he said there was nothing in it that was untrue. It was all based on fact, he had to change some of the players’ names because they were still alive, but he said it was all fact that was in that book.

GB: Yeah, I’ve read that and I read “The Keys of this Blood” too which is an excellent book too. Then I listened to him when he appeared on the Art Bell show a number of times. And I learned quite a bit, I really respected,…the man had integrity.

AW: He had integrity. He knew a lot more than he ever said even on the air.

GB: That’s right. He was still loyal to the church because that’s what he was about, you know.

AW: Yeah, there’s no doubt about it, he certainly...

GB: But he was trying to stem this movement away from what he had believed that the church should be and it had changed direction in the 60’s, I guess, what, Vatican II?

AW: Yeah, and he was definitely a hard-liner but at the same time he also knew what the whole social agenda was as well for the world regardless of religion and he did know a lot more than he generally talked about to the people.

GB: Well, he ran exorcisms in New York City, he said that it had increased eightfold over a number of years up there, the trouble, the problems in New York alone.

AW: Yes, in an age, of course, where it’s gone out of fashion to believe in these things, although the people gorge themselves on horror movies all the time, but you can’t deny that there’s certain... we’re seeing the breakdown of society. What’s causing it, apart from the manipulations from the top? Are there other forces involved? That’s an interesting whole subject in itself because we know the elite themselves…I mean how many people do you know who could go to parties, or meetings and coolly, calmly discuss with a peer group the demise and the takedown, the actual murder of millions of people and rationalize it and go home and sleep well? Well, these guys do at the top, so…

GB: Those are called psychopaths, are they not?

AW: Psychopaths are a scientific term but it actually matches what religion would call possessed.

GB: Yeah, they have no conscience and they don’t care and what’s this thing called? unrestrained, do your own thing, that’s what they believe in, just anything goes. Right?

AW: Do what thou wilt, is the whole of the law.

GB: Yeah, I think that’s what they subscribe to. Hey we’ve got to take a break, it’s only a minute and a half at the top of the hour and then we’ll be right back, back on the air here, but we’ve got to move away to some announcements at the top of the hour and we’ll be right back in about a minute and a half. Thank you, Alan.

{Break ♫}



George Butler (GB): Welcome back to World Review Commentary, I’m George Butler, along with…

Charlotte Littlefield Brown (CLB): Charlotte Littlefield Brown.

GB: Welcome back, Alan Watt.

Alan Watt (AW): It’s a pleasure.

GB: What are we to do? You’re doing a lot on your own and Charlotte and myself, we’re doing a little bit too, you know.  We’re trying to get the word out and trying to wake people up but the delusion that I run into, that’s within people. They’re so deluded out there. I don’t know…and it’s synergistically being held into that delusion. They’re trapped, it seems like.

AW: They’re trapped because habit and routine, routine creates habit, and they’ve been brought up again with television, and things that go… now, I noticed this in the 70’s in Britain when there was really a depression going on, a financial depression going on and millions were off work, on welfare; Margaret Thatcher came out and said, a generation is growing up who will never see work in their lifetime, so get used to it. And it was an incredible country to visit again and look at and watch this happening, but the strange thing was the denial of the people who were still working. Now everyone lives in streets, and everyone knew those that were unemployed, in their own streets, they knew people who were committing suicide all over the country. In fact, Britain had the highest suicide rate, it overtook Sweden at the time. Yet no one wanted to talk about it, but you switched on that TV and you wouldn’t think anything was amiss. And on would come the comedy shows, the same comedy shows you tuned into every Tuesday or Wednesday, as long as that routine was kept up, people would stay in denial. People would rather…they’ll avoid pain at any cost, even psychological pain and they’ll seek pleasure. This is what they’ve always known at the top, so they give you lots of bread and circuses during times of great change and depression, knowing that the vast amount of the public will always choose pleasure and go in complete denial of what’s happening next door or the suffering down the street or whatever; and this is what they count on, is self interest. Huxley and Russell, both said they would create a society of egosyntonic people where each person would be taught the world revolves around them and you would be disassociated from those next to you and around you and you would seek pleasure; and that’s what they’ve created. In ancient Rome when they were holding on to their empire towards the end, when the corruption was rampant, from those at the top plundering the world and squandering the money, they gave the people bread and circuses and that was called “the dole”. You were given a “dole” out of bread and that’s the term that’s still used in Britain today for unemployment money. They dole out the money, it’s called “the dole” and they give you lots of entertainment so you don’t think too deeply. You live for the moment. You don’t think ahead. You’re stuck in the matrix.

CLB: Yeah, the term, “on the dole”, I heard it in my American youth out in California.

AW: Yes.

CLB: “You’re on the dole.”

AW: So nothing has changed. The techniques are all the same really. The only difference is, you’re given money to buy your own wine or bread or drugs or whatever and that’s what’s done to the people. They’ve been created to be egosyntonic, to live for themselves, to be disassociated and have pleasure, seek pleasure.  And while they’re all doing that...

GB: Yeah, get into that disassociation a little bit more. How does that work exactly?

AW: You have a natural bonding, mainly with family, and traditionally all down through time, your family are the ones you go to when you’re in trouble. No matter if you’re the black sheep of the family, your family are generally the last ones and the only ones to help you out. Government decided a long time ago that the last vestige of tribalism, which was their enemy, remember, in the 1700’s was still tribalism, the Scots were still fighting the English at that time and they said that they’d have to destroy tribalism, and even the last vestiges of tribalism, which was the family unit. Only then could government and government officials talk down to you personally, as an individual, without a family gathering around to protect you and stand up for you. Once that situation was achieved, the people would be powerless. George Orwell showed us that situation, at the beginning, of even the black and white movie they made, of his book, “1984”, the English version with John Hurt. It starts off with a TV in the room that watched him and the figure on the television is giving him exercises to do and it says, ‘yes, you, number So-and-so, yes you, I’m talking to you”. Well, that’s government talking to you, there’s no one around you to help you, there’s no family, there’s nothing. You’re on your own. When you create that kind of “on-your-ownness” you feel miniscule, helpless, and you’re in subjugation to powerful authorities. That’s what elitists have dreamed about for centuries and they’ve pretty well achieved it.

CLB: Well, it’s not working.

AW: Well, they haven’t quite perfected it yet but they’ve done an awfully good job on it. They will, and I think last week I read on the air, a report given out by the CIA director, the present CIA director, and he was saying that they’re very, very worried about the coming ethnic struggles within the United States, he said, and I thought well, sure there will be because they will stir it up at the right time. They generally put their own leaders in amongst all the different groups anyway, to stir up the trouble. So one way or another they’re going to create the problems of strife, blame tribalism, blame the old-fashioned way of procreating amongst ourselves and family and so on, and then say, we’ve got to find a new way of living. After a long prolonged war, when we’re all at their mercy, we’ll want a solution and they’ll come forward with this old, old solution that was drafted up a long time ago. Prince Philip just came out in England, and this guy is amazing, I mean his dad and his uncle were both given special uniforms, SS uniforms, by Hitler, you know. This is the guy who married the Queen of England. This is the guy who said in the 50’s and 60’s that the British people, the workers, were lazy, they should copy the Germans. This is a guy who never did any work in his life; in fact, the Greeks threw him out of Greece.

GB: Yeah, that’s right. He comes from that Greek line doesn’t he?

AW: He does but they’re actually Prussians. This is what you find with royalty, they never belong to the people that they rule over. They’re of a different bloodline. So he’s actually a Prussian.

GB:  Well what king of England didn’t even speak English?

AW: King George.

GB:  King George didn’t speak English.

AW: He spoke German and modern BBC English is a corruption of the English that was spoken, but because he spoke it this way, with these strange vowel sounds, that’s become the upper class normal.

GB:  If you go back, you go back to the Hanover line, northern Germany, Coberg-Hesse, and you go back to the Gelf line. Is that what you, how you track these people Alan?

AW: Guelph is actually the old name for wolf. And also it’s the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, the three main families that are connected with the Hapsburg. They’ve ruled over the whole of Europe since pretty well the Norman invasion. They’ve always inter-married each other. They think they’re superior bloodlines and Prince Philip just came out in the newspaper there, in the Telegraph, and he’s brought the whole agenda out, he said food prices are going up, everyone thinks it’s to do with not enough food, but it’s really that demand is too great; there’s too many people. He says it’s embarrassing for everybody, no one quite knows how to handle it. Nobody wants their family life to be interfered with by the government. He says overpopulation is to blame for many of the problems afflicting millions of people around the world. So now they’re bringing out their old, old agenda, blaming the public, even though we know from all the censuses that have been taken since 1890, the static populations within the western world have been dropping drastically for a hundred years. But they bring in so many immigrants to give the appearance of overpopulation. Immigrants always head towards the major cities and so you get the appearance of being overpopulated. Because they don’t want just to bring down the population of one country, they want you all, the whole planet, to bring down the population of all the common people.

GB:  What’s your take on the avian flu and the flu epidemics that they begin to talk about?

AW: It’s for the birds.

GB: Is that right?

AW: It’s for the birds.

GB: Is it good bird dropping liner? Do you put it at the bottom of a bird cage as bird liner?

AW: That’s it. Every flu supposedly, they tell us, every flu starts with waterfowl in China. They can’t tell us why this is, but supposedly the geese and the duck bring it and so they’re blaming them. The flu, I’m sure, whenever they release a real pandemic, which they probably will do one day, in fact I think they’ll give us financial crisis, pandemics, and a whole bunch, and wars all at the same time. That’s called chaos; you must bring in an age of chaos to bring out an age of order.

GB: And out of chaos comes order, is that it?

AW: That’s right.

GB: That’s it, out of all this chaos, you’re going to have some order.

AW: Yeah. So once the people are frizzled and fried and just war-weary and hungry and it’s been going on for a long time, then you’ll beg them for help and out will come their manifesto and it’ll be to do with depopulation, sterilization of what they claim in the eugenics societies is the unfit.

GB: What you’re saying is, you got to preserve the Earth so the humans have to go. Is that it?

AW: Yes, and not only the humans...

GB: So if you worship the Earth more than you do anything else, then the Earth is It. Right?

AW: Yes and you find from the 1890’s census onwards along with this Carnegie Institute they set up at Cold Spring Harbor for genetics, they’ve been also collecting your family histories of your medical problems. Since 1890. Psychological problems, criminal records, all down the line. Now Bush just passed that law that they can take all children’s blood at birth for DNA testing and experimentation. This is a eugenics program we’ve been living through for a hundred years and these guys have never changed the direction they’re going in. They want to eventually forbid certain people to have children and get the rest of the public to applaud. That will be the initial stages, until it starts to spread out and they add more and more lists to it, until if you’ll possibly even get an allergy, you won’t be born. You’ll be terminated.

GB: So they’re going to have it down scientifically. The scientific dictatorship is right here huh?

AW: That’s it, it’s right here, it’s alive and well.

GB: It’s alive and well and they’re managing us and we’re cattle and we’re sheep and we’re baah-ing for…but they have to do it through, what, a collective state, you know, for centralization. Is that it?

AW: That’s right. If you read the writings of Karl Marx, he wrote most of his manifesto in London, England, and he was put up by the wealthy families and brought in, in fact, to write his manifesto, because they were going to use communism, like the Hegelian dialectic, to get the herd to change direction. Like big sheep in a field you need really two sheepdogs or one very good dog but generally two sheepdogs, and one will go from one side and one comes from the other side and just behind them and the sheep will start moving in a central direction towards the pen. Well, that’s what they use for the general public. They actually use these terms when they’re describing it to each other, and they use animalistic terms, and they even call us the herd, in fact, in medicine today; the herd inoculation, the herd instinct. So you have to have an enemy supposedly, to get debate going, to get argument going and then they come along with the preplanned conclusion as you amalgamate the two ideas together.

GB: OK Alan, we got a couple of callers on the line. Would you like to take a few calls?

AW: Sure, yeah.

GB:  Let’s go to Quince in Pennsylvania; what is your question for Alan Watt?

Caller: Hi, it’s Quince from Pennsylvania. Great show! I heard Alan mention Roy Masters on his show a few weeks ago and I recall hearing Roy interview Malachi Martin and discussing how evil impinges itself on the fabric of the mind and I wish that more of the freedom movement people would understand that the people that are trying to take over the world, I don’t think they fully understand that they’re not running on their own, that they’re being commanded from unseen forces. Could you comment on that please?

AW: Yeah, I’m not so sure they don’t understand that, to be honest with you. I think a lot of them at the top, because they do have their inner religion there, and they do believe that thoughts aren’t simply something that originate within your own mind, at times, they come from elsewhere. Many of them have discussed this at the top levels. We know they have their incredible pact they have with each other in their swearing-in ceremonies in higher nobility, organized masonry for instance, much higher than the 33 degrees of the Scottish Rite and they DO believe that they bring in the powers, as they call them, there’s many ways they couch it, but, powers of the universe, or entities, or whatever, so I think some of them definitely are aware that there’s something else involved. They call this manifest destiny. So they do believe that there’s a force behind this agenda they’re on.

GB:  Quince, got anything else?

Caller: Yes, maybe perhaps they don’t believe that that manifest evil is going to destroy them as well.

AW: That’s one part of it. In fact, what’s interesting about that is that from the days of Pharaohs, now Pharaohs were treated as gods, and they were gods according to the people at the time, and the gods owned the lands, the sea, the sky, everything that flew and everything that crawled and buried into the ground, he owned everything and even through the symbolism of trying to preserve the bodies for eternity through mummification, always showed you that the agenda was always the same. It was to fix what they called ‘spirit’ in matter for eternity, but only for a deserving elite. If you go into the occult side of things, you look at what a demon is for instance, old-fashioned words etc. and laughable today for most people, but if you look at what a demon was, a demon was a bodiless entity and hell to a demon was the absence of the physical world of sensation, if they were locked away in space, no sensations at all. So heaven to a demon is the opposite, heaven is Earth. Therefore, the inhabitation of a host was the ultimate and if you look at where the agendas go with the elite and David Suzuki, a big player in the propaganda movement towards the greening, sustainable development and so on, who also works for the World Wildlife Fund and the United Nations, and who is a geneticist, he mentioned, on mainstream news in Canada a few years ago, that they now had the ability to make a person live for 500 years if they so wish. So, technically their heaven is here if we allow it.

GB:  OK, we got to cut away. Quince, thank you for your call. And Wyatt, hold on the line and we’ll get you after the break here. We’re going to cut away here. Thank you very much, Alan, Charlotte. Be right back.

{Break ♫}

GB: Welcome back to World Review Commentary. I’m George Butler, along with…

CLB: Charlotte Littlefield Brown.

GB: Welcome back, Alan Watt. We’ve got Wyatt, in Maryland; what is your question for Alan Watt? You’re live on World Review Commentary.

Caller: How are you doing guys? First of all, your guest, Alan, is it?

GB: Yes, Alan Watt.

Caller: Alan, you are a fascinating, fascinating person, I mean the information that you’re sharing, to me it’s like a religious education exercise, but it’s a different type of religion. The way you’re speaking and the information you’re putting out, is in a way, in a way, we all kind of know this, or many aspects of it, but we have been programmed not to even discuss it or think about it in our minds, but the information you’re bringing out, when I hear it, I have a realization in my mind, of the truth that you’re speaking. But I could not intelligently even begin to bring it forward, which I think is fascinating. The second comment, I just want to make a comment, it’s not really a question. One of the questions that I had, well it is kind of a question. There is a movie that’s several years old that reminded me of the information you are bringing out. Did you happen to see or did any one of you happen to see the movie, it was an English movie but it took place in Europe. The movie premise took place in Europe. It was called, “Children of Men”. Did any one of you see that?

GB: No, I’m not familiar with it.

AW: Yeah, I saw it.

Caller: Well the “Children of Men” is mysteriously no women can bear children. Now they didn’t explain how it happened, in the movie, but for years children could not be born and those children who survived became glorified in the world as a living miracle.

AW: Yeah, they said it was a virus that started it.

Caller: Right, that’s right, then one interesting thing about it was the immigration that took place in Europe, which Europe is full of immigrants from other parts of the country, that have come into different countries in Europe and it’s a real problem just like in the United States, just like I would say that the Latin American immigration problem has become here, but because none of the children could be born, women could not get pregnant, what they started to do was get rid of their immigrants by deporting them and actually killing them if necessary. And it was very interesting because it has a lot in common with what you’re talking about.

AW:  There’s no doubt. Again, all these sci-fi movies come out, even “The Handmaid’s Tale”, was along a similar way, written years ago, about people had become sterile and only the elite would… they’d have to bring in different wives to try and get a baby born so that they’d get noble blood carried on. This is a repeated formula down through the ages. Most programming we have is through fiction, as I say, and the Futurist Society was set up to bring in writers who would be given real information and they were told to write stories around the information and they’d use that for predictive programming. That which you’ve seen before floats around in the back of your mind, when the real event happens you think it had to happen, it’s natural. So, these characters who write a lot of these movies know the agenda, but there’s no doubt about it that a long time ago, and remember these guys at the top, this international club, they have no favorite races, you know; they do like the Germanic stock, and they wrote about that in the Carnegie Institute when they set up Cold Spring Harbor, mainly because they were an obedient people.

Caller: One thing that’s happening here in the United States, at least on television with the all the advertisement that they have for medication and basically destroying people, one of the fictions is that young girls are subject to the Human Papilloma Virus and they’re all getting these shots from either Merck Pharmaceuticals or Pfizer, I’m not really sure who it was, but if you look at that, that children getting this at 13 and 14 years old and younger, these shots, what if that sterilizes them just like this movie?

AW:  Well, we do know, this is fact, and it eventually came out and was admitted to by the United Nations after a few years, the United Nations put forth an agenda to sterilize millions of women in India and Africa by offering what they claimed was free tetanus shots to women only, and millions of women got it; they all came down with chronic cystitis and eventually their ovaries were simply inflamed and destroyed. They were literally sterilized. And on the CBC television at the time the news shot a little article about it. It didn’t give you the preempt of what this article was about, it was kind of shocking, two men had a map from the United Nations and a reporter asking them why they thought they had the right to do what they had done and these two characters said, well somebody has to do it, they won’t stop doing this by themselves.  And that’s how they justified sterilizing women, by lying to them and offering them free shots. Personally, I don’t believe we can take any shots, and we probably should have taken none at all for the last hundred years, personally I believe that because when I’ve gone into the writings of people like Bertrand Russell, he mentioned the use of the needle to make a dumbed-down, obedient population. So they had already discussed using inoculations a long, long time ago to get their way.

GB: Yeah, Wyatt, thank you for your call. We’ve got to move on to the next caller but thank you and call back and keep listening. We appreciate your questions and comments. Thank you very much.

CLB: You know, George, before we take the call, let’s give out Alan’s website.

GB: OK go ahead.

CLB: for those of you out there who haven’t visited Alan’s website; it’s

GB: OK Melissa, from Maryland, you’re live on World Review Commentary, what’s your question for Alan Watt?

Caller: OK, well you’ve already answered the first one so I’ll give you the other three.

GB: OK, go ahead; hit him with a machine gun.

Caller: Don’t tempt me. Ha, ha. Not that I’m upset with him.

GB: Rat-a-tat-tat-tat-tat, right? He’s a good guy, he can handle it.

Caller: OK, do we have anything to be concerned about when making blood donations to the American Red Cross, that’s number one, because they are the only ones that I know of that do the community blood mobiles and blood drives, so that’s number one. Number two, do we have anything to be concerned about if we are interested in participating in a National Geographic DNA project. Then number three, you’ll have to excuse me because this is eerie and spooky, but what do funeral homes do with the blood after they embalm people? And that’s number three and go right ahead.

AW: Ok, the first one was to do with the…what was it, the first one?

Caller: I asked you about, if we had anything to be concerned about with giving blood to the American Red Cross?

AW: Remember when Barbara Bush was put as the titular head of the Red Cross, the Red Cross, through deals again with Clinton, was buying blood from prisons, and they knew this blood was tainted with hepatitis and other diseases, they brought it up into Canada and sold it through Connaught Laboratories. Connaught Laboratories was set up during World War II as a bacterial warfare department. It’s now a private organization and I still think it’s involved in some certain things. However, thousands of hemophiliacs across Canada died and the Red Cross was behind it. They knew what they were doing. Now they get all this blood for nothing and they make all these blood products out of it, they sell it to companies that make blood products; it’s a big, booming business. That’s what it is. You’ll find underneath these charities there’s an awful lot of dirt. Personally, when the government, like had happened with Katrina, the government backs certain organizations, I stay clear of them because you can guarantee you… Red Cross society has a red cross for a very important reason; that’s why they can go across battlefields left unscathed and the unwritten rule of freemasonry, that’s the red cross of the Knights Templars that they still use, but just like the Knights Templars they were also plunderers. Behind the mask of charity, you’ll find some rather evil faces at work. That’s my opinion of them, personally. The DNA project that’s underway, I would steer away from because the project is to get everyone’s DNA to label it and categorize you, as either a useless eater, an inferior type, or prone to diseases that will be a burden on society, so don’t volunteer for it. It will also affect your children down the road too. They’ll have all that data.

GB: Does that answer your questions or do you want to hold over?

Caller: He left one out so I’ll have to hold over.

AW: The funeral one.

{Break ♫}

GB: Welcome back to World Review Commentary. I’m George Butler, along with…

CLB: Charlotte Littlefield Brown.

GB: Welcome back, Alan Watt, and our caller, Melissa from Maryland.

AW: Yes, the last one was the funeral, about the funeral.

GB: Yes, the funeral home, what, blood products?

AW: Well I do know again there was another scandal that hit Canada, no doubt it was being done for other countries, but a few years ago, it was found that there was also blood coming in that had been bought up to be reused in hospitals in Canada and it did say in the newspapers at the time that they were draining the corpses, corpses in hospitals in Africa. You wouldn’t believe the things that go on for a buck. When the dollar talks, morality walks; and we’re living in a nightmare when you really look in behind all these wonderful, sterilized, disinfected organizations that we’re taught are so damn great, but, in reality, they’re monsters behind it. They all have parts of the global agenda, they all believe in bringing down the population. So when these organizations are out there to help you, I’d be very, very concerned. The funeral homes traditionally, have supposedly drained the blood and disposed of it and many of them just put it down the drain. But there’s a new option just coming in and this is a horrific thing in itself. Now, tyrants in history have used tanks, to dispose of bodies, tanks of acid and undertakers now, this can be found in the Seattle Times, Friday, May the 9th, it’s called the Third Option, and what they’re wanting to do now, to make it greener and environmentally friendly, is to start disposing of our bodies here in the West, in these acid tanks, so that will dispose of the blood and everything else. But they might drain the blood first if they can resell it, I’m sure of that.  We’re living in a nightmare of supposed respectability and we’ve been taught to see things completely differently than the way they really are.

Caller: So the proper thing to do if we have a loved one who dies is to ask the funeral home for full disclosures on how they handle these things.

AW: Absolutely! You wouldn’t believe how many...

GB: Good suggestion, Melissa, that’s great.

AW: You wouldn’t believe how many scandals pop up all the time from funeral homes who have sold organs off from corpses for medical studies and so on, and students practice on them and they fill up the body with basically stuffing and you’re paying for all of this and you have no idea what’s actually happened.

Caller: Ok, now to finish up what you already told me, you said that you yourself don’t trust the American Red Cross. My understanding is that blood cannot be artificially made. Are you just suggesting that people stop donating blood altogether?

AW: People won’t do that. They won’t do that at all. Again the conditioning is too great. However, personally I would not, I don’t believe in helping something with ulterior agendas to become prolific or to continue.

Caller: or I was just going to say, or undisclosed agendas.

AW: Some of them are disclosed, that’s just it. As I say, the Red Cross in the past, many times in the past, even when the trade towers went down they raked in millions and millions of dollars, so did the Salvation Army, a huge fund was collected with governments matching dollar for dollar, maybe billions of dollars, and very little of that ever went to where it was supposed to go. Now it just doesn’t disappear; it goes into pockets at the top. It’s never disclosed where the billions end up going. The same thing happened with the big hurricane that hit the Far East. Billions came up. They put Bush Senior in charge of it along with Clinton, to look after the kitty, and that’s the last...

GB: The tsunami. Maybe it’s the tsunami you’re talking about?

AW: Yeah. And that’s the last we heard of it. You see the whole thing, under the guise of charity, and institutions, we’ve been brainwashed to look at these people like Santa Claus, they can do no wrong. And then you dig into their past history and you’ll find nothing but scandal after scandal after scandal.

GB: Well Melissa, thank you for your call. Do you have any other comment or question?

Caller: Just that I’d like these things, if you would Mr. Watt, to kindly post this on your website; the three questions I asked you, if it’s not already. I can email it to you but I want to be able to go back and share this with people.

GB: OK, Melissa. Thank you for your call. Thank you for calling. Yeah, these, the body parts…there’s a little gal that I got friendly with at one of the local restaurants here in Austin. She’s from Bosnia, OK.  Well she tells me a horror tale of getting involved, with one of her relatives got injured in an accident in Dallas; before they knew it, he was having major problems that he shouldn’t have had and then he was dead and then they stole some organs out of him, and didn’t even tell the family.

AW: That’s very common.

GB: And they had to find that out later. It came out, they had to investigate it and found out some of his organs were missing before they buried him.

AW: Well it’s even worse than that. In socialized countries like Britain, a few years ago there, it came out that whole warehouses full of frozen body parts turned up. Warehouses full of them and it took them two years to find out where they came from. They were all from children 12 and under and they found out eventually, one man who was put in charge of a whole conglomeration of hospitals around Manchester area, I think it was, had given an order to save all body parts that could possibly be reused.

GB: Oh my gosh.

AW: Now the thing is, he was never prosecuted, it turned up a year later, another warehouse related to this turned up in Halifax. What on earth were these guys doing with all these body parts? Now, they had to return them all to the relatives who had buried their children. Some of them actually had more organs removed on a second and third occasion. They had three different funerals for their children. This is incredible.  No one was prosecuted for this, which meant that this was ordained from a much higher level and we don’t know what they were for, or where they were going to, or what they’d be used for.

GB: Yeah. Well, in China, they’ve got horror tales coming out of China. Just, just that alone is something that’s very terrible.

AW: Yes it is. It truly is. We have to realize that we’re living in hell. This is turning into hell. And we’ve got to get rid of all these brainwashed illusions that we have and see things as they really, really are, no matter how painful it happens to be.

GB: But you know what, we have so many people that are in a comfort zone, but the main thing is, a friend of mine, the other day, we were talking about 9-11 and some other things like that and he said, ‘George, if I started thinking about this and accepting some of these things and seeing them like you do, or whatever,’ he said, ‘I might go back drinking again’. You know what I mean?  ’Cause then nothing matters anymore, see?  And my retort to him was, ‘well, let me tell you, if you can face these things and secure the truth, and still try to buoyant up that character and strengthen your character through this process, then you’re a winner in both respects maybe’.

AW: Absolutely, absolutely. I’ve never pretended that there’s not casualties in this; there are definitely casualties. I find it all the time with people who call me up, where one has woken up in a family and the mate has not and they find they’re total strangers after that. This is so common. So there’s casualties all along and knowing things has a great heavy price; however, there are lots of us that can bear that price and we can go ahead. There is only one prize here and it’s deflect, we must deflect the path we are on which is going into an utter hell. They want literally a society of purpose-made slaves, designed slaves, DNA-created purpose-made slaves to serve them, a much smaller population. They’ve printed this in so many books and science magazines it’s astounding and we’re just eating the grass as though nothing’s happening, we’re grazing. It’s time we woke up and deflected the course we’re on which is a horror show.

GB: Yeah, that’s for sure.

CLB: Alan, this is one of my things that I really like is J. R. R. Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings”; the white wizard ends up being controlled, giving in to the dark force and taking over his physical manifestation and, you know, the middle earth and he has a genetically-engineered military and they’re all --- and they’re killers and they’re awful and this and that and I found that the…he wrote it…he was a Anglo-Saxon professor studies, and have you looked at his work in relation to these, you know the way the world has evolved in this?

AW: He spent his life I think in Oxford, in fact, even when he got married he was given a quarters there on the grounds. And he dedicated his whole life to what, to him, was not a fiction. He was using lots of allegory to describe the world but he did belong to an elite class himself. He believed in the class structure. The middle earth was mentioned by Francis Bacon, so the upper earth, the middle earth, and the lower earth were all strata or classes of society. That’s how Francis Bacon talked about it. He said those in the middle, lower-middle and the bottom will never know reality. So Tolkien understood this and he was a great friend with the poet Elliot and Elliot wrote a lot about him and how obsessed Tolkien was, utterly obsessed with even creating a proper vocabulary and language for his characters, he said every one is very important, because they were using coding for the high groups like high masons in parts of the language itself.

CLB: Yeah, I would like to ask you another question about it maybe when we return from the break.

GB: Yeah, we’re going to break now and we’ll be right back. Thank you, Alan. Thank you, Charlotte. Be right back. Hang in there everybody. We’ll be right back.

{Break ♫}

GB: Welcome back to World Review Commentary. I’m George Butler, along with…

CLB: Charlotte Littlefield Brown!

GB: Welcome back, Alan Watt! Alan, I think Charlotte was talking about Tolkien, is that right?

AW: Yeah.

CLB: Yeah, I had one more though, question, what fascinated me about the movie was, and the book, I haven’t read the book yet, I heard the book was a lot more boring than the movie, was the use of the rings and how there were one ring for each people but there was a master ring that controlled them all and I thought that was a perfect allegory or metaphor, you know, for the secret societies frankly and the power circles.

AW: It is, absolutely. It’s like a pyramid too with a capstone at the top and all the bricks beneath, different separate bricks, it’s the same idea and even the Olympic flag with the five interlocked rings is symbolic too. They use these symbols over and over down through our lifetimes and most folk don’t realize what it even means but you’re quite right. It’s always a master at the top that gives a different reality even to the ones who are the workers that make all this happen above the ordinary people and they must believe in it too. So they’re given their reality, the bureaucrats are given their reality, the police are indoctrinated into their own reality, they’re paranoid about the public now and the military are given their own reality, and then the common people are kept with bread and circuses and fiction and drama and sex. And so you’re quite right, there’s a capstone here you might say or a master ring.

CLB: Right and what I thought was fascinating was the Hobbit. The Hobbit, you know they lived in their shire and oblivious to the rest of middle earth, if you will.  And they were the only ones that had, I guess, the purity to be able to hold the ring and not be overtaken by it.

AW:  That’s right. They were not subject to greed supposedly or avarice and that supposedly was…it goes back too to what they call the common stock, the ancient Romans said the same thing and this agenda’s never changed. The aristocracy of ancient Rome were also physical farmers, they were involved in their own farming and so they were warriors and farmers and supposedly that’s the only kind of society you can have, they say, that can stay honest and non-corrupt. You find Benjamin Franklin talking about the same thing with America and Jefferson even more so, they said that as long as everyone has their own cow and so on and their own ground for growing, they’ll be fairly untouched; once industrialization comes in, greed will take over and corruption will be the master. So you are quite right, there are a lot of meanings behind what we see in things like Tolkien’s writings, based on ancient history up to the present time. But you also see in his writings a eugenics system, with a tiered group of special types of creatures at the top.

CLB: Yes, the elves, yeah, all of them, absolutely. They’re genetically different.

AW: And they’re more beautiful. The ones at the very bottom, the dark forces are ugly, but at the very end what’s interesting is they win against the dark forces by using the biggest army of all and it’s the land of the dead, The Shades.  So they use the general public to fight their wars, win and then the general public simply fade away, they’re gone. Their use is over.

CLB: Wow. Oh thank you, that was a good analysis.

GB: Well where do we go from here?

CLB: Something positive. It’s the last segment; we like to talk about solutions. One thing I would say, like a lot of people say and G. Edward Griffin says it, is that we didn’t get to where we’re at overnight and we can’t expect that anything is going to be fixed by the next election or… I don’t know how you feel about politics but my reaction is to try to do what I can locally and get out there. I’ve always felt that politics, well congress, okay, I know, my father gave me a huge unabridged dictionary when I was a child and I don’t remember if he told me or he told me to look it up but I found that congress actually meant sexual intercourse and it’s really…if you look at the world, the congress, you look at the occult meanings of our words and stuff like that, it’s rather humorous actually.

AW: Well you get the “senate” and that comes from the Egyptian word for a chessboard.

CLB: Exactly, so it can be quite humorous looking at the hidden meanings of these things but there’s two schools of thought, well, why wrestle with the pigs in the mud, politics is not worth getting involved in because it is kind of…the whole system is fraudulent.

AW: It is fraudulent, yeah.

GB: Yesterday we voted on a city election here, some city candidates and we have at the precinct I vote at, there were 2400 registered voters. You know how many showed up?

CLB: A hundred?

GB: A hundred, and we were voting on hundreds of millions of dollars worth of school funds.  So there was like, there have been many elections here in Austin where maybe 8 to 10, 8 to 12 percent of the voting public showed up.

AW: What’s happened, and this is again what they knew would happen under a socialized system; a socialized system means that they give you a culture where you believe that you are being taken care of by some sort of better breed above you, this invisible group and so you don’t participate in creating your own future or destiny. They have trained the public and this has happened over the last 50 years especially in the United States, they never had this in Britain, but in the United States in 50 years they’ve trained the public to believe that the professionals are your natural masters and not your servants and people have actually accepted that subconsciously in their minds, that government is not there to serve them but to rule them and that’s the transition that’s happened. That has to be reversed.

CLB: Yeah, we had an interesting program on Genesis on Saturday evening and we talked to…George, what was our guest’s name?

GB: He was Mung Pi.

CLB: Mung Pi, and he made an interesting observation about the election that happened during the cyclone. There was early voting and then the junta, military regime if you will, insisted on finishing the election, holding the election after over 100, potentially over 100,000 people had been killed, the country has been devastated by the cyclone, the junta continue on with the election and he had an interesting observation that everybody in the population just knew they had to vote “yes” on this election. It was the chiefs or the tribal community, I don’t know if those are the proper words for the family clan if you will, or the local social structure there. If they didn’t, if the leaders in the local didn’t ensure that there were “yes” votes then there would be retribution against the region or against the locality by the military. So everybody was being brutalized and so the election…they weren’t bullied at the ballot box, they were bullied by the social pressure knowing that if they don’t follow, toe the line or adhere to what’s coming down the pike, then there will be retribution so everybody voted yes and, of course, it’s just a complete sham.

GB: Yeah. Have we got a caller? Let’s take this call. Roy? Well he fell off the line there. I’m sorry we missed that. Yeah, go ahead Charlotte, what were you saying?

CLB: Well, that was pretty much the conclusion that, you know, things are pretty hopeless everywhere if you’re looking at the principle of the matter. You know on the surface everything can seem quite fine, you know, and your food poisons you, your water poisons you, people are getting fat and unhealthy and they think…you know a lot…I remember I came of age in the…when I was young people were physically fit generally but the oils, the hydrogenated oils, the dyes, all the chemicals, and the stuff that’s in the food supply now and people thought that fat people were just gluttonous, you know, when in fact it seems that, well I finally came to the conclusion about 10 or more years ago, it’s the food supply.

AW: It’s the food. It’s the food, in fact, you can be overweight and malnourished and that’s just it. The food has had all of its natural goodness taken out of it through massive processing and when they have to start adding back into cereals vitamins that they’ve taken out and they give you synthetic ones back, you know that something’s going on.

CLB: Yeah, then they claim that the Earth isn’t, you know? No, it’s all about the god-almighty dollar.

AW: Yes it is. And it’s also to make… see, you want a sick population during massive changes. You don’t want a fit, active, mentally alert, aware people when you’re bringing down these kinds of changes; you want them dull and malnourished and floppy and you’ll get your way, and this was planned. This is war. See this is war. This is a war strategy.

CLB: Yeah, we…the way ahead I think…I don’t know the way ahead, I’ll be honest with you, I just….

AW: It would take a massive, a massive change from within the people themselves as to what’s right and wrong, and I don’t mean simply what’s given as culturally right and wrong but what you know innately is right and wrong and start following that path because I think we’ll go through hell before we’ll see any heaven the way it’s going. That’s why people don’t vote. We’ve seen the corruption, we’ve seen the agenda go on our whole lives regardless of who get put in power, and the change has to come from within the people themselves.

GB: Thank you very much, Alan.  We don’t want to forget, this is Mother’s Day so we want to wish all the mothers out there a Happy Mother’s Day. And we know that the family’s taking them out to eat and showing them some attention that they deserve.  And so we want to thank you again, Alan, for being with us this afternoon, this evening.

AW: It’s been a pleasure.

GB: And thank you for all your hard work and your insights and your wisdom.

AW: Well you take care.

CLB: You too, Alan. Take care.

AW: Bye now.

GB: Charlotte?

CLB: Yes George.

GB: Well we got, we’re on the way out, 24 seconds. Wish your Mom a Happy Mother’s Day? Did you take her out or…

CLB: I gave her a big fat card and yeah, we went to lunch and…

GB: What about your girls? Did you talk to them yet?

CLB: Absolutely.

GB: Oh that’s great. How are they doing? Thriving like a couple of wonderful little things right?

CLB: Yeah, every day is Mother’s Day for me, I’m lucky.

GB: OK, hey thank you, Charlotte.

CLB: Bye-Bye.

GB: Bye-Bye.



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