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September 14, 2008


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“We The People Radio Network”- September 14, 2008)








Welcome to “World Review Commentary”. We are going to be calling Alan Watt in just a second. He is going to be our guest this evening. Cutting Through The Matrix is his website. He is a profound expert in the field of ideas, world systems and power politics. He does so much that - you know, it’s, yeah - he really is a wonderful person to have on our show. We will be getting him, we will be calling him in just a second. He is up in Canada and I a going to give my studio that number, so if they could call him and get him up online, that would be great. So, if they could call him, that would be great and we will put him on the line in just a few minutes.


We’ve got some news. All over the world. Okay, what do we have here. “The Orient Seas cash advantage”. My gosh, McCain and them, they’ve got more money than the democrats have. Their cash advantage is increasing.


Also, what caught my eye just earlier this afternoon was: “Saudi cleric wants death for TV ‘sorcerers’”. Now, when you first see that headline you think: “What’s going on here?”  Well, I thought maybe TV in general was sorcery, right? But no, no, they’re not talking about that. They are talking about people that are going on Saudi-Arabian television and they are purveyors of horoscopes on Arab television. And they are saying some of the senior clerks over there are saying that they should face death.


Okay, here is a Reuters article and it is dated today:

 “A senior Saudi cleric has said purveyors of horoscopes on Arab television should face the death penalty, a paper said on Sunday, days after another cleric argued death for TV owners”.


So you have some clerics over there, they are saying even people that own TV’s should face death and then you are saying some that are purveyors of horoscopes on some of these Arab television programs or whatever - I mean, they are getting a lot of plethora of different cable broadcast I’m sure throughout the area. So they’re getting a lot of people over there that have different ideas. I mean, when I first saw the article this afternoon, I thought well, maybe they are just talking about television in general, but I don’t think that was it. So, I mean, that was easy to I guess confuse, you know, just say: “hey my gosh, what is this about?”  you know.


But I mean, it’s crazy what is going on Greenspan okay. We got an article here on Greenspan:


US in 'once-in-a-century' financial crisis


The United States is mired in a "once-in-a century" financial crisis which is now more than likely to spark a recession, former Federal Reserve chief Alan Greenspan said Sunday. The talismanic ex-central banker said that the crisis was the worst he had seen in his career, still had a long way to go and would continue to effect home prices in the United States. "First of all, let's recognize that this is a once-in-a-half-century, probably once-in-a-century type of event," Greenspan said on ABC's "This Week." Asked whether the crisis, which has seen the US government step in to bail out mortgage giants Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, was the worst of his career, Greenspan replied ‘oh, by far’”.


Well, he recently retired from over there and so he sort of bailed out at the right time before this thing really hit the van.


They’re saying down there in Houston that they’re not going to let anyone back in for a while. They’ve got a curfew going and there is no water and so forth and so they’re keeping people out of Houston until they can restore water. And I think there is a lot of different power lines down, things like that. Because the storm came in and it blew out, gosh, it blew out many of the windows in the Chase Tower, it’s a 75 storey building in downtown Houston. And it blew many of the on the west side of the building I believe they said that it blew out quite a few windows you know.


I just got back last week from the GOP Convention in St. Paul and my gosh, it was quite an experience. We went up there to do some broadcast, Charlotte Littlefield Brown and myself, and Richard Reeves, he went along with us and he co-broadcasted with us some of their news also, this in fine word both Charlotte and Richard. So we went up there on a Monday, the 1st of September. We did about three hours out there at the Blaine National Sports Center. Then we moved down the next day and the next afternoon and evening, went down to the Target Center down in downtown Minneapolis and we did about 8 hours and 40 minutes down there. But we had a really good time up there.


But after that, on Wednesday and Thursday we went over to the GOP. Well, on Thursday afternoon the peace people down there, the anti-war people had a big demonstration out in front of the State Capital. And so we went down there and we listened to what they had to say. And then they had encircled us later in the afternoon around 5 o’clock, at the time that their permit, they said, had expired with complete, these whether they are not SWAT teams, there are these Riot Control Police. They brought in about 3,500 police from all over the country, actually the state. And they had them lined there and encircled us. And so it was quite an experience just dealing with that situation. There was no danger and people could just walk through the lines. I mean, unless you were really causing trouble or something, they just really let people along through the lines. But it was an eye-opening encounter and experience and the fact to see all the policemen there. And what were they really there for? To really benefit free speech? Or who were they protecting and who were they standing against? So, and there were some radicals on Monday of that week which would be September 1st. There were some anarchists that went downtown and broke some windows and did some physical damage to some buildings. And that’s not right either.


But that put a pull on the rest of the demonstrations the rest of the week and I think it cast a very, very bad negativism on to the general public up there that I spoke to quite frequently when I was up there. I was up there actually Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and I came back early Saturday morning. Talking to the general public up there, the reaction seemed to be that: “well, you know, we’ve got these people up there”. And you know, there is something else.


Anyway, let’s go to Alan Watt. Alan Watt, welcome to our program, sorry to keep you waiting there, I had to get through a few news items.


Alan: That’s alright. It’s a pleasure to be back.

George: Okay man, how are you doing? And tell us what’s going on in your own life, right now.

Alan: In my own life I am shrinking with all the rain we’re getting. I am becoming - I decided to become one of the little people.


George: The magnificent shrinking man.


Alan: Yes, I’ll be a little person and I can go and live in a little cave and I won’t pay taxes on anything.


George: Well, you don’t have to eat as much, right?


Alan: Well you know, a bag of rice will last me a few years.


George: Okay.


Alan: Yeah, and then I can live in a cave and of course they won’t find me to measure my cave and tax me on it and I can wear great green and just live a happy little life you know.


George: Oh my gosh. I was up last week at the GOP convention in St. Paul. And boy, did I have some experiences I tell you. What kind of feedback are you getting from the democratic national convention and the GOP? Are you getting any feedback from any individuals online, on your programs? What is your view over all of those conventions?


Alan: My view is that it’s really a show for the public. I don’t believe what’s given to the public as regular government is actually doing the governing. I think Quigley told the truth when he said there was a parallel government already working in his day, in the 1960’s. And I think they really run the show. And that’s the big boys. That’s the ones who bypass any democratic input. In fact, he said in his own book “Tragedy and Hope” that they always put their own men in at the top, of all parties. And I think that’s true. I really do believe that it’s more of a farce. It’s a decoy for the public, a placebo. It makes us think that something is being done on our behalf. But when you go over the history of the last 50, 60 years, everything has been in the direction of this global agenda. And it’s not to benefit the ordinary person. It doesn’t matter if it’s left wing or right wing. The right wing tends to use what we think of as wars of aggression to take over other countries. The left wing always uses justifications of having to go in and help people. It’s the same technique. But this is a global agenda.


And unfortunately, as you know yourself, everybody knows this I think, this is the feedback I am getting. Everyone knows that this UN agenda towards globalization and the reduction of wealth in the United States and Canada is all part of it. We have to come down. In fact, it’s in the open. It’s in the charters for some of the America’s, the amalgamation. It’s in the charters of Europe, it’s in the charters of the United Nations. The wealthier countries were to finance the less wealthy countries, the third world countries, up into existence and in the process we decline, we go down. And supposedly there is to be a happy medium met somewhere. They haven’t hit it yet, we’re still on the way down.


George: Have you gotten into communitarianism any?


Alan: Not too much. I do know that - well you see, what they said at the Club of Rome. It is the big think tank that really comes up with the ideas of guiding the future and where they want to be in 20 or 30 years. They then hand that information on to the other think tanks and round table societies that work it out on paper to find out how they can implement it. And the Club of Rome said that they favoured collectivism. Now, collectivism, they meant by that the socialist, communist type of system for managing “the World Society”. Today they are calling it “communitarianism”.  And if you go into the “Agenda 21” from the United Nations when they talk about habitat areas. What they are talking about is little communities, or actually large communities all stuck together where we’re all supposed to work and serve the community. “Serve” is the key word there.


George: So would you say that these communities - or it is community rights first and individual rights second? Is that the way they’re circumventing some of the Bill of Rights and so forth, the freedoms, is that sort of the technique?


Alan: Absolutely, absolutely. And that again is through all the charters that come out of the United Nations and it’s also in all the charters for the Charter of Europe. And it will be, when we’re getting the charter given for the America’s in 2010, the complete charter, when the amalgamation is done, we will find out that communitarianism is the new term It is to be service to the world system first, they call it the “World State” and then to your own community. Individuality doesn’t even come into it.


George: You know, what we’ve seen is these planning groups and then there is cops and community policing. They are collecting an awful lot of information and it is going to be used in a political manner that I see. What is your view?


Alan: There is no doubt at all on that. And they have been very open about is as they go towards the next part of data collection. If you noticed in France there, they’re just passing a law and the people are fighting it, but they’re passing a law to start gathering data on everyone from the age of 13 onwards, and also to decide your personality profile, at that age, to see if you will become a problem as you get older.


George: So they’re trying to spot revolutionary type of people or people that are going to be non-government people or anti-government?


Alan: Yeah, they’re trying to spot the thinkers.


George: Well, like you and me, right?


Alan: That’s it.


George: Well you know, you started at an early age waking up to this system, did you not?


Alan: Yes I did, yeah.


George: So what they’re trying to do is spot people and catch them at an early age like you were at one time, right?


Alan: Exactly. And the man who first came out with this was Lord Bertrand Russell when he wrote back in the 1950’s, he said:


We have to device school tests to catch those children who are brighter and who will think and understand. We must then win them over to work for our system and leave their families behind”.


In other words, you would have to cut off from where you came from to go and work for the world establishment if you are very intelligent. However, he said: “If they cannot be brought over, they will have to be eliminated”, he said. Because there would be problems in society. They could be good leaders.


George: I see. How long has this plan been underway would you say?


Alan: Well we know the birth of a plan that at least was published openly, towards World Government, the Free Trade system - which is not free of course - and the flow of labour and capital and goods, was born in Britain in the 1500’s. However, we do know that this whole scientific type of observation was born in the 1800’s with the foundation of the Cecil Rhodes Society, who was given a Royal Charter to set up a parallel government. That’s the key to it. It is parallel government. They said then that democracy was too slow, too cumbersome. There are too many competing parties and factions for harmony. They would get nothing done, so therefore they had to set up a parallel government.


That became the Institute of International Affairs and the American branch is the Council on Foreign Relations. And Quigley talked about that, he was the historian for that society. He had access to all the records and he laid it on the line in his book “Tragedy and Hope” and the other one “The Anglo-American Establishment”. So this has been on the go from the 1800’s onwards, this whole, the phase of it.


And when they set up the League of Nations - and that’s who was behind the League of Nations, was the Royal Institute of International Affairs - They put in their charter initially that they will bring in a world where every individual would actually be in service to the world state. Service is the stressed word.


George: So we’re creating these little community groups or whatever they might be. Were the non-governmental organizations just a piece of that puzzle also?


Alan: What they said, when they set up the parallel government, is that they would had to have -you see, everything is done by perceptions to the public, how the public perceive things. And what they did was to look at the Soviet System - which they helped to create by the way. Remember that Marxism was born in London, England. That’s where Karl Marx lived most of the time as he was writing -


George: Okay.


Alan: And they wanted a world system of collectivism. So they looked upon groups. If you can create big groups of people under different guises, anti-poverty groups, labour groups, all the different groups, and call them non-governmental organizations, you could-


George: Let’s get into that when we get back, we’ve got to cut out here for a second but thank you Alan, this is getting good, thank you sir.




George: Welcome back to “World Review Commentary”. Welcome back Alan Watt.


Alan: It’s a pleasure to be here.


George: Yeah, it is always a pleasure to have you as a guest. Where do you think we’re going now? Where do you want to go right now? What were we getting into when we left?


Alan: It was the collectivist system.


George: Yes, yes aha.


Alan: And what you find is that this parallel government thought they could guide the world and what we thought was democracy, by creating many, many groups, many big well-funded groups. And therefore they set up big foundations to fund these groups, these charitable foundations that we know so well. And from the public perspective you would think those charitable, those other group as non-governmental organizations, were grass roots. And most people think that they are.


However, those grass roots organizations now are the big groups that put petitions into governments, demanding that we all go green, that we give up our rights as individuals because we are destroying the planet. These are the same NGO groups that went forward, well funded by the big foundations, to have all fire arms removed from the general population, another stipulation from the communist system. And they are all funded as I say, by these big, so called charitable foundations, like the Rockefeller Foundation. Now, there’s plenty video’s out there from the Rockefeller Foundation, showing mr. Rockefeller handing out “Global Citizenship Awards” to big important players, the big technocrats that we know so well, the Kissingers and all these guys. Now what is this World Citizenship Foundation? Where does the term come from? And you can go back all the way to Socrates. These characters talked about - when he died, he said: “I am not a citizen of Attica”, he says:I am a citizen of the world”. So these characters use those old societies, the ancient societies, into the modern. They use all their slogans and titles and formula to bring in a world system where they claim that the better ones, those who are more evolved, intellectually, those who have attained power though cunning and stealth and acquisition and have held to onto it for generations, are the superior types. Therefore they have the right to dictate to the lesser types, the common people, the direction that we should go.


In fact, they are also involved heavily in eugenics, the Eugenics Society, they funded the Eugenics Societies in America. Rockefeller was behind it, the Rockefeller family. So they do believe in evolution. They believe in superior types of humans. They claim that the inferior types humans, the majority of the public, are going to outbreed them and destroy all the resources necessary for the elite’s families to continue for thousands of years. And they plan to cull down the population. But in the process of getting to where they want to go, they want to bring in World Government, which is a Marxist concept. You must bring in centralization regulations from of all centralized body. Then you bring in a centralized culture, a culture standardized the world over. There can be no competing cultures. All existing religions must be destroyed except the one they’re bringing in, which we roughly call the “ New Age”.


The New Age was mentioned by Gorbachev in his book “Towards a New Civilization” where he said that, he said, he himself, Gorbachev, he says: “I am an atheist but we are creating a new world religion and it’s based on a form of earth worship”. And I keep telling people that every major religion has its priesthood. Well, the scientists that give us all the bad news are the new priests. So they’re going to bring down the population, manage the resources of the world through this big environmental type movement. And the environmentalists are NGO’s, non-governmental organizations, funded again by the big institutes, which are the front group. They are the front groups that fund the NGO’s. And they work on behalf of the parallel government. This goes back into the 1800’s.


George: Would you say something like the Olympic Games was a method by which to put some of those symbols out, like fire and sun and worship-things like that?


Alan: Ah, there is no doubt generally high Masonic. I watched a few of them and yeah, they always use the pillars, the Jachin and Boaz and so on and fire and water. Sometimes they use, they even used the one in the French, I think it was the Italian Alps, they used people dressed with big cards, tarot cards in front of them. Because that was the Albigensian area and the Cathar area, where the last big crusade took place.


George: When we are talking about these world leaders and we are talking about occultism. Are they totally into the occult or do they use that for the lower levels?


Alan: They are into occult -occult just means: hidden by itself. They are a hidden form of government. They definitely have their own orders. We know this, we know that the Freemasonic societies have been very useful in bringing forth revolutions in the past. And we always think that they are going to free us and we end up being further enslaved. And a worst tyranny than we had before, a more sophisticated form of tyranny. And the Masons write about this in their own books, they are quite open about it.


They gave us and they instituted the standardized international education system that we have. Because it was a mandate to destroy the old culture, therefore you must indoctrinate the children and get them away from their parental thinking. They claim that “parents are contaminated with old ideas”. And that is not conducive to “happy” world government with a “happy” world population. So, they have been very successful at that.


Freemasonry also on their major websites are the ones who are pushing the chipping and ID-ing of all schoolchildren. They are the ones who started up the campaign to have all children fingerprinted. So this all falls in with the same agenda of ID-ing everyone on the planet. And we know that police chiefs are all part of it too.


George: Okay, would you like to take a call? We’ve got callers coming in already.


Alan: Sure.


George: Let me take Robert from Arizona. What is your question for Alan Watt?


Robert: Well, I have a question for both of you. You were mentioning a while ago that Lincoln was a good friend of Karl Marx and they had corresponded and he had a lot of communistic ideas. He was trying to implement - and I understand Lincoln was a Rosicrucian, belonging to that mystic paternal order if you will and - I am on the opinion that, because the British were involved in Karl Marx’s, you know, supporting his writings and giving his theories out in the society, that they kind of gave us the double whammy. Because when the foreign English landowners of Ireland were holding all of the, most of the Irish lands and the Irish people were starving during the potato famine, you know, there was a tremendous mass immigration into the United States prior to the Civil War. And ironically enough at least three quarters that died on both sides were young Irish immigrants. And the English hated the Irish. And I guess Charles Darwin said things about the Irish that you can’t print in a book.


George: Okay Robert. What are your comments and response to those questions, Alan?


Alan: Well, it is even more than that. United States definitely was centralizing –and the reason Karl Marx telegraphed Lincoln – it’s in the Congressional records, the letter that was sent to Lincoln. He congratulated Lincoln because centralization of power was a main plank of “the Communist Manifesto. And Lincoln basically was centralizing all power, taking it away from individual states to create a powerful centralized government.


As far as the Irish go, it wasn’t just a potato famine. Most of the food in Ireland was taken from the Irish farmers with dragoon guards from England manning the docks because the people wanted the food back, they were starving. And it has been exported back to Britain and then gone across to feed the troops of Britain all across its empire. That was the main cause of the starvation in Ireland.


George: Well Robert, does that answer all of your questions?


Robert: Yes, and I have one more little question if I can hang on till after the break.


George: Yes, we’ll hold you on through the break and we’ll be right back. Thank you Alan, we’ll be right back. Thank you Robert.




George: Welcome back to “World Review Commentary”, I’m your host George Butler. Welcome back Alan Watt and Robert from Arizona, our caller. What was your next question Robert?


Robert: I wondered if Alan was aware of it not only our foundations trying to rob us of our liberties, but they routinely - it happens so much, it’s benevolent it’s like Niagara Falls you know, hitting us on the head. The foundations routinely sponsor up and coming reporters and people in the media, which then in turn promote certain agenda’s and ideas. For example, I have done a lot of research because I have a background in agriculture. I found out that this corn ethanol issue is a fraud promoted by one man, enforded by the American Petroleum Institute, forwarded to numerous what I would call lackey people like John …, Walter Williams and others, funded and supported by institutions like Reezon Foundation, the Cado foundation, the Competitive Enterprise Institute and all these other groups, that are all funded by Big oil directly or by friends of Big oil like say the owner of a pipeline company that transits oil. And so we have these agenda’s that are further enriching a few and the American people just blithely go about their business, not realizing that we could be sending our money to our farmers and keeping more wealth at home and circulating money in our local economy.


George: Okay Robert. What is your comment to answer that, Alan?


Alan: There is no doubt that the big foundations fund these projects and promote basically everything that you hear in major media to do with change. Anything to do with change and the direction of change is funded and directed by these big foundations. I looked at the Royal Institute of International Affairs website. And right on there, one of their jobs, just one of the many jobs they do, they’re funding big, big think tanks to do with the coming food shortages and how they are going to work that out and distribute food worldwide, which again falls in under the United Nation’s plan. Because the Department of Agriculture of theUnited Nations, they are having their charter for that department, their mandate, that eventually all food will be distributed by the United Nations to all different countries across the planet in an effort to keep their population down . In other words, you get an x-amount of food for that quote of people and if your population goes above a certain number you will not get more food. So it’s to encourage people or countries to start reducing populations within.


Everything is to be used as a weapon, food, all resources et cetera.


As far as transportation goes. In this coming world society, which will be here this century, “Agenda 21” from the United Nations. They state there that these community areas, the new habitat areas fur humans, will not have any private transportation, public transportation only. So we won’t need cars, that’s the whole reason behind the gas going up and everything else. They want to drive people out of the rural areas into the existing, overcrowded cities. These will be the habitat areas for the majority of the public while they’re already building luxury areas, small villages for higher bureaucrats and bureaucrats and those who help the system.


George: Well, thank you Robert for your questions and everything. I hope that that answered most of your questions.


Robert: Thank you George. Thanks to be on.


George: Okay thank you sir, bye bye. Well you know, it is a big organization. There are so many institutions involved. How can anyone figure it out? They can’t, can they?


Alan: It is meant that way, that’s a good point. Because the average person will look and think these are all independent, unrelated organizations. They all network together, that’s the key. And they do have their CEO’s meeting together, the annual events, annual conferences. And they are all specialized parts. They have their area of expertise and that’s what each one deals with. So it is intended to confuse the average person who thinks that they’re really living under some form of republicanism or democracy.


George: That’s a hard button, democracy, is it not?  I mean, if you’re in a community activist group, and they can outvote you by one vote, then it’s the tyranny of the majority isn’t it?


Alan: It’s not a tyranny of the majority. I love that term that has been put out by the other side. Here is the key to it. The ancients, even Plato knew this because he went into the different systems, including democracy. And he said that the elites love democracy because they know they can convince the majority of the public to vote in the right direction.


George: So I guess if you say tyranny of the majority it’s the tyrant’s majority?


Alan: Exactly, exactly. The majority of the public are pointed as to where to vote, in every election and -


George: So in Congress they buy their votes, right?


Alan: They do buy their votes, there is no doubt about it. And of course, it is, I call it a wrestling match. You see, politics is a wrestling match. And you have Mountain Man in one corner, who is going to take away all your social security et cetera and then you have Giant Haystack in the other and he is going to stand up for you and your way of life. So they tell you already who you are going to vote for and the majority of the public go along with it.


George: I see. Now, Obama is interesting because he comes out of community activism. And he’s got this change thing you brought up recently, just a few minutes ago. So he is into change and people seem to think that that is the panacea for everything.


Alan: Well you know, the marketing companies are heavily involved in the way the world is run. They give us the slogans. Lenin said: “We shall win by the use of slogans”. And about ten years ago they started saying, even in Canadian television on government ads: “Change is good, change is good”. It didn’t tell you what kind of changes but “change is good”. Which is crazy, I should think it meant pocket change. I always got lots of pennies in my pocket.


George: I got a lot of change, no , right?


Alan: And I thought no, change isn’t that good. It makes you feel wealthy for a little while. But if you build up big muscles.


George: When you take a big bag of change, right?


Alan: Personally, I’d rather define the change and then I might think about it.


George: Yeah, in other words: “We want to change this to this” or whatever, right? But now Obama is pushing that “change, change, change”. You know, what I found discouraging at the Republican convention in St. Paul? People, they just, they call it a personality. Well, that’s operative is it not, at the Democrats and Republican conventions?


Alan: Well, so many good authors and people have written books about the technique of creating personality for the public. It is true, there is nothing real about the people that we know of. All we’re given is the representation of the marketing boys, the PR men. They create the images for them. They could get anybody off the street, to be honest with you and give them a fictitious history, have them read the scripts, teach them some deportment for the camera’s. That’s all you have to do, it is an acting show for the public. But we do know that Obama came from an activist family. His mother was heavily into social activism for change, I think she was bred for the part actually. And she did come out of a particular church sect which was famous for that. They sent people across the planet to bring in a sort of globalized system.


George: Like “change agents”, is that a common word in all these different organizations, change agents?


Alan: They are change agents.


George: Change agents, or “global architects”, have you heard that?


Alan: Well, that’s above the change agents. Change agents don’t know much.


George: So there is a pecking order here. There are global architects, there are change agents, there is whatever. I mean, gosh, I guess the organizations are so big, it’s hard to figure out all the connections, the inner connections. Is that it?


Alan: It is. However, do you remember when Bill Clinton was in trouble with his smoking habits in the Oval Office?


George: Yes.


Alan; And he did not come out to apologize to the American people right away. It was in the newspapers. He first had to go and talk and explain himself to the Council on Foreign Relations. That’s never been explained to the people why.


George: Really?


Alan: Yeah. See, here’s the key. As I say, Quigley said this. He said: “The Council on Foreign Relations”, which is the American branch of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, he said: “They are a big part of the parallel government that really runs the show”.


George: I see. Right now, how far along is this whole plan and how advanced are they on this? How close are they to perfecting this?


Alan: Very close in fact. Whatever the public is given, its mainstream news to do with science, anything with that is obsolete We are living in the past in a sense. They already have the information society setup for total data collection. 9/11 was the kick-off to give them the permission to themselves to do all of this. And it was a worldwide effort, already pre-planned. We all went into action at the same time in every country, passed the same laws. And now we have a global society sharing total information on every individual.


George: Oh my gosh, we’ve got to cut away here for another break and then we will be right back and finish up this first hour. Thank you Alan.




George: Welcome back to “World Review Commentary”. I’m your host George Butler. Welcome back Alan Watt.


Alan: It’s a pleasure to be here with you.


George: You know Alan, when I was sitting in that arena, the Excel Energy Center in St. Paul and all those 15 or 20,000 people were screaming for McCain and screaming for Palin, you know what I mean? That is powerful news in mainline press. How does that reach those people, at what level?


Alan: It’s, I think George Orwell probably explained it better in his book “1984” than anyone else when he talked about -and “Animal Farm” too. In “Animal Farm” he talks about the fact you always got to get a bulk of the cheerers, he called them “the sheep, “two legs good, four legs bad” and then they reversed it, the saying halfway through and the sheep don’t even notice. But you always have this fanatical group who truly think they’re part of a system and they think they are the winners within that system. They have no idea outside of it, what’s really going on themselves. But they are the fanatics who live in a very narrow viewed world. And they are technically ignorant of the bigger picture. But it is necessary to have these people, big organizations and followers to deceive the bulk of the population. That’s the key to it.


To me they are just another form of non-governmental organization. The key as Marx said is that you must create mass movements. And mass movements are very important. In fact, they encouraged that, the creation of mass movements. Once you do that, you simply put your own men in at the top and now you control the minds of millions and the direction of millions. So the creation of NGO’s and mass-movements is very, very important to deception and to lead the world along the path that it’s being destined to follow, planned that way by the big boys.


George: You know, at one time I started looking at all organizations as cults. Because if you look at the characteristics of a cult, you’ll find that most organizations have some characteristics in common with those main characteristics. Have you ever thought of anything sort of like that and looked at it like that?


Alan: Yes. What it is, it is a form of tribalism. I read about this years ago, the whole view of politics, mass movements et cetera and how the elite were already using this in their own strategies to gain power and to use “the willing fools” as they call them to work their project into reality for them. They use tribal terminology. You’ll notice for instance, every nation has its creation myth, they give you a creation myth to make you very proud. Then they give you the tribal leaders. Well, now you have dynasties of them, family dynasties. So they are familiar to you. So it is the chief son idea. It strengthens this tribal nature. And they use tribal symbols. You have a flag as opposed to a skull on a pole or whatever, but it’s the same idea. They use all of this and they use music that you’re familiar with, it brings tears to your eyes. High emotion is very important. Emotive qualities in the speeches. And they use certain terminology which are catchwords which stimulate the emotive responses that you’ve already been conditioned with from school onwards. So this is a form of mass mind control and it’s based on tribalism. So therefore, a survival mechanism which is tribal nature is now understood and scientifically used against you.


George: So it’s a scientific dictatorship that has been created? Could you describe it sort of like that or was it one of the Huxley’s that said something like that when he was with Unesco or one of those UN organizations?


Alan: Yes, that was Julian, Julian Huxley.


George: How did he describe what was coming for the future, some kind of scientific humanism?


Alan: Yeah, his brother wrote “Brave New World”. That was Aldous Huxley. And he also called it “the scientific dictatorship” that they were bringing in: “a world run by experts”. This was backed up by Lord Bertrand Russell, who also said that. “We are creating a world where the average person will be unable to think or do for themselves without the advice of an expert”.And then Julian Huxley, who was the first CEO of Unesco, said they were bringing in a form of scientific dictatorship which will take the form of humanism, “secular humanism. And he said: “We, UNESCO, will bring this in by standardizing a world educational system for the children of the planet”.


George: Yeah. There is a Frenchman by the name of Gustav Le Bon, author of “The Crowd” He’s a man I’ve read. And he was one of the forerunners, the beginning psychologists and sociologists that enumerated certain characteristics of mass psychology.


Alan: Yes, yes.


George: And that’s what we are talking about here. We’re talking about the whole planet being mobilized around certain - And you know what I found that was so about frustrating in a way. People at that convention or whatever endeavour they are in. They are controlled by very simple little phrases sometimes. How does that - Do people not check this stuff out?


Alan: No, they don’t. They respond. They react. Because these are conditioning phrases. As I say, you condition people by showing them emblems, emotional scenes, even in a video or whatever, or a brass band or soldiers marching with the music. And then you give out little phrases and mottos. In fact they train even boy scouts with mottos, it’s very important. They understand this. And I think it was Lenin who said: “We shall win by the use of slogans”. You keep using slogans. That’s why advertising must use the same term, the same phrase eight times, they found, a minimum of eight times for it to stick in the minds of the public who hear it or see it. So, they understand that the use of phrases can overcome logic. If you look at the feminist era and you bring up some topics up today, they will fly off the handle immediately and they will start throwing at you not their own opinions, but they will throw phrases and slogans at you.


George: So they are coming from a position, what, highly emotionally charged programming?


Alan: Yeah.


George: And they are just parroting, they are just regurgitating these little phrases and so forth because they don’t have a deeper intellectual or a deeper understanding of how to discuss these impartinations? Is that the sort of response?


Alan: That’s right. It’s a form of Pavlovian indoctrination.


George: And so is behavioural psychology. I did some research on that coming out of Johns Hopkins. And there was a guy that came out of there, Watson I think was his name, and he went to the Madison Avenue you know there in New York and made a fortune of using behavioural psychology techniques on, just like you are saying, advertising.


Alan: Absolutely, and Bernays did the same thing, very important character, who was taught the real sciences – I call it the real sciences - which are higher than university level. They have archives of real sciences, going back for hundreds, if not thousands of years. And Plato talked about these sciences of how to create and control cultures and whole empires. They understood this thousands of years ago.


George: When we are saying Plato, are we saying the discovery of the room of ideas. Is that what he was using, the manipulation of ideas, to manipulate people? And this what he was talking about then? What was he talking about?


Alan: He talked – Well, Plato himself belonged to the aristocracy of Greece. And he believed in eugenics as well. He wrote about this in his book called “The Republic”. The Republic was based on a future world society where the dominant elite would have full sway, full control over the masses. And they would actually breed the masses like animals. Today we are doing the same through genetic engineering. It’s all going towards the eradication of what they call the inferior types, “the commoners” and the creation of superior types. It’s the same agenda in fact. And it’s so interesting to compare Plato’s idea of elitism and the “Guardian Classwith today’s “Olympians”, as they call them.


George: I see. We got Melinda, let’s get Melinda from North Carolina. You are live on “World Review Commentary”. What’s your question for Alan Watt?


Melinda: Yeah. Alan, I just came on not so long ago so I may not be I maybe exactly as to where the conversation is going. But I understand you are talking about psychology and how it is used to manipulate people’s minds and way of thinking. As far as the United States and what you see going on over here. What would be your perspective of how we could stop this kind of tyranny that we are facing right now? In other words, what would be a solution, you know, to stop the tyranny and the mind manipulation that’s going on in our society and you know, in our schools, I mean, basically to keep our sovereignty and US constitutional life? That’s basically my question.


Alan: Well, I’ll tell you. It is not easy. It’s not easy because what we found out in recent years is that the elite now, those who rule the United States and all the organizations that work for them, have mandated that there will be no opposition to this agenda. They are not going to even humour us anymore They made it quite clear that in fact, Hillary Clinton said, if she ever got in, she would eradicate altogether home schooling for instance. They will have no opposition, no ulterior ways of teaching children. They all have got to be “inclusive”, that’s the term they are using, into this one system. The public have always the ability to stop this but they won’t. The majority will go along to get along, right to the wall unfortunately. So, we almost have to live inside our heads and make small, small communities of friends and prepare for the worst.


George: Yeah Melinda, we’ve got to take a break at the top of the hour. Do you want to hold on over, well, we’ll have about a minute and a half break and then come back and continue our discussion with Alan?


Melinda: Yeah that’s fine.



George: Okay, we’ll hold you on. Alan, boy you’re the greatest. We will be right back in just about a minute and a half okay? Thank you.


Alan: Righto.



Second hour:


George: Welcome back Alan Watt, and this is George Butler, your host for “World Review Commentary”. Welcome back Melinda from North Carolina.


Melinda: Hi.


George: Okay, what was your additional question there for Alan Watt?


Melinda: I just want to, you know,  hear his comment on what suggestions or solutions that he thought, you know, a patriot or concerned citizen could do in order to either throw this off or stop it or, you know, some sort of protection for our rights, our very minds, you know. And that’s basically what I want to know from him.


Alan: I think the problem as I say is that they’ve had so many years of working on the previous generation that they have created what they said out to do, and that was an egosyntonic society. People who are divided. They don’t live and help each other. They live individually for themselves. And what you really need is people who will help each other out in really hard times. The people really could bring the country to a stop quite easily if you ever had them working in concert. But that will never happen in this day ‘n age. They could bring down the gasoline prices today by saying: “no one is going to go to work for a week” and you’d see them scuttle and move fast to drop those prices. But that will never happen. You can’t get people to work together. Except for, again, the NGO’s which work against you. They are organized, they do work in concert. But the general public will never do that. We see that even with strikes, where the “scams” as they say will cross the lines to get the pay check. And that destroys it for all the rest of them. It’s the same technique that’s being used against society. We are not cohesive enough. And so we are going to go through the worst of the changes, one way or another.


And the big boys have made no bones about this. They’ve said quite openly that they’re ready to use massive force, all the force necessary, to bring this agenda right through. The Department of Defence in Britain, the think tank for the Department of Defence, which is also for NATO, and the US is a member of NATO-countries. They have the next 30-40 years mapped out as to what is going to happen worldwide, including massive rioting back home over food, unemployment and all the things that are coming right now. They don’t publish these findings from the top unless they mean it. So, we are into very hard times.


I have always said that the United States will have the rug pulled from under its feet as it finishes up its job of financing the global order. The United Nations is funded primarily from the US. So the US is standardizing the world for this world culture that is to come in. It is destroying the last of Islam. That’s their job. It is a war against Islam to eradicate that whole culture and take their property and the oil. And as they are doing it, they’re bringing down the United States at the same time. Now, they’d already done this with Britain, you see, Britain has already played its part in this. When Margaret Thatcher was in, the International Monetary Fund came in to manage the debt of Britain. So they managed and dictated what was to happen economically in Britain. That will happen in the States as well.


George: Okay Melinda, did you have any other question there?


Melinda: No, I appreciate it Alan.


George: Okay, thank you very much. Our lines are open. Call us at area code 5126461984. That success, decades after decades, has programmed our population to a deep level of what, delusion?


Alan: Definite delusion. We have bread and circuses like we’ve never had before. Even families in the lower income brackets can have 400-500 television stations. They live in a world where they can hardly tell fantasy from reality anymore. Their topics come from television, from fiction, from their drama’s and their movies. They have no real thoughts of their own. And they have been trained, the public have been trained not to participate in your own future, leave it to those specialists at the top. We’ve had a generation trained to believe this.


George: Do you think, when I hear people over here, people occasionally, they talk about some of the soap opera stars as being real people.


Alan: Yes.


George: I mean, it seems that there is fiction there and there is make-believe and you know. But it is a fantasy world but it’s becoming real for some people, it seems like.


Alan: What they did you see, when Arthur Conan Doyle wrote the Sherlock Holmes books, they found that people were sending letters to the publisher of the books, asking to talk to Sherlock Holmes, this fictitious character. So they thought that this was an amazing phenomenon. And so the Tavistock Institute, which runs the world culture society basically - they were the best ones for behavioural psychology and using mass media, television and movies - they took that idea and they have basically elaborated on it and brought it up for the 21st century. And we’re seeing that today. People truly hardly can tell fact from fiction. And Zbigniew Brzezinsky said this in his own book “Between Two Ages”. He said:  “Shortly the public will be unable to think or reason for themselves”. They will look at the television as an extension of their own mind. They will expect the media to do the reasoning for them.


George: I got you. Okay, we’ve got Dave from Michigan. Dave, what is your question for Alan Watt?


Dave: Alan, the previous question was asked if there was anything to do to stop them. Is your answer that there is nothing that you can do to stop them?


Alan: You will not stop these people with the mandate because they mean business. We are all under martial law worldwide, technically and in reality. And they have said this, they will have no opposition whatsoever. So politics, I’ll put it this way, politics is not going to stop this. Asking them to please stop is not going to work.


Dave: Okay. So there is something you can do or there is not something you can do?


Alan: That will be up to the individual. And actually, it’s up to the individual every day of their lives as to where they go along with being strip-searched or padded down or asked for ID, or even giving their ID’s to get in a store or to purchase things. It’s up to them. You give away your rights by going along with every mandate. You do it willingly. It’s done by contractual agreement. And you must agree to give your rights away.


Dave: As in contracting to give them away?


Alan: You do that every day, most folks do it every single day of their life, yeah.


Dave: If that’s the case, then what do you make of the 1,6 million Ron Paul supporters who have taken a position, or with Bob Schulz?


Alan: Oh, I wish them all the best, I wish them all the best. However, I‘ve watched this for years and I’ve studied it for years and I’ve noticed that they always give you a populist person for the time and for each election which does keep that faction happy. We’ve never seen them get in. I wish the people the best of luck. But you’ve got to understand too. To win in this system - you can’t win in this system, you need another system. This system belongs to the elite who own the planet, financially and every other way, economically. We’re bound internationally already. We’re already interdependent. The multi-millionaires in the United States, Britain, France, Spain, Germany, across the planet, are all internationalists because they have investments in every single country on the planet. That’s why you have geopolitical wars going on and they are all in agreement. They are not nationalists anymore. Remember, the whole point of the League of Nations and the United Nations that came out of it, the phoenix bird, was to destroy nationalism completely to bring in an internationalist order.


Now if you do, if there was some miracle, someone got in somehow and was not killed and wasn’t bought off and was genuine and tried to steer the United States into protectionism, you would have the rest of the world coming at you as a rogue state. You’d be classified as a rogue nation, you’d break all your treaties and they’d come at you. And you’d also have civil war within the United States. And this has already been published you know.


Dave: If that is the case, then how does it differ today from, say 1775?


Alan: In 1775 they did not have a United Nations, a NATO agreement et cetera. They didn’t have the complete financial bonding, internationally, as they do today. The banker, even the small banker in America has just as many investments abroad as the largest banker. They are all international by intent, they’re not nationalists in any sense of the word at all. United States is just a convenient place for them to live, at the moment, but if they have to move to somewhere else, some sunny climate, they will. And that’s the reality of the world we live in. They have surpassed nationalism for the last 100 years.


George: Dave, our boys exercise the idea or pursue my own, you know, in my own view here that we pursue liberty and truth and freedom for our own selves also though, do you know what I mean? I mean, it’s our own path that, just like Alan is going on the show here, on the program and adding a lot of these problems and trying to help people, right? So he is doing that not only to help people, but it’s his own path of truth, to tread the path of truth. So it is as much as trying to overcome your own inner conflicts like would say that “The battle line between bad and evil runs through the heart of all men”, you see. The real battle that I see is in each man. Do you see what I mean?


Alan: It is, it is, yeah.


Dave: George, the way I am looking, what Alan is saying is that he does seem to represent a fatalism about the future of men that is to be received by the hearers as either true or false. And I am still making that a determination for what he is saying is true or if it is a change agent for the very thing that he says that he opposes.


Alan: What I’ll do is – here’s what I suggest for you to do. You go into my talks and you read the books that I suggest. They are put out by the big foundations that run the world. Then you make your mind up. Because you see, what I’m giving you is not my opinion, it’s not my opinion. If I’m asked honestly: “what can you do?”, I tell you that you can’t do things by traditional means. And it’s true what George says. Everybody, in some way or another, even if you think you are helpless, you are a player in this game by acquiescing to the demands of those who are totalitarian. You do it everyday, you can either say yes or no. And most folk that you know will want their television, “Made in China”. Or they don’t care where it’s made. They want all the gadgets and toys no matter where it’s made. And so they have the dilemma. They want it all. And if you want it all and you don’t want to suffer through a bad time as you rebuild an internal economy and do without, if you want it all, you’ve got to be internationalists. And that’s what most folk are already choosing.


Dave: I see most folks are on the wrong path so I suppose that’s true in any generation.


Alan: It is.


Dave: This is Iraq and you know and - When president Bush the 1st was knighted for delivering 50 tons of gold to Brussels, Belgium on behalf of the United States from the Soviet Union, out of Kuwait through the hands of Saddam, that was an evidence of his cooperating with England because he was rewarded for that. And -


Alan: Yeah, most of your big players have been knighted. Kissinger was knighted too.


Dave: Pardon me?


Alan: Kissinger was knighted too.


George: Greenspan got a special post in her Majesty’s treasury.


Alan: That’s right.


Dave: That’s the whole point. Neither one of these people are friends of the United States and the American public are yet to rise to realize that. Now, there are people who are rising to it. And one way of, you know, to require that a student of these subjects of which I am also a student, is, that you are Alan, is to study what they’ve written and what they’ve said [inaudible] purpose is only half the battle. The other is, there needs to be a study of McArthur. McArthur was successful because he studied the [inaudible] to see a way of defeating [inaudible] method that was practical. But I am not advanced enough to give you that method. But I do see some rumbling of the spirit of America returning. One of those evidences is [inaudible], another is in the Ron Paul supporters. And what the future of those efforts will be is not [inaudible] -


George: Yeah. Dave, I spent 12 hours and 9 hours at a table, broadcasting the Ron Paul event from Minneapolis on the 2nd of September, so I do stand on certain things like that. So, there is some hope, we’ve got to. But what I was trying to say earlier was that it is our own path that we must hold our own selves responsible for. And we must do things that we believe in that will help in some way.


Dave: Yeah, I agree. And Alan is right, most people are not doing that because they are not awake yet.


George: But Alan, in defence of Alan on that earlier assertion, you know, that you made, was that he has spent endless hours research and writing in this area. Now, he might be saying some things that are very harsh, but they are realistic today, that we may not want to hear. But we need to listen to see where we really are at times you know.


Alan: You see, the thing is as well, you have to realize that you’ve had a hundred years of treaties signed through organizations, from the League of Nations, the United Nations and so on. And you better study up all of those treaties that have been signed and enforced. Because you see, that has become the law, not only of the land, but the law of all of these organizations that are presently running us. To get out of this you’d have to break every single treaty and literally turn in on yourselves and protect yourselves from scratch. That would be a phenomenal effort, to get people to agree to that and sacrifice.


George: Okay Dave, we’re going to be leaving but thank you very much for your calls and your comments okay? Thank you very much Dave. We’ll be right back Alan, thank you.


Alan: Yes.




George: Welcome back to “World Review Commentary”. I’m your host George Butler. Welcome back Alan Watt.


Alan: It’s a pleasure.


George: Do you find in your own broadcasting, on your own shows and everything that there is a frustration out there? And many people are frustrated. Do you find that to be true?


Alan: There is no doubt that they’re frustrated. But again, there are all levels of understanding. People that are still at the political level, haven’t looked at the big, big picture. Because they would have to literally fight the world to get back to nationalism, if that’s what they want. They would have to fight the entire planet. And they would have to fight each other. Because most folk inside the United States don’t even think there is a real problem.


George: So they’ve really been educated in these government schools I guess into going along. And then the mass media is so – But I see people waking up to this mass media and saying: “Hey, what are they doing? They are doing a job on us”.


Alan: That’s the good sign, that’s the best sign there.


George: Yeah, they’re not watching television as much as they used to either. And the alternative press like yourself and myself and alternative media, we have an audience out there, it may not be the best but-


Alan: That’s the thing. We’ve got to remember, we’re fighting against a system -


George:  The biggest I should say. I don’t mean the best, I mean the biggest, we don’t have the biggest audience. We have a good audience, I love every listener.


Alan: Again too, you’ve got to realize, this system has been in place for an awful long time. And it’s not something you are going to change overnight. It’s like a snow ball that starts and takes a long time. The problem as I see it isn’t that. We don’t have the kind of time necessary to build the snowball up as you run it down the hill to get bigger and bigger. Because these boys are racing ahead into genetic cloning and all this kind of stuff. They’ve talked about chipping the entire population of the planet and about interfacing us with computers. This is all over mainstream press. And it has been hailed as a great thing. And we don’t have that kind of time. So the old way of building up momentum over a century or so, we don’t even have the luxury of that.


George: Will the internet make a difference during this interim period?


Alan: It would if it was left untouched. However, there is also an awful lot of, there’s 99% just pure data out there, it doesn’t really mean much. Within the 1% truth there’s an awful lot of fiction and counter intelligence as well and New Age, all mixed together. So it’s very confusing. And they’re changing the system now into the next Internet 3. And the UN is now bringing out a big body to police it and change it completely. You will have to get a license to have a site shortly, a special license.


George: Someone once said that the New Age – all you have to do is join, go down and buy a book at one of the New Age bookstores.


Alan: Sure you do, or buy a candle and sit and meditate and learn a few phrases and then learn to channel and meet your power animal you know, and all that kind of stuff.


George: I’ve read a news item earlier. In Saudi-Arabia there are some of the very strict clerics calling for the killing, or the execution of people that are reading horoscopes on Saudi Arabian television.


Alan: Yes, there is no doubt about -You see, the “New Age” is not really new as such. They call it “the Perennial Religion”. It’s the one that crops up every so often when it’s necessary by the elite to push it. It is a form of pantheism. But it all ties in with this new religion that Gorbachev and others have talked about that will run the world, where we all exist to serve the “World State” and “Mother Earth”. But we will have these priests that will tell us what we must do to serve it and save it. And sterilization is part of it. Too many people is part of it. Who should breed is all part of it, who should not breed is part of it. This is all coming under this umbrella of the New Age, tied in with saving the planet and climate control, all of that, this big con game that’s been pulled off is part of the New Age.


George: I see. When we’re talking about, well, New Age, another term that I always use was “Cosmic Humanism”. Is there something you know in the New Age that this mystical thing thrives within the New Age, this, in other words, these invented concocted imagined ideas? Is the abstraction, has it become so real to people versus physical reality?


Alan: A lot of people are so heavily into it. It’s actually encouraged at school through the start of visualization and meditation techniques. Women go into it heavily through yoga, that’s how they get introduced into the New Age Movement. And that was planned in Britain through Blavatsky when she was set out to bring in theosophy, to create this movement of blending Eastern religions in with the old religions and then bring us into a sort of “scientific spiritual age”. That’s how she defined it. And that is exactly what they will bring in. It is science coupled with spiritualism, where scientists will dictate the health of the planet. And we are all one big living organism. And “Gaia” is all that we serve. “Gaia” is “Mother Earth”. This is all the New Age Movement. It took a hundred odd years to get this up to this stage. And that was a lot of planning and work and financing.


George: Out of the kind of culture movement in the United States, well, it flowered some of those ideas it seems like to me, like “Humanistic Psychology” on the West coast there and you know, all these people working on the Escalon Institute. Have you done any work on the Escalon Institute?


Alan: Yes, these big institutes have been heavily funded, partly to experiment with people in forms of cultism. They use cult techniques to try and distort, alter perceptions of things and to create a standardized, altered person who will parrot the same terminology when they are faced with certain problems. They will all parrot the same things. It’s a form of mind control, absolutely. To have a world under mind control you must start with the individual. And if you want to get a standardized mind control formula, they must all parrot the same terms. Well, you’ll find in all religions that they have little buzzwords and catchwords that will have you accepted into it: “You are one of us”. Christianity has it with “I am” and “Hallelujah” and so on. And they have the same thing for the New Age. This was studied carefully. And the big boys realized that they would have to create a religion to bring in this New World Order.


You see, in the New World Order we are supposed to be servants to the World State. “To serve the World State” is the key, that’s in all their charters. And the New Age is helping to push this “how lucky we are to be living here” and “we must serve the World State. That will be the new system. And it is going to be a cashless society where the governments of the world will issue credits instead of money into a bank account. And the credits will be used as punishment and control, you can’t save them up. You will all be issued the same amount of credits, except for the elite. And if you go against the system, you are bucking the system, they will withhold credits and that will be a form of punishment. Lord Bertrand Russell, who helped set up that whole side of it and the educational system, wrote about that in his own books. One of them was called “Roads to Freedom”. The other one was called “Education and the Good Life” and the other one was called “The Impact of Science on Society”.


George: It almost sounds like that movie “Soylent Green”, where they are throwing out these little waivers to everybody you know.


Alan: “Soylent Green’s” real title was called “Make Room, Make Room” and it was to get the impression over that the planet would be overcrowded, along the Malthusian concept. And of course that has never happened. It’s all a big con-game they use with graphs and charts and projections. They’ve never been right on any of them but they still use them.


George: You know, Steve Quayle on his site has a list of about I think it was 70 microbiologists that have died over the last 4 or 5 years. Do you have any information on why that many microbiologists have died?


Alan: All we do know is that the first major one it started off with was with the man Kelly in England, when he was going up to testify in a High Court that Britain and Israel had created ethnic specific viruses that could kill people. That was part of it. He was found dead in a forest with both wrists slit apparently. He was the first one. And a whole bunch followed him. And it is presumed that they were all working on killer viruses that would be let loose on the planet eventually. They knew too much and possibly they would loose lid.


George: So some of these viruses have been tailor made to kill certain ethnic groups. Is that right?


Alan: In the Daily Mail in Britain back in about 1990 a reporter was taken into Porton Down’s Military Warfare Establishment.


George: Oh yeah, Porton Down. Yes, let’s pick that up after the break, we are going on a break right now.




George: Welcome back to “World Review Commentary”. I am your host George Butler. Welcome back Alan Watt.


Alan: It’s a pleasure.


George: What is this Porton Down? Now, I have a little information on that. What is your view of that or your understanding on Porton Down?


Alan: Porton Down is one of the British military establishments where they have laboratories for viral and bacterial and chemical warfare. And back in the early 90’s the Daily Mail had a reporter who was allowed in to meet some of the scientists there. He went in at breakfast and at breakfast they were talking quite casually about ethnic-specific viruses and how they could kill off whole populations of people who had specific genes, gene types. And these are tailor made viruses. They were so well advanced in this area that they could actually release viruses or bacterium that would sweep across the country, multiply x-amount of times and then kill themselves off. They could literally program them like nanotechnology, like robots. And that’s how perfected these particular diseases are. And we know they are going to –by all the drumming up at the top there about bringing the population down and the “inevitability” they say, of the coming flu pandemic - We know that they are going to release them eventually and I think that’s probably the main method they are going to bring out in the near future. I have forgotten how many scientists they brought out on television over the last ten years saying: ”it’s just around the corner, it is inevitable”. Well, when these guys are all in consent with it, it’s like a must-be. We know it’s going to be let loose eventually.


George: They will blame it on the Avian flu or something that is real you know, but in the meantime they could be releasing stuff like they manufactured in their biological labs, right?


Alan: I have no doubt. When you go into just the medical associations and the health of the public in all countries, plummeting since the 1950’s with the inoculations and the advanced aging diseases we have, that are hitting the young. We now have juvenile arthritis and this is now common. And it is all after inoculations. The same with autism and all the rest of it. You see, the war has been going on our entire lives. World War III was a continuation of World War II with the United Nations at the top, that has a Department of Population Control at the United Nations. And I tell people: “What do you think the Department of Population Control is all about?”. I asked them that. They don’t sit and make wish lists and issue statements to the world saying: “There’s too many of you”. They actually make mandates and they implement them. You can’t tell the people what you’re doing to them. We wouldn’t be too happy to realize we’re being culled off quite quickly.


And they had meetings 30 years ago to do with bringing the world’s population down, at the United Nations. They said for the Third World countries they could bring it down quickly, no one would care. And bingo, we saw Africa get hit with the HIV after the UN went through at giving them free smallpox vaccinations. And then we find that in the West, for the West the plan was to take the people down through crippling diseases, make them ineligible for good mating partners and therefore they wouldn’t breed. That was the intent for the West. We’ve seen that happen. I’ve seen it in my own lifetime. I don’t need to go much further with it.


These guys do as they say they will do and we have no input into this whatsoever. A few years ago, on a CBC Television, that’s like our BBC for Canada, it’s run by the government. In a news briefing they flashed to two man at a map at the United Nations and a reporter asking them why they thought they had the right to do what they had just done. What it transpired to be was, the United Nations had given out what they claimed were free tetanus shots to millions of women in India and Africa. These were not tetanus shots, they were bio-engineered warfare devices and injected into the women and it went right to their ovaries and sterilized all of them. And these two men were justifying the need to do this. And one of them said: “Well, who else will do this? Who else will do it?”


George: I see. You know, Porton Down, that microbiology lab, top-secret lab in Britain, UK. They spun off a number of years ago some of their technology to a quasi the first step I think it was to a quasi-private organization. And then they did another phase that went and took that technology and transferred it into a totally private corporation called Qinetiq, spelled with a “q” at the beginning and a “q” at the end. Have you run across Qinetiq Corporation?


Alan: Yes, there is a few of them actually. As they disguise the fact that they are working for the military they privatized some of them. And when you are privatized you see, you’re not accountable to the public. This is the beauty of the system they use. So they have a lot so called pseudo-private corporations working for them on the same agenda’s that don’t have to publish their findings and make them available to the public.


George: What I found was that this Qinetiq Company was controlled by some of the largest investment funds in the world you know. And I believe there were some tall people there in the UK also that were involved in investing in that. But I looked at the structure of the Qinetiq corporation and it had security, defence; it had biological, chemical types of divisions in it and it looked almost like a governmental organization but with a lot of security and defence manufacturing and technology involved in it. And a lot of electronics too.


Alan: I know some people who work for them.


George: And so I mean, they put out themselves that they’re out there for security. They’re on the leading edge, electronics and all these other things you know. And also they’ve got a heavy I think defence industry sector of their business.


Alan: That’s right. And a … thing that we take for granted too, we always are given -When something drastic happens in society, we’re told that it’s just a bungle of bureaucratic mess et cetera. That doesn’t happen at the top. A few years ago when Bill Clinton was in, he signed an agreement that they could take the blood of prisoners from certain US prisons, where they knew it was heavily infested with HIV and Hepatitis, and make it available to be sold on the blood market. And Canada imported a lot of this stuff through Connaught Laboratories. Connaught Laboratories by the way, was set up in World War II as a main bacterial warfare front organization. Canada led the field in bacterial and viral warfare. Well, they bought the blood and they gave it to the haemophiliacs in Canada and in blood products. Well, they pretty well all died off. It eliminated most of the haemophiliacs in Canada. They took 10 or 15 years to have their general enquiry waiting for them all dying off. And the last couple of survivors they actually were given awards too, this is what they generally do.


Well, they are bringing down what they call “the useless eaters”. That’s part of the mandate that Bertrand Russell said. “The useless eaters, those who are the parasites on society. They don’t contribute to society”, the weak, the elderly et cetera. They’re taking them out through bio warfare means and it’s always brought down to “just a big mistake”.  No one is ever charged for it. No one is put by embarrassment. When they interviewed the purchaser at Connaught Laboratories for Canada, the man was interviewed by a BBC reporter, and he said: “Well, it’s business”. That was his excuse, “it’s business”.


George: Really? My gosh, that’s something else isn’t it?


Alan: Yes. And they get away with it too.


George: Yeah. Well, they’re on the inside aren’t they?


Alan: Yeah.


George: So they’re going to get a pass, a “free pass” they call it, like in the CIA where you go to jail and they go down and get you out, you know.


Alan: That is right.


George: So when we’re talking about, you know, the near future, say the rest of this year. Do you see anything happen between now and the end of the year? I mean, how do you see this election working out? Is it Obama because he is a change agent and he is widely accepted and the Democrats are highly charged up to go into office, or what?


Alan: It truly, honestly wouldn’t make a difference. Quigley was quite correct. He said that “we always put our own boys in at the top, of all parties” and the advisors for these people. I have never seen a UN mandate, the globalization mandate, falter and take a back step ever in my life, regardless of which party is chosen, in any country. The mandate goes ahead as always. It doesn’t really matter.


George: So what will happen is that the population, the American public, God bless them, they are fighting on both sides. The Democrats hate the Republicans or the Republicans: “and all those liberal democrats and they’re too permissive”.  And so they’re building up this great election, right? And then, whoever wins, “Oh, we’ve got him now”, right? “We’re happy”, right?


Alan: Yeah, and the public will go back to sleep for another four years.


George: And then the public will be relieved for a while and they’ll go back on their non watch list, right?


Alan: Yeah, that’s right.


George: (Back) on their pacified thing: “Oh, we’ve got it now”. And Obama or whoever wins:  “They’re gonna do things right” and “We’re gonna change these things now, we’ve got change occurring here”. Even -


Alan: What I’ve never seen, George -


George: Even McCain is saying “change”, right?


Alan: What I’ve never seen in my life is a president coming in or a prime minister in a country and throwing out the last laws that the previous party introduced, I’ve never seen that happen.


George: I got you. We’ve got to cut out here for our last segment but be right back. Thank you Alan, be right back, thank you.




George: Welcome back to “World Review Commentary”, I’m your host George Butler. Welcome back Alan Watt.


Alan: It’s a pleasure to be here.


George: Okay, we’ve got this last segment and we’re going to be finishing up here. Now, oh, here’s what I sort of see on the– like we’ve been talking a little bit before on the democratic side of the politics here, is that the war figures in my opinion prominently for the whole nation, the Iraq war. And it looks like to me, when I was going to the caucuses on the Republican side, and I was representing a Ron Paul position you know, we saw, me might have had 25 in the little elementary school where I vote at and there was like 250, that was ten times a number of people on the democratic side of the caucus than there was on the Republican side. I just think that the Democrats are highly charged up this year, this particular presidential election year. And I think that they are going to elect Obama in there.


Alan: It’s very possible that he is being picked as the man. But as I say, it won’t make any difference. Because both sides have said that it will continue this war in the Middle East. In fact, I think Obama said to take it even further. So, we do know that - as I say, we’ve never seen a party come in and say “Look, we’re changing things back the way they were”  and throwing out all the old laws. It doesn’t happen. So they simple continue what’s already on the agenda.


And we know that the New American Century, that thepresent bunch all belong to the Bush and Cheney and Wolfowitz et cetera. They talked about the necessity of taking over the Middle East, beginning with Afghanistan, then Iraq, then Iran, then Syria. They want to go to Syria as well. So, you will find that the Democrats will do exactly the same thing. I saw this when they were doing the signing for the amalgamation of the America’s, beginning officially, openly in 2005. And you had the president of the US, you had Martin of Canada and Fox signing the first agreement at Waco, Texas. The next signing was the next year and then eventually the new prime minister came in in Canada, Mr Martin for the Conservatives, so he was from the other party, and he signed the next part of the treaty. These guys are all on board regardless of the party they belong to.


George: Oh I got you. So, I mean, where, are we going to, in this country you know - the Ron Paul candidacy and of course, the mainline media or the mainline press or however you want to describe him, I mean, they did a job on Ron Paul. Did you see the way that they were treating him?


Alan: Oh yeah. They’ll do that when they want to defame someone and ridicule them. They try ridiculing, that turns people off. And again too, see most people want to vote with the main candidate that’s put forward by the media, the one that they are backing. that’s why you can always count on the public to go the way that they are directed.


George: Yeah, that’s right. The way I see, you know, on 2nd September we had 15,000 people in the Target Center in downtown Minneapolis. So I mean there’s still a political movement for Ron Paul now. And it hasn’t totally evaporated and gone away. And they travel from all over the country. They had “Ron Vans”. And they got into these vans and they got in and collected the money together and drove in there to Minneapolis to that Target Center and of course they were serious. What was the most surprising thing about this, I think the most successful thing was a leadership summit that took place on the Sunday before the Monday, it was the last day of August, it would be August 31st. I assume. So, on the August31st  there was a leadership summit there in Minneapolis in the St. Paul area. And I believe that it was sold out and it went on for 9 hours, between 12 noon and 9 PM. And everyone I talked to, we had a reporter out there that was reporting on it. And he went in and listened in and saw what was going on. And he said it was the best event of the whole Ron Paul events.  So maybe we are going to build leadership. I know the political thing is an up healed battle. But we have to do it for ourselves as much as we have to do it for the country.


Alan: What you really need is someone to come out. And I really mean this even though I don’t see it happening. You would have to bring in the complete “Monroe Doctrine” to get America back. You would have to write off the debt and just cancel it, tear it up and start all over. And be prepared to defend the country. And you would have to have the navy and the military all on board with you. Because that’s what it would take. Because already these big, powerful organizations, that have been running the country for a long time, have woven this  “interdependent” stuff through many treaties, you would have to tear all them up too and risk what happens. And of course life is made of a risk. That’s what a survival mechanism is. Most folk are not willing to take the risk but there are people, still within United States that are willing to go through hardship for those yet to come, the children to come.


George: Well, Ron Paul was the only person that would be willing to take, to make some major change. I don’t know if he would have been able to do what you just said out there. But he is the only person in a long time that really has - he attacked the Federal Reserve System, the Federal Reserve bank.


Alan: Yes.


George: You see, and no one has done that.


The Federal Reserve and everything that goes with it. But also you would have to look at all the treaties that have been made, including the Amalgamation of the America’s. People don’t realize that our governments, all our governments, Mexico, Canada, the US, I think even parts of Chile at times, have signed agreements from the Free Trade Negotiations in the 1980’s onwards for total amalgamation and the creation of a new government for the America’s, to be based in Montreal. That’s how far ahead all of this is.


George: Do you think though - under my view on many of these trade agreements that United States officials have signed - Is there not a premise of law or a, you know, a precedent that says that if those agreements, those treaties are in violation or in direct conflict with the Constitution, then they are not legal agreements. Is that your understanding?


Alan: As far as they are concerned at the top these are binding. These are binding. They are backed by the United Nations because it’s going to be the world government that oversees the three trading block areas: The Europe Amalgamation, the America Amalgamation and the Asia-Pacific Rim Amalgamation, which is already underway. This was written as far back as 1840’s by Karl Marx. Now, he said this was coming in. We are living through it happening. It’s not given much airtime on television but they do show us the signing of their treaties every year in Canada on mainstream Canadian Broadcasting Corporation television. And they have a few more to go till 2010. Then we’re completely interwoven, completely.


George: I believe some of your more conservative elements in this country would hold that most of those treaties signed by our officials, whoever they might be, are not constitutionally acceptable and they are in violation of our Constitution. I think that’s their stands. Now, they’re operating though, if they accept them and they acquiesce to them and they start acting in a manner as if they are legal treaties, then the force and effect of the treaty becomes reality after a while. And that’s what they’ve done, have they not done that?


Alan: Yeah, common law is based on the acceptance over a period of time of something that then becomes de facto law. And we acquiesce by our silence.


George: But still, that does not remove the fact that they were in violation of the Constitution, the generic law of the land to start with.


Alan: It doesn’t bother them the slightest.


George: That’s what I am saying, these are legal beavers. They will rest their case on small little technicalities of legalism, right? But the Pharisees were legalistic too, weren’t they?


Alan: Oh absolutely, absolutely. They were completely legalistic.


George: So are we getting some Pharisees in there? I mean, this Phari city and thing. I mean, just to destroy this country, this country had a dream of taking our system to the world but it don’t look like it’s gonna make it, do you think?


Alan: It depends how you view it. There’s two ways to view how it would bring this system to the world. It certainly has financed this system. It took over from Britain in an official ceremony in the days of H.G. Wells, to do this very, very thing, to bring in this world system. And the public have been kept in complete ignorance of it.


George: Yeah. So the public is biting on the Simpsons or some other, you know what I mean. Yeah, you know what occurred to me today, is that what we’ve got to do, let them start reporting the news.


Alan: There you go.


George: It would be cheaper, wouldn’t it Alan, just have the Simpsons -


Alan: It would be cheaper. I tell you –


George: Have them on the CBS, ABC or whatever, the big giant news it would save paying all those reporters


Alan: Or that they brought Donald Duck on and give us some humour.


George: Quack quack, you know, the latest polls in the presidential race, quack quack, right?


Alan: That’s right, that would do very, very well, yeah


George: I mean, it’s gotten so ridiculous. Now, I was in a park there, at Rice Park outside the Excel Energy Center in St. Paul. And I was sitting and talking to people and you know, the public out there is more aware than sometimes we might think.


Alan: They are certainly catching on but we have to really move fast and stop further agreements.


George: So what you are saying, this thing is moving so fast that we’re towards the end of their plan?


Alan: Exactly, that’s when we wake up, yeah, we wake up at the end.


George: You know, you have done a heck of a good service to try to help people awaken so to speak. And that’s what I’ve been trying to do also. But we can’t always reach everyone.


Alan: We can’t.


George: But we can work on and do what we need to do, right?


Alan: We must, we have no choice.


George: We have no choice but it is as much, and the point I was making, is as much for ourselves as the world.


Alan: Absolutely.


George: Alan Watt, thank you for your work and your fine interview over these two hours. I appreciate your work and your dedication to truth.


Alan: It has been a pleasure, George.


George: Okay, thank you Alan. Bye bye, goodnight.


Alan: Bye now.