Cutting Through Book 3 by Alan Watt
Esoteric Unveiled and Revelations in
High Masonic Tradition

Sample Page From Book 3

    Michael fought with his Angels, and the Dragon fought with his.
    The compilers of Revelations wove the esoteric with the
    exoteric, combining Egyptian, Persian and Babylonian
    terminology and symbology together. On one side of the 'battle'
    we see the 'good angels,' each angel's name ending with 'el,'
    the semitic term for the sun. The 'good guys' were really the
    summer signs of the Zodiac, the Hebrew names being Micha-el,
    Abdi-el, Azra-el etc.. The' bad guys' bore the Egyptian names
    for the winter months, their names ending with -on, the Egyptian
    name for the sun; the sun in winter bringing signs of impending
    evil. Therefore we have Abadd-on, Apolly-on etc..
    Taken in context we see a Hebrew interpretation of a 'heavenly'
    battle between the Egyptian and Hebrew 'gods,' for the exoteric
    explanation. The 'Lord' of the Opposite,' was said to be
    domiciled in the sign in opposition of where the sun happened
    to be. This' contrary' god was called Beli-el. Baalzebub was
    domiciled in Scorpio, which gives the 'kiss' of death to god's sun
    every autumn, causing his 'fall.' The esoteric meaning is the
    battle of winter against summer. The very word Autumn is
    comprised of the Egyptian names Atum, old god of the world
    and darkness, matter, and Aten, title of the 'beneficent' sun. Hell
    was always said to be in the north, the great abyss referring to
    the constellation Draco revolves in an endless serpentine loop.
    Draco is one of the latin terms for 'snake.' Drag-on is an
    Egyptian term for the north 'pole' where eternal winter was said
    to hold his carnival or Circus(circuit}. Helping him were his
    'Baals' and 'Ons' Of Chaldea and Egypt.