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July 11, 2024
"Real History" with Melissa
Ep. 74 - Terror, Big Banks, and Big Data
Problem with Neil Foster interview - What was the outcome of a publicized rape trial in Germany? - What is Cognify? - Rishi Sunak and Britain's Most Tattooed Mom - Hyping New Covid Variants - Over the Mountain Part 2, Katherine Watt in her own words, Book of Ours podcast - Alan Watt as Guest on Reality Bytes Radio w/Neil Foster - Real History, "Who is Dr. James Giordano?" - What is Big Data? - What is Palantir? What is TITAN? - Pure Cognition - Katherine Watt Outlines the Emergency Use Timeline - Dr. Giordano Talks "Big Data, AI and Security/Defense on the Global Stage".
Dialogue Copyrighted CTTM - June 28, 2024 (Exempting Bumper Music)

Podcast links:

Katherine Watt: In Her Own Words

Ethics Speaker Series - Dr. Jim Giordano - "Big Data, AI and Security/Defense on the Global Stage"

Outrage in Germany as judge jails woman, 20, for sending online insults to a gang-rapist - after all but one of nine men convicted of attack on girl, 15, were allowed to walk free from court

German woman sent to prison for 'insulting' migrants who gang raped child—her sentence is longer than theirs

Inside Cognify, the ‘prison of the future’ where AI rewires your brain

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse for Rishi Sunak… he goes on This Morning

A summer wave of Covid-19 has arrived in the US

Finland to start bird flu vaccinations for humans, in world first

How (and why) Bird Flu is About to Enter the “Mass Testing” Phase

A new COVID variant is on the rise in the US. What are its most common symptoms?

"Real History" with Melissa - Ep. 71 - "In the Beginning There Was 2019-nCoV" - June 20, 2024

Crime of the Century - music video created by Mike

Katherine Watt: In Her Own Words - Jan. 27, 2023

"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt (Guest on Reality Bytes Radio w/ Neil Foster) - Aug. 5, 2020

"Real History" with Melissa - Ep. 65 - "Who is Dr. James Giordano?" - May 16, 2024

Ophir Frieder

Palantir wins contract for Army TITAN next-gen targeting system

Peter Thiel

Palantir Technologies

Palantir’s Tiberius, Race, and the Public Health Panopticon - 2020

How Peter Thiel-Linked Tech is Fueling the Ukraine War - 2023

What is the Great Reset? | Davos Agenda 2021

Influenza vaccination and respiratory virus interference among Department of Defense personnel during the 2017–2018 influenza season

July 4, 2024
"Real History" with Melissa
Ep. 73 - Jon Uhler, LPC: More on Psychopathy
What is a bonded relationship between a man and a woman? Why is it essential to The Agenda to destroy that bond? Destroy the family? - Qualities of a Psychopath - How does pornography use contribute to the moral decline into psychopathy and sexual psychopathy? - Prevalence of sexual predators amongst those with authority over children. - How did Kinsey's fraudulent studies affect culture and sex education? What was Kinsey's connection to Aleister Crowley? - The Progression of Sexual Deviance.
Dialogue Copyrighted CTTM - June 28, 2024 (Exempting Bumper Music)

Podcast links:

Church Protect - Jon Uhler, LPC

Survivor Support - Jon Uhler, LPC

June 28, 2024
"Real History" with Melissa
Ep. 72 - Jon Uhler, LPC: Psychopathy
Jon Uhler, Licensed Professional Counselor, Clinical Trauma Professional - Unmasking the Trans Movement - The brain scan of a psychopath. What are differences between a sociopath and a psychopath? - Conscience keeps ego in check. - Selfishness and addiction. - Kinsey, CIA, Rockefeller, Judith Reisman - The Wisdom of Proverbs and the book of Psalms - Pigs and Dogs in the Bible - What are characteristics of a psychopath? - Gaslighting - James Cantor, psychologist promoting idea that pedophiles are born that way. - What is a reprobate?
Dialogue Copyrighted CTTM - June 28, 2024 (Exempting Bumper Music)

Podcast links:

Survivor Support

Unmasking the Trans Movement

"Examining Psychopathy': How do Psychopaths become that way? Interview Guest: Jon K. Uhler, LPC

The Kinsey Effect

The Kinsey Coverup - Dr. Judith Reisman/The Reisman Institute

June 20, 2024
"Real History" with Melissa
Ep. 71 - Over The Mountain ep. 2 "In the Beginning There Was 2019-nCoV
What did Trump know about the Covid-19 vaccine? Did he know he was executing a population cull? Catherine Austin Fitts: There is no left versus right, Trump versus Biden, there is a machine...implementing a depopulation plan. -- Was Covid-19 a real pandemic that the authorities responded to? Or was the whole thing planned in advance? -- What did Kary Mullis have to say in 1996 about Anthony Fauci and HIV/AIDS? -- Event 201 staged in October 2019 by the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The timeline of the Covid-19 pandemic. Jan. 3, 2020, first complete genome of Covid-19 was identified from samples from a patient (one patient). -- What is GISAID? -- Lockdowns one week after identifying "novel" strain, and 17 deaths. Comparing Covid deaths to overall mortality in China (and Wuhan). -- Trump's Operation Warp Speed, "Big and Fast" -- The Remdesivir trial flopped and was terminated early; Gilead, Remdesivir and HIV drugs -- FDA is a Front Organization, Katherine Watt -- What if the pandemic was just an excuse to inject...a product that will reduce the population by death and sterilization?
Dialogue Copyrighted CTTM - June 20, 2024 (Exempting Bumper Music and Literary Quotes)

Redux links:

Over The Mountain - Ep. 2 - "In the Beginning There Was 2019-nCoV" - pdf with links

Crime of the Century - music video created by Mike

The Last Enemy (TV series)

June 13, 2024
"Real History" with Melissa
Ep. 70 - Robot Dogs, QR Codes, and Free Drinks for Heterosexual Men
How was Neil's visit with his family? Disney World, QR Codes, Predictive Programming: Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress - Robots, Movies: Westworld, Surrogates, Vice - Michael Moore to the State of Israel: White Christians are your real enemies. - Artificial Intelligence; We are told we are inadequate. - Communication and Sports Bars - What are some differences between men and women? - Family, Purpose, Meaning, and How Fear is Used - Nobody ever explains "Values". - Mothering, tough love. - Updates on Covid inquiries and related court rulings.
Dialogue Copyrighted CTTM - June 5, 2024 (Exempting Bumper Music and Literary Quotes)

Podcast links:

Michael Moore Rants About White Christians, Says They Are the Real Enemies of Jews

MSM Silent After Court Rules PCR Tests Unfit For Diagnosing Covid

Dr. Anthony Fauci admits he made up COVID’s social-distancing measures, masking rules

NIH scientists made $710M in royalties from drug makers — a fact they tried to hide

CDC Vaccine Price List

Secret Covid documents in Victoria to be released after almost 4 year fight

Fluoride in the water linked to anxiety, temper problems and headaches in children as young as three, with experts claiming exposure high levels in pregnancy could be a 'risk to the developing brain'

Covid vaccines may have helped fuel rise in excess deaths

The amendments to the IHR have been adopted

Shocking Map Reveals Vast US Farmland Owned by Chinese Government

The Truth About Why Bill Gates Keeps Buying Up So Much Farmland

Idaho bar promotes 'Heterosexual Awesomeness Month' in response to Pride month

June 7, 2024
"Real History" with Melissa
Ep. 69 - Robert: The Sixth Mass Extinction
CTTM bookclub update: Darin on Sat., 15 June and Nick Heys of Heys Reviews on Sat., 29 June in the Telegram chat. - Redux is "Tinkering in the Matrix of the Womb" Dec. 14, 2006 and "Chaos, Conflict and Caritas" Jan. 12, 2007 - Purpose Made People - Language - Israel rescues 4 hostages and kills hundreds of Palestinians. - Obesity and the words used to describe it. Movie, "Branded" - Gender Neutral Pronouns - Evil people can be pleasant, and even care for their own. - Myths about the end of an age. - The sacredness of life. We build our own chains. - Survival of the fittest. - No concern for people far away. Egosyntonic. - Fascinated by the esoteric. - What is a numinous experience? A life-altering understanding.
Dialogue Copyrighted CTTM - June 5, 2024 (Exempting Bumper Music and Literary Quotes)

Podcast links:

SEASPRAY: Top Secret BLACK OPS Aviation Unit

Are We Living In the Sixth Extinction?

Vertebrates on the brink as indicators of biological annihilation and the sixth mass extinction

Documenting Earth Changes During The Next Grand Solar Minimum

Valentina Zharkova's GSM (Grand Solar Minimum)

How the sun affects temperatures on Earth (w/ Valentina Zharkova, Northumbria University)

Robert W. Felix

Wal Thornhill

Rolf Witzsche - New Ice Age Ahead

Adapt 2030 - David DuByne

Mini Ice Age Conversations Podcast - David DuByne

Watts Up With That?

Monty Python - The Meaning of Life Live Organ Transplants

June 5, 2024
"Real History" with Melissa
Ep. 68 - Dr. Sean Hross
Who is Dr. Sean Hross? Discovering his work with Alan Watt. - G.I.U.R.E.H., Cathars - Stop the censorship. Jaywalkers. - Sean's interview with Roseanne Barr and her questions, "Why?" - Saint Ignatius de Loyola - Who are the Knights Templars?, Moving to Switzerland after the Crusades - Martin Luther, Katharina von Bora - Nazi Occultism - Dr. Hross's "Zurich Files" has been changed and uploaded by others over the years. - Nobility, every group has a noble group set apart from the people. - "Pinklist killers" - What is Horizontal Rule?, Vertical Rule? - Protestant symbolism, Templar's cross and falcon (Horus) - Neo-Nazis - Sean's family were Huguenots and dissident nobility from France who moved to South Africa centuries ago. - Saudi Arabia and the nobility of the Middle East - Important Swiss names, Haldeman - Switzerland, the Beast with Seven Heads; Hamas visits Swiss Parliament - Who are the Egyptian Pharaohs? Do they continue to rule us? Where do they come from? Inbreeding versus psychopathy. - Sicily, Templars, Richard the Lionhearted, Mafia - The New World Order, Horizontal Rule, Republic/Democracy - NAZI, NASI - Alan Watt's work.
Dialogue Copyrighted CTTM - June 5, 2024 (Exempting Bumper Music and Literary Quotes)

Podcast links:

Giureh - G.I.U.R.E.H. - Sean Hross

HomieLand Sickurity - Sean Hross

giureh - Sean Hross

SuiSSe Torture sur Prisonniers Politiques CH - Sean Hross

Giureh - G-I-U-R-E-H -- Brighteon - Sean Hross

Die Pharaonen Show (das Original von Dr. Sdf. Sean Hross in einem Film)

Château de Quéribus - A Half ruined, Medieval Cathar Castle of southern France

Roseanne Barr interview with Sean Hross (2021)

Avignon, France - Palace of the Popes and other museums

Vertical Church vs Horizontal Temple - Sean Hross

Castles of Pharaoh's Nobility in Germany - Sean Hross

Shame and Symbolism - the White Feather Campaign

May 30, 2024
"Real History" with Melissa
Ep. 67 - Monika: Together...Apart
Hang in there, but don't hang yourself! - Humor is necessary. Canada's trucker convoy and Trudeau's freezing of bank accounts. - Matt from Poland who lives in B.C. - What was life like for Monika as a little girl in Poland? Her Portuguese husband and his 18 brothers and sisters. - Freemasonry and selective breeding. - Creativity and the money system. Where does real personality come from? - Yuri Bezmenov - Augmented and virtual reality - Monika tries Keto! Diet, Injections, and Injunctions. - Vegetarianism, Meat Eating, Psychopathy, and Utopia. - Truth is not for everyone. Alan Watt's calm delivery of a scary message. The whole family listened to Alan. Together...apart.
Dialogue Copyrighted CTTM - May 30, 2024 (Exempting Bumper Music and Literary Quotes)

Podcast links:

1970s Poland | Gdansk riots | Citizen's Militia | peoples protest | (1971)

14th August 1980: Lech Walesa leads a strike in a Polish shipyard that leads to the Solidarity union

Azores - Ilha Sao Miguel em (1960)

Canada Freedom Convoy: 'We'll be here as long as it takes!'

I Investigated the Country Where Every Drug is Legal...

Social Equality is a Communist Propaganda Technique | Yuri Bezmenov

Proteins, Fats, Carbs - by Dr. Joseph Mercola

The Future of Augmented Reality (2030)

May 23, 2024
"Real History" with Melissa
Ep. 66 - Three with Adam
Adam's Trip from Germany to New Zealand - What did he observe at the Shanghai airport? Why does it feel like life is cheap in China? - The crowd. The collective mentality under a Communist regime. - Militarized police, overwhelmed with immigrants, gangs. The police in New Zealand. - Adam's experience in a Frankfurt, Germany ghetto. - Adam's visit to Hollywood with Aaron Franz. RAND Corporation. Laurel Canyon. Dave McGowan's book, Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon - The music industry and its connection to military families. - Adam and Aaron's Hollywood adventure: In search of the Pentagon's L.A. office. - Tom Secker, National Security Cinema - Aaron and Adam podcast, Themes and Memes - Sustainability, Solar Flares, Auroras, Chemtrails. - When will geoengineering finally be announced as a fact? - Electric Vehicles.
Dialogue Copyrighted CTTM - May 23, 2024 (Exempting Bumper Music and Literary Quotes)

Podcast links:

The Age of Transitions part 1

How and Why the DOD Works with Hollywood

How Hollywood became the unofficial propaganda arm of the U.S. military

Themes and Memes podcast

May 16, 2024
"Real History" with Melissa
Ep. 65 - Who is Dr. James Giordano?
Who is Dr. James Giordano? What makes us sentient individuals and how is this threatened?Technology, 5G - New technologies over the years. What is biodigital convergence? Artificial Intelligence - The Internet of Things (IoT) - What did Alan Watt say about rebuilding Solomon's Temple? How do you know the thoughts in your mind are really yours? Targeted Individuals - What is the BRAIN Initiative? - The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) - Yuval Harari and the Hackable Brain - James Giordano's Talk at the Modern War Institute, "The Brain is the Battlefield of the Future".
Dialogue Copyrighted CTTM - May 16, 2024 (Exempting Bumper Music and Literary Quotes)

Podcast links:

Dr. James Giordano

Dr. James Giordano: The Brain is the Battlefield of the Future

About IEEE Brain

BRAIN Initiative

Policy Horizons Canada

Yuval Harari’s hackable humans warning at WEF is becoming reality: DARPA is researching preconscious brain signals to know what someone believes to be true or not

May 9, 2024
"Real History" with Melissa
Ep. 64 - Don't Shoot the Messenger
Bill Cooper - Solzenhitsyn - The Gulag Archipelago - Eurovision Song Contest - LGBTQ.
Dialogue Copyrighted CTTM - May 9, 2024 (Exempting Bumper Music and Literary Quotes)

Podcast links:

Bill Cooper - Behold a Pale Horse

Solzhenitsyn's Gulag Archipelago

Eurovision Song Contest

Thousands march in Sweden against Israel’s Eurovision participation

Nearly 700 Jewish professors call on Biden not to sign controversial antisemitism legislation

Antisemitism Awareness Act - HR 6090

Scottish primary schools appoint children as ‘LGBT champions’

May 2, 2024
"Real History" with Melissa
Ep. 63 - Just When We Needed You Most
Mark in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada; Friend of Alan and Melissa - Hockey - What is the NHL "Green" Initiative? Is Global Warming affecting outdoor hockey? - Where does the word SPORT come from? - Cashless societies, cryptocurrencies. What does cash represent? Documentaries that expose some asoects of the agenda, such as "The One Percent" and "Oh, Canada! Our Bought and Sold Out Land" - A Song, "Just When We Need You Most".
Dialogue Copyrighted CTTM - May 2, 2024 (Exempting Bumper Music and Literary Quotes)

Podcast links:

Crypto Fraud on Rise Again, Here's Why

The $100 Bill Is America’s Most Common Currency, and Its Most Annoying

Here Are 5 Things You Should Only Pay For in Cash

Oh Canada Movie - Our Bought And Sold Out Land (2012)

The One Percent (Jamie Johnson, 2012)

THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take? (2011, Foster Gamble)

Apr. 25, 2024
"Real History" with Melissa
Ep. 62 - Henrique in Brazil"
What are the Similarities Between the US and Brazil? A Contested Election, Storming the Brazilian Capitol - Elon Musk is Now a Free Speech Superhero in Brazil - Who is Michael Shellenberger and what is his role? - Who is the President of the Rockefeller Foundation? - Bitcoin - How much energy does "data mining" consume? - Biometric Identification - Henrique Exposes a Brazilian Young Global Leader (YGL) - What is "Techno-Optimism"? - What is the Brazilian Mindset? - The Beach Culture, "Sodom and Gomorrah", Normalized Deviancy - The Rise of Evangelical Christianity and Conservatism in Brazil - Hypersexualization and Spiritual Impotency - What did Theodor Adorno say about Jazz? - Heteronormativity - What is the Role of the Music Industry in Changing Culture? - Henrique's Questions and Search, Discovering Alan Watt's Talks.
Dialogue Copyrighted CTTM - Apr. 25, 2024 (Exempting Bumper Music and Literary Quotes)

Podcast links:

Bolsonaro supporters gather in Rio for freedom of speech demo (2024)

More than 1,000 people detained in connection with attack on Brazil's capital (2023)

Brazil’s Supreme Court sentences rioter who stormed capital to 17 years in prison (2023)

What to know about Elon Musk’s ‘free speech’ feud with a Brazilian judge (2024)

People must have “right to lie”, says Twitter Files journalist (2024)

Orkut - Google's Social Network (Brazil)

Olavo de Carvalho

Biden, Lula reiterate support of LGBTQ, intersex rights

'Blue-eyed bankers' to blame for crash, Lula tells Brown

Lula Reassures Brazilian Billionaires Wary of Leftist Turn

Apr. 18, 2024
"Real History" with Melissa
Ep. 61 - "Theodor Adorno and the Art(ifice) of the Con"
Looking for Miss Effie - Movie, "Spinning Man"; What are the themes and messages? - What did Theodor Adorno have to do with culture? - The Frankfurt School and book, "The Authoritarian Personality" - What did Mark Twain think about the German language? - Alan Watt on those who develop and control knowledge. - "The Culture Industy: Enlightenment as Mass Deception" - Adorno, "Theses on the Language of the Philosopher" - What affects memory? Would sexual obsession affect memory? - German movie, "Der Golem"; Hollywood magii - Obsession, Hypnotic States, Disassociation.
Dialogue Copyrighted CTTM - Apr. 18, 2024 (Exempting Bumper Music and Literary Quotes)

Podcast links:

Spinning Man (2018)

Mark Twain: The Awful German Language

Mark Twain: The Horrors of the German Language

Adorno: The Culture Industry: Enlightenment as Mass Deception

Adorno: Theses on the Language of the Philosopher

Der Golem (1920)

Apr. 11, 2024
"Real History" with Melissa
Ep. 60 - "Neil Foster"
Transgenders competing in women's sports - A 15-year study concludes trans is phase most children grow out of. - Geoengineering and "new" types of clouds - Facial recognition tracking - Scotland's hate crime bill - SDGs, Agenda 21, Agenda 2030 - Euthanasia - Soaring Cancer Rates - We are under attack in many ways. - Angry North's new song, "Lucky".
Dialogue Copyrighted CTTM - Apr. 11, 2024 (Exempting Bumper Music and Literary Quotes)

Podcast links:

NAIA essentially bans transgender athletes from women's sports

Most gender-confused children grow out of it, landmark 15-year study concludes

Geoengineering Test Quietly Launches Salt Crystals into Atmosphere

"New" clouds - "For the conspiracy theorists, these are contrails"

LDDA is tracking 'people of interest' in downtown Lakeland using facial recognition

Hate crime complaints to Scottish police set to outnumber total for all other offences

New Liberal 'online harms' bill to make online hate punishable up to life in prison

'Rain tax': People in Toronto could end up paying for the rain that falls on their property

Lucky - A Song by Angry North and Boris's Bitches

Apr. 4, 2024
"Real History" with Melissa
Ep. 59 - "Prince"
How did Prince find Alan Watt's website? What was he searching for? From Flint, Michigan to Las Vegas, Nevada. Hated school, could not fit in. Cooking as a chef in the big casinos of Las Vegas, and working as a private chef. Gardening, building a community garden. What does Prince see on his motorcycle rides and at the gym? His long marriage and partnership with his wife. Arthur C. Clarke's 3001: The Final Odyssey - The 3 (or 12) levels of science and the degrees of Freemasonry. The capstone of the pyramid. Sol, soleil, Sons of Legacy, Sons of Lucifer.
Dialogue Copyrighted CTTM - Apr. 4, 2024 (Exempting Bumper Music and Literary Quotes)

Podcast links:

Johnny Nash - I Can See Clearly Now

History of the Civil Rights Movement

Mar. 28, 2024
"Real History" with Melissa
Ep. 58 - "The rest of my chat with Elmer in Thailand"
Why did Elmer move to Thailand from Norway? Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) - Bad changes in Norway - Why are Norwegians conformists? - High cost of living in Norway - Banning wood burning stoves - Individualistic versus collective societies; warm climates - Alcolholism in Thai men; Why is methamphetamine use increasing? - Abandoned farms in remote areas of Norway - Are climate lockdowns coming? - Sensible preparations to be prepared for worse-case scenarios. Building communities. - "Brave New World" savages. - Social Credit System.
Dialogue Copyrighted CTTM - Mar. 28, 2024 (Exempting Bumper Music and Literary Quotes)

Podcast links:

Thailand's Central Bank Extends Retail CBDC Study to Pilot Phase

Meth Use Rising in Thailand as Prices Fall, Study Finds

Thailand to toughen rules on methamphetamine pill possession

Myanmar (formerly Burma)

Farmer and Fisherman of Norway

Coming soon: Climate lockdowns?

Showing you an old Norwegian village

Awake in the Dream 2009 Documentary Made by Independent Norseman Film (CTTM's Cut) Part 1

Awake in the Dream 2009 Documentary Made by Independent Norseman Film (CTTM's Cut) Part 2

NASA - Nazis - And Hollywood (Bored Norwegian/PANDA Film Productions)

Fine Art Photography

Fine Art Photography by Elmer Laahne

Fine Art 2024 Showreel

You Can Have my eyes..(a short scrap book, from some of Elmer's travels)

Mar. 21, 2024
"Real History" with Melissa
Ep. 57 - "Laura"
Dialogue Copyrighted CTTM - Mar. 7, 2024 (Exempting Bumper Music and Literary Quotes)
What caused Laura to question "reality"? The process of discovering truth. Learning and questioning. What is it about Alan Watt's talks that make them so helpful? Censorship. How do you find your purpose?
Dialogue Copyrighted CTTM - Mar. 21, 2024 (Exempting Bumper Music and Literary Quotes)

Podcast links:

Orwellian Canada wants to put you in prison BEFORE you commit a thoughtcrime

WARNING! Medical Misinformation Ahead -- Alan Watt, Redux 96 "Tinkering in the Matrix of the Womb" - Feb. 12, 2023

WARNING! Medical Misinformation Ahead -- Alan Watt, Redux 98 "Hermaphrodites at Play in Virtual Borg World" - Feb. 26, 2023

Alan Watt - "Sing Your Song and Steal Some Time" - Feb. 28, 2007 (Creativity, Purpose, Meaning)

Mar. 14, 2024
"Real History" with Melissa
Ep. 56 - "Neil Foster -- Whites are Psychopathic"
Dialogue Copyrighted CTTM - Mar. 7, 2024 (Exempting Bumper Music and Literary Quotes)
Neil's travels to the UK. Are cardboard cops an effective deterrent? - "Whites are psychopathic." We examine inflammatory rhetoric and ask, "Is this fake news?" - Conscription in the UK - Are they putting vaccines in vegetables? - Planned Parenthood is Making Money Selling Body Parts as "Material."
Dialogue Copyrighted CTTM - Mar. 14, 2024 (Exempting Bumper Music and Literary Quotes)

Podcast links:

Airport spas at MSP, elsewhere could be turned into COVID-19 testing facilities, company says

TSA rolls out self-service screening checkpoint trial; Here’s how it’ll work

Cardboard police officers fight shoplifters in Scots shops and major railway stations

NYC shrink who talked about shooting white people now says they are ‘psychopathic’

Aruna Khilanani

'Whites are psychopaths': UCSF guest speaker claims laws allow men to 'rape Black women'

Dante King

Yuri Bezmenov subversion interview + presentation

UK and other NATO allies urged to consider conscription as Ukraine war enters third year

Republican Suggests Vaccines May Be Getting Injected Into Lettuce

Documents Show Planned Parenthood Exchanges Baby Body Parts For Intellectual Property Rights

New York is sending the National Guard into NYC subways to help fight crime

Genetically Modified Ingredients in Most US Cheeses

NOAA floats idea to fight climate change that involves injecting the atmosphere with millions of tons of ice to cool the planet

Valentina Zharkova

#42 - Valentina Zharkova: “in next 30 yrs, global warming prob. will be last thing in our mind”

Berlin axes plan to establish 'sex rooms' for toddlers in state-run day-care facilities

Judith Reisman: the woman who exposed Alfred Kinsey as a fraud

Mar. 7, 2024
"Real History" with Melissa
Ep. 55 - "Elmer in Thailand"
Dialogue Copyrighted CTTM - Mar. 7, 2024 (Exempting Bumper Music and Literary Quotes)
Elmer Laahne is originally from Norway, living in Thailand. His background is film and photography and he spent nearly 30 years as a photo-journalist, including covering wars around the world. In his 2009 documentary "Awake in the Dream" he comprehensively covers geoengineering and the green agenda. Elmer's father was a commercial pilot who began filming chemtrails and thought what he was looking at must be some kind of military operation. Elmer's recent documentary "NASA - Nazis - And Hollywood" exposes a system of lies that encompasses all that we take for granted.

Podcast links:

Awake in the Dream 2009 Documentary Made by Independent Norseman Film (CTTM's Cut) Part 1

Awake in the Dream 2009 Documentary Made by Independent Norseman Film (CTTM's Cut) Part 2

NASA - Nazis - And Hollywood (Bored Norwegian/PANDA Film Productions)

The News-Benders 1968

Alan Watt / Patriot Radio and Fear-Based Sales

Fine Art Photography

Fine Art Photography by Elmer Laahne

Fine Art 2024 Showreel

You Can Have my eyes..(a short scrap book, from some of Elmer's travels)

Feb. 29, 2024
"Real History" with Melissa
Ep. 54 - "Diana=Tribe/Is Evil Tangible?"
Organizing, Decluttering, Cleaning, Unpacking, Moving in - What is it about organization that feels so good? - Childhood sexual abuse. Why are memories so difficult to access? Pedophilia in a family and community environment. - What is Ritual Abuse? How does psychology deal with incest and ritual abuse? - The demonic. The supernatural and preturnatural. Is evil tangible?
Dialogue Copyrighted CTTM - Feb. 29 (Exempting Bumper Music and Literary Quotes)

Podcast links:

Self Harm And Cutting

Child Abuse: Dr. Ramani on the Emotion of Healing Adult Survivors

Neurobiology of Trauma and Sexual Assault - Jim Hopper, Ph.D.

Unmasking the Trans Movement

Amy E. Sousa

Judith Reisman

Roman Polanski sexual abuse case

CHAOS: Charles Manson, the CIA, and the Secret History of the Sixties

The Ninth Gate

Rosemary's Baby

To The Devil... A Daughter (1976) - Official Trailer

Utah advances bill to criminalize ‘ritual abuse of a child’ (2024)

Psychiatric Impact of Organized and Ritual Child Sexual Abuse: Cross-Sectional Findings from Individuals Who Report Being Victimized

Freemasonry Similarities with Witchcraft

2010 Australian x factor winner Altiyan Childs exposes freemasonry – Dr Charlie Ward

Outrage as Young Spanish Girls Dressed Like ‘Prostitutes’ at LGBT-Themed Carnival Performance

The Greatest Trick the Devil Ever Pulled Was Convincing the World He Didn’t Exist

Feb. 8, 2024
"Real History" with Melissa
Ep. 53 - "Neil Foster -- Bizarre or Evil?"
Is Society Becoming Bizarre or Evil? Gender Reassignment, Cashless, Surveillance, Brain Chips and More with Neil Foster.
Dialogue Copyrighted CTTM - Feb. 8 (Exempting Bumper Music and Literary Quotes)

Podcast links:

8 Signs That Demonstrate How Truly Bizarre Our Society Is Becoming

Montana family who lost custody of their 14-year-old daughter after refusing to let her transition to a boy

The brutal reality of martial law - how it works and what happens

The Green Agenda

Caroline Lucas calls for Britain to be on 'war-footing' to fight climate change (2011)

Mobilising the 'home front' to fight climate change (2011)

Canadian government lobbies WHO to include climate change in the definition of a pandemic emergency

EU farmers protest regulations, competition from Ukraine

We’ll be uploading our entire minds to computers by 2045 and our bodies will be replaced by machines within 90 years (2013)

Feb. 1, 2024
"Real History" with Melissa
Ep. 52 - "Osman: Updates from Africa"
Why is it important to pay attention to research fraud and data manipulation? Harvard's Dana-Farber Cancer Institute - What does the Ethiopia-Somaliland agreement mean to Somalia and the Horn of Africa countries? Why did CIA chief William Burns recently visit Somalia? What are the goals of Russia and the U.S. in that region and the wider Middle East and what does the continuing escalation mean? Why are we told to hate Putin and Russia?
Dialogue Copyrighted CTTM - Feb. 1 (Exempting Bumper Music and Literary Quotes)

Podcast links:

Ethiopia and Somali region sign a deal giving Ethiopia access to the sea, leaders say

Ethiopia's difficult start as a BRICS member

What US re-entry into Somalia means for the Horn of Africa and for bigger powers (2022)

William J. Burns (director of the Central Intelligence Agency, diplomat)

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Andrey Sushentsov: Here's why Russia and the US are set for a long confrontation

Jan. 25, 2024
"Real History" with Melissa
Ep. 51 - "Malcolm: Rearrange the Jigsaw Puzzle"
Why did Malcolm question things? The analytical and scientific mind. 9/11 - Protests and the group mind - Scamdemic - What is in the jab? Is it causing suicidal ideation?
Dialogue Copyrighted CTTM - Jan. 25 (Exempting Bumper Music and Literary Quotes)

Podcast links:

VIDEO - Vax injury - mother-in-law has dramatic personality change after J&J (CHD Dec.7, 2023)

Can new onset psychosis occur after mRNA based COVID-19 vaccine administration?

First episode psychosis following receipt of first dose of COVID-19 vaccine: A case report

Ep. 51 - Malcolm: Rearrange the Jigsaw Puzzle - Rumble

Ep. 51 - Malcolm: Rearrange the Jigsaw Puzzle - Odysee

Jan. 18, 2024
"Real History" with Melissa
Ep. 50 - "The Singing Chiropractor"
Mark from Sudbury, Ontario - Chemtrails - Former Chiropractor - From Toastmasters to Improv to Occupy Sudbury: What was Mark's Waking Up process and how did he meet Alan? - America: Freedom to Fascism - What are the stages of Grief when you learn about reality? - Parody Songs - "Waking Up is Hard to Do."
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Podcast links:

America: Freedom to Fascism

Sudbury Speaks - What does the Occupy Sudbury movement mean to you? (2011)

Moncton-area farmer claims 'lasers', 'gases' killed cattle (2012)

Charges against cattle farmer Werner Bock dropped

Werner Bock: High Tech LASER/MASER Weapons Being Used to Kill Livestock of New Brunswick Farmer For Refusing to Knuckle Under to Agenda 21 Corporate Farming Takeover (2019)

Breakin' Up Is Hard To Do - Neil Sedaka

Ep. 50 - The Singing Chiropractor - Rumble

Ep. 50 - The Singing Chiropractor - Odysee

Jan. 11, 2024
"Real History" with Melissa
Ep. 49 - Neil Foster & Angry North "Warning"
Idiocracy at Walmart - Neil's Bacon and Eggs - Angry North & Boris's Bitches New Song, "Warning" - Angry North & Helena Handbasket aka Neil Collaborating on Songs - Tiny Homes - Are you ready for your new tiny home in an abandoned shopping mall? - Robots - Chatham House Futurscape London - Are we living through Deagel's depopulation forecast? - A Trans Species? Or Just a Woman Wearing a Tail?
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Podcast links:

Angry North & Boris's Bitches

Warning - a Song by Angry North & Boris's Bitches

You can move into a 213-square-foot house in a popular tiny-home community near Tampa for $1,400 a month

Plans for the UK's first tiny house regenerative settlement in Sea Mills, Bristol.

Futurescape: a journey through London over the next 100 years


Deagel’s Depopulation Forecast confirmed by Heavily Censored Pfizer Documents

Ireland has one of highest excess death rates in Europe during 2023, figures show

Defibrillators in Twickenham. 5 of them!!

Unmasking the Trans Movement - Jon Uhler

The Gender Mapping Project

Alix Aharon Interview on "Non Binary" Surgeries, OnlyFans and "For profit" Gender Services

Detransitioner Chloe Cole’s full testimony to Congress is a ‘final warning’ to stop gender surgery

Demand for 'unvaxxed' sperm spikes: Women are turning to shady Facebook groups looking for donors who refused to get the Covid shot

Former banker, 58, spends $75,000 on 18 horn implants, castration, and ear removal to become a 'transspecies reptilian'

Unvaccinated sperm donors

Ep. 49 - Neil Foster & Angry North "Warning" - Rumble

Ep. 49 - Neil Foster & Angry North "Warning" - Odysee

Ep. 49 - Neil Foster & Angry North "Warning" - BitChute

Ep. 49 - Neil Foster & Angry North "Warning" - Rumble 2

Jan. 4, 2024
"Real History" with Melissa
Ep. 48 - A Man in Nature
Matt from B.C., Canada Since 2009; Originally from Poland - Hated School, Life on a Conveyor Belt - Felt Comfortable in Nature - Living Off Grid with His Wife and Son - Hunts, Grows and Sells Vegetables - When He Met His Wife in Poland, She was Building a Small, Neolithic House, "She's Not an Average Woman" - They Built a Cabin Together in Poland, Hated the Bureaucracy - Moved to Canada to Work in Forestry - Son Born in Canada, Poland's Mandatory Vaccination Rules - Discovered Alan Watt when Putting Polish Subtitles on Documentary, "Don't Talk About the Weather" - Erich Fromm, "Truth is a Weapon" - John Taylor Gatto, Wrote About Education - Hunting Bears, Moose, Grouse, Gardening, Built a Root Cellar - Pemmican, Smoked Jerky, Suet - Selling Their Goats, Buying Sheep - Killing an Animal Not to Be Taken Lightly - Don't Want to Be Grown Like a Chicken, Most People are Products - Living in Nature, Feeding Yourself, Surviving, Brings You Closer to Reality - The Non-Material World, Religion, Life After Death, Supernatural, Hopium...Or Not.
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Podcast links:

Don't Talk About the Weather - documentary, full-length (features some Alan Watt audio)

Escape from Freedom

John Taylor Gatto

Dumbing Us Down: The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling

The Underground History of American Education: A Schoolteacher’s Intimate Investigation Into the Problem of Modern Schooling

Ep 48 - "A Man in Nature" - Rumble

Ep 48 - "A Man in Nature" - Odysee

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