"Real History" with Melissa

Sept. 28, 2023
"Real History" with Melissa
Ep. 37 - Left Brain Right Brain -- Peter Joins a Cult -- Part 2
Book, America: The Sorcerer's New Apprentice, The Rise of New Age Shamanism and Documentary, Gods of the New Age - Netflix Documentary, Wild, Wild Country, about Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, Rajneeshpuram in Oregon - Vipassana Meditation Centers around the World - Paul Engler of Momentum Community, Saul Alinsky-style Organization, Promoting Vipassana and Similar Silent Retreats - People Who Leave Big Money in Their Will to the Vipassana Foundation - Burma, 1950's and 1960's - John Earl Coleman of the CIA and his Involvement Teaching and Promoting Vipassana, Popularized Worldwide by S.N. Goenka - Ashoka the Great (Cruel) - Yuval Noah Harari (World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab's "Mini-Me", "Humans are Hackable") and Vipassana Meditation - Stargate, CIA and the Study of Meditation Techniques - Alan Watt on Body, Soul, Spirit, the Trinity - Plato's Pheadrus, The Allegory of the Chariot - Heroin Addiction - Serotonin - S.N. Goenka Spoke at UN's Millenium World Peace Summit in 2000 and at the World Economic Forum - Vipassana Going Woke - University Education and Conformity - Domesticated Humans - Bertrand Russell, Diet, Injections, and Injunctions - Peter's Observations of People's Behavior Where at the Meditation Center.
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Podcast links:

America, the sorcerer's new apprentice : the rise of new age shamanism

Gods of the New Age

S. N. Goenka

John Earl Coleman

Yuval Noah Harari on how Vipassana shaped his success story

Yuval Harari, author of Sapiens, on how meditation made him a better historian

Yuval Harari: Human History 'Will End When Men Become Gods'

Yuval Harari's warning to Davos - "Humans are Hackable"

Peter Engler - Community Organizer - Meditation

Alan Watt on the Alex Jones Show - June 26, 2007

Alan Watt - Blurb "The Sun is Risen" - Dec. 27, 2006

Plato's Phaedrus (dialogue)

CIA Meditation Investigation

Sept. 21, 2023
"Real History" with Melissa
Ep. 36 - Left Brain Right Brain -- Peter Joins a Cult
Dialogue Copyrighted CTTM - Sept. 21, 2023 (Exempting Bumper Music and Literary Quotes)
Peter from British Columbia, Canada - Discovering Alan Watt's Talks - China's Presence in Canada - Desmond Morris's Books, The Naked Ape and The Human Zoo - Assimilating to What We See on Television or the Internet - Breaking Taboos; Swear Words, a Lesbian Kiss - Normalizing Tattoos - Tribal Identification - Quebec, Cajun French - Michael Savage, Borders, Language, Culture - "Drill Down", "Unpack" - Surfer Lingo - Worked in Patient Transport for a Hospital at the Height of Covid - Peter's Last Mushroom Trip - Right and Left Hemispheres of the Brain; Iain McGilchrist Book, The Master and His Emissary: The Divided Brain and the Making of the Western World - Serotonin, Dopamine - Corpus Callosum Between the Hemispheres - Alan Watt on Intuition - Buddhism, Ashoka the Cruel (the Great) - India's Caste System; The Wheel of Reincarnation - The Wild Man versus the Domesticated - MDMA (Molly, Ecstacy); Merck Pharmaceutical, the Serotonin Rush - Peter and Alcohol - The Gift of a Clear and Sober Mind - Peter Working at a Buddhist Vipassana Meditation Center, He Calls a Cult - CIA and KGB Involvement in Meditation, Hypnotism - Ex-KGB Yuri Bezmenov - The Beatles -David Lynch, Goldie Hawn Promotion of Transcendental Meditation for School Children - Canadian Greeting, "Keepin' Busy?" - Getting Love Bombed at Church or in Cults - Theresa Tam, Canada's Health Minister.

Podcast links:

Yuri Bezmenov: The Four Stages of Ideological Subversion (1984)

The Master and His Emissary: The Divided Brain and the Making of the Western World

What Is Serotonin?

Vipassana Meditation Worldwide

My exhausting meditation retreat: 10 days of Vipassana, silence and spiders

The illusion of free will in the Cult: Vipassana meditation taught by SN Goenka

Katy Perry - I Kissed A Girl

Fujiya and Miyagi - Serotonin Rushes

The Shamen - Ebeneezer Goode

Green Velvet - La La Land

Elise LeGrow - Drinking In The Day

Real History - Ep. 36 - "Left Brain Right Brain -- Peter Joins a Cult" - BitChute

Real History - Ep. 36 - "Left Brain Right Brain -- Peter Joins a Cult" - Odysee

Real History - Ep. 36 - "Left Brain Right Brain -- Peter Joins a Cult" - Rumble

Real History - Ep. 36 - "Left Brain Right Brain -- Peter Joins a Cult" - Rumble 2

Sept. 14, 2023
"Real History" with Melissa
Ep. 35 - Neil Foster --- Cos now you're dead
Misgendered Chicken - Flash Mobs, Retail Theft - Biometric ID - Forced to Work Post-Retirement - Social Media - Time is Precious - UK Energy Bill HL, Net Zero - Electricity, Smart Meters - VAT, Value Added Tax, Luxury Tax - Definition of Reset - Ways of Heating Homes, Coal, Wood - Forest Fires - Nearly Eighty Arsonists Arrested in Greece - Short Attention Spans - Stanley Plotkin, Vaccines Deposition - Psychopaths, Verbal Salad - Electric Vehicles, Replacement Batteries, Explosions - Most People don't Care about Others - Angry North & Boris's Bitches - Oliver Anthony, Protest Music - Vince White, The Clash - Maui, Ukraine, Stimulus Checks - Finding a Useful Outlet for Anger - Boycott Businesses that Harm You - Get to Know Your Neighbors - Song, 21st Century Socialism.
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Podcast links:

Big name retail stores now targeted by gangs in organized hits

Tanzania: how can Goat, Papaya, Pawpaw test positive to Corona?

A stealth effort to bury wood for carbon removal has just raised millions

Those Damn Polar Bears Refuse to Die

Energy Bill [HL]

Energy Bill [HL] - long title

Property owners who don’t comply with new energy rules may face prison

Deaths in London as a result of car emissions

Caroline Lucas calls for Britain to be on 'war-footing' to fight climate change

Stanley Plotkin, Vaccines Deposition, Under Oath, 9 Hour Full Video

Depopulation Through Forced vaccination: The Zero Carbon Solution.

Cos now you're dead - A song by Angry North

Angry North & Boris's Bitches - Bandcamp

Angry North & Boris's Bitches - YouTube Channel

The Adverts - Television's Over

Stiff Little Fingers - Nobody's Hero

William Wallace Protest Songs - 21st Century Socialism

Sept. 7, 2023
"Real History" with Melissa
Ep. 34 - Mary: Teacher, Pilot, Sculptor, Adventurer
Finding Your True Purpose, Meaning - Aunt Mary Visiting from South Texas - Betty and Mary Talked about WWII - Crazy Horse Memorial, South Dakota - Mary Learned to Fly and Got Her Pilot's License - Mary was Asked to Be a Band Director, Learned All the Instruments; Built the Band Up from 17 Students to a 125 Piece First Division Band - Moved to South Texas and Taught Music, Allowed Her to Get Teacher's Pension - The Hispanic Culture of South Texas - Mary's Friend Violet, the Computer Teacher - McAllen, Texas - Mary's Daughter and Son-in-Law Lived in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, for Many Years - After Retiring from Teaching, Mary Started Taking Sculpture Classes in San Miguel and Later in Austin, Texas - Lost Wax Process of Bronze Sculpting - Son is Great Drummer and Music Teacher; Grandson Winning Drum Competitions - For Many Years, Mary Ran a Business Doing Weddings, Cakes, Catering, Flowers; Has a Patent on One of Her Wedding Decorations - Mary's Peaceful Parents, Creative Mother, Got Strength from Her Mother - Patience to Try Things and Not Give Up - Seldom Gets Angry - Travels, Adventures and Misadventures - Find the Right Teacher and Keep Learning New Things.
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Podcast links:

"Real History" with Melissa podcast - Archives

Mary Thrasher Griffin - Sculptor

Instituto Allende - Visual Arts School

Real History - Ep. 34 - "Mary: Teacher, Pilot, Sculptor, Adventurer" - YouTube

Real History - Ep. 34 - "Mary: Teacher, Pilot, Sculptor, Adventurer" - BitChute

Real History - Ep. 34 - "Mary: Teacher, Pilot, Sculptor, Adventurer" - Rumble

Real History - Ep. 34 - "Mary: Teacher, Pilot, Sculptor, Adventurer" - Rumble 2

Real History - Ep. 34 - "Mary: Teacher, Pilot, Sculptor, Adventurer" - Odysee

Aug. 31, 2023
"Real History" with Melissa
Ep. 33 - South Africa: From Necklacing to Farm Murders
Darin from S. Africa, Joined by Joanne who Helps Farm Killing Activist, Petrus Sitho - Petrus Unable to Join the Conversation - Joanne Teaches English to Chinese Children - Joanne Knew a Couple Who Were Killed in a Farm Attack - Violence in Pietermaritzburg - Joanne Finished High School the Same Year Apartheid Ended, Raised by a Black Domestic Worker, Played with her Child - Growing Up, Had Little Understanding of the Reality of Apartheid - History of Tension and Violence Between Xhosa and Zulu - Shaka Zulu - Nelson Mandela, uMkhonto we Sizwe, the Paramilitary Branch of the African National Congress (ANC) - Winnie Mandela's Involvement in Kidnap of Four Youths, Death of Stompie - Winnie Mandela and Hillary Clinton - The Horrible Vigilante Execution Method of Necklacing, "Tire, Petrol, Matches" - Watching and Celebrating Public Executions - Death by Panga (Machete) - Rwanda Genocide - Racism - Julius Malema, Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), "Kill the Boer" - Nelson Mandela Would Never Renounce Violence - Ramaphosa - Darin Talks About Warranted Violence by Blacks Under Apartheid - Liam Neeson on Rage Over a Rape, Racism - How Marxism Uses Race, Critical Race Theory (CRT) - Alan Watt on Blending Communism and Capitalism, Public-Private (Fascism) - Petrus Sitho Feels Called by God to Bring Awareness to South Africa's Farm Killings - Crowdfunding for Petrus - The Recent Trip Petrus Took to Protest at BRICS - Petrus Receives Many Death Threats, "I've Got Your Necklace for You." - Spread the Word about Petrus' Efforts and Farm Killings.
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Podcast links:

Petrus Sitho's BackaBuddy Crowdfunding - Raising Awareness of Farm Killings

PPS Stop Farm Killings SA

Petrus Sitho - Facebook

Petrus Sitho - Tiktok

Petrus Sitho - WhatsApp +27 73 008 4105

Nelson Mandela - by J. Burmeister

UMkhonto we Sizwe - Revolutionary arm of the ANC

The other side of the story (Caution: Graphic Images)

Death By Tire Fire: A Brief History Of “Necklacing” In Apartheid South Africa

Why Nelson Mandela Was Viewed as a 'Terrorist' by the U.S. Until 2008

The dark side of Nelson Mandela

Winnie Mandela is found guilty (1991)

Winnie Mandela accused of ordering love rival's murder (1999)

Winnie Mandela found guilty of fraud (2003)

Boiling a frog: Ramaphosa’s patient battle for the soul of the ANC

Ramaphosa must explain why he compared white people to a frog in boiling water

Black vs white racism media coverage in South Africa: report

1 million killed by machete, club and gun: Rwanda remembers its genocide 20 years later (2014)

Attackers chant ‘Kill the boer, kill the farmer’ in brutal farm attack

Two elderly women survive horrific farm attack near Caledon

Connecting the dots: Critical race theory and Gramsci Marxism

History Uncut - Inkhata - ANC Clashes (Caution: Graphic Images)

Real History - Ep. 33 - South Africa: From Necklacing to Farm Murders - BitChute

Real History - Ep. 33 - South Africa: From Necklacing to Farm Murders - Rumble

Real History - Ep. 33 - South Africa: From Necklacing to Farm Murders - Rumble 2

Real History - Ep. 33 - South Africa: From Necklacing to Farm Murders - Odysee

Real History - Ep. 33 - South Africa: From Necklacing to Farm Murders - YouTube

Aug. 24, 2023
"Real History" with Melissa
Ep. 32 - Dr. William Makis MD
Dr. William Makis MD, Oncologist, Immunologist, Nuclear Medicine - Substack Author, Analysing "Died Suddenly" Deaths and Likely Cases of Vaccine Injuries - Came to Canada as a Young Child, Refugees from Communist Czechoslovakia - Running a Unique Cancer Treatment Using Medical Isotopes, Targeted Radionuclide Therapy - Ran a Program in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada at Cross Cancer Institute - Persecution by Alberta Health Services When the Government Moved the Program Out of Alberta to British Columbia Under the Trudeau Administration - Big Pharma, Novartis Involvement in the B.C. Program - Questionable Use of Lipid Nanoparticles as Delivery for mRNA "Therapies" - Vaccine Mandates and the "Carrot and Stick" Approach - Analysing Injuries and Death, Myocarditis, "Turbo" Cancers, Blood Clots, etc. - Canada Effectively Under Communism for at Least a Decade - UK Dept. of Work and Pensions Claims Shows Spike in 2021 and Greater Spike in 2022 of All Types of Claims, Particularly Psychiatric Diseases: Anxiety, Psychosis, Mood Disorders, etc. - Greatest Spikes in Neurological Issues, Psychiatric Issues and Cancers - Risk of Suicide and Suicidal Ideation - Hit Piece on Dr. Makis by Global News; Called a Lunatic - Intent to Harm and Kill by the Medical Establishment and Governments - Communism Always has a Bloody Quality, Major Loss of Life.
Dialogue Copyrighted CTTM - Aug. 24, 2023 (Exempting Bumper Music and Literary Quotes)

Podcast links:

Dr. William Makis MD - Substack

William Makis MD - Twitter

Live With Dr. Makis and UK Disability Claims Data

The Soviet Story (with English subtitles)

Alberta physicians claim COVID vaccines to blame for deaths of five Toronto-area doctors (2022)

Psychiatric Injuries - COVID-19 mRNA vaccine induced Psychosis - 13 cases of post vaccination psychosis, mania and suicide attempts that will shock you...

Depression, Psychosis and Suicide Ideation - The Dark side of Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine effects on the BRAIN. I review 9 studies on Suicidality, 12 on Psychosis, 5 on Depression!

Psychiatric Injuries - Children who were injured by Pfizer or Moderna COVID-19 mRNA vaccines - Hallucinations, self-harm, suicide attempts, permanent disability

Analysis of UK New Claims for Personal Independence Payment (PIP) by Underlying Causes, UK Department of Work and Pensions (DWP)

UK - Personal Independence Payment statistics April 2013 to January 2023

UK Disability Claims - William Makis MD - Twitter

UVC: Prof. Arne Burkhardt: Autopsies: Evidence for Jab Related Harm and Death

Acute Psychosis After Immunization With Whole-Virion Inactivated COVID-19 Vaccine; A Case Report From Central India

First episode psychosis following receipt of first dose of COVID-19 vaccine: A case report

Vaccine-Induced Psychosis as an Etiology to Consider in the Age of COVID-19

Psychosis Associated With COVID-19 Vaccination

Acute psychosis induced by mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccine in adolescents: A pediatric case report

Psychiatric adverse reactions to COVID-19 vaccines: A rapid review of published case reports

Acute Psychosis Due to Anti-N-Methyl D-Aspartate Receptor Encephalitis Following COVID-19 Vaccination: A Case Report

Psychiatric pathology potentially induced by COVID-19 vaccine

COVID-19 May Be Linked to Spontaneous Psychosis. Researchers Are Trying to Figure Out Why

Two men were consumed by Covid psychosis. Their wives say one lived and the other died because of how doctors reacted.

Early onset dementia is being caused by the COVID vaccine (~25X increase)

Cover-up! Our landmark COVID-19 vaccine autopsy paper (74% of sudden deaths were caused by the vaccine) was censored by top medical journal LANCET within 24 hours!

A Systematic Review of Autopsy Findings in Deaths after Covid-19 Vaccination

Healthcare workers (paramedics, chiropractors, nursing or physician assistants, dental assistants, care home workers, psychologists, etc) are dying suddenly - 14 deaths examined (in last 3 months)

BLOOD CLOTS - in the legs, lungs and hearts of young people (COVID-19 vaccinated) - Grammy winner Tori Kelly, NFL Cleveland Browns Marquise Goodwin - 25 new cases examined - it's an epidemic!

mRNA and pregnancy - women are dying suddenly after giving birth. COVID-19 vaccination increases risk of sudden death during delivery and in the weeks after (10 new deaths explored)

DYING IN SLEEP - Young people are still dying suddenly in their sleep - I analyze 30 deaths while sleeping, in past 3 months - first ever analysis of such sudden deaths!

New COVID-19 Variants - propaganda is ramping up and the COVID con is back ON. New variants: EG.5.1 "Eris" (DEMONIC Goddess of Chaos and Discord), FLIP variant, most mutated Indonesia variant - my take

Families that inject mRNA together, develop Turbo Cancer together? - 12 unbelievable stories of two or three family members developing aggressive cancer at the same time!

Real History - Ep. 32 - "Dr. William Makis MD" - BitChute

Real History - Ep. 32 - "Dr. William Makis MD" - Rumble

Real History - Ep. 32 - "Dr. William Makis MD" - Rumble 2

Real History - Ep. 32 - "Dr. William Makis MD" - Odysee

Real History - Ep. 32 - "Dr. William Makis MD" - YouTube (a small Excerpt of the talk)

Aug. 17, 2023
"Real History" with Melissa
Ep. 31 - Brandon Turbeville
Brandon Turbeville - Writes about Health, Economics, War, Government Corruption, and Civil Liberties - Brandon has Many Books Available, Including Poetry - Vanessa Beeley, Syria, White Helmets - Control of the Press - White Helmets, Al Nusra - Pro-China Slant in Journalism - Information Warfare - Russia/Ukraine - Brandon's Latest Article, "Yes, We Can End the Ukraine War in 24 Hours - Here's How" - John Mearsheimer - Military-Industrial Complex - The Process of Waking Up - Brandon's Initial Start as a Writer - Writer Nat Hentoff - Tim O'Brien's book, "The Things They Carried" - Bob Dylan - Syria, and its Culture - Libya, Gaddafi; Hillary Clinton - The Major Religions Co-Exist in Syria, a Secular Culture - Sanctions are an Act of War - Madeleine Albright - Smoking Guns - The Real Smoking Guns are Things That Alan Watt Shared, Club of Rome.
Dialogue Copyrighted CTTM - Aug. 17, 2023 (Exempting Bumper Music and Literary Quotes)

Podcast links:

Brandon Turbeville's website

Brandon's Twitter

Yes, We Can End the Ukraine War in 24 Hours - Here's How - by Brandon Turbeville

On Returning From Syria: More Convinced Than Ever Western Media Narrative Is Bullshit - by Brandon Turbeville

I Visited East Aleppo - There Is No Doubt Nusra And White Helmets Are the Same Organization - by Brandon Turbeville

Libya: Ten Things About Gaddafi They Don’t Want You to Know

Why is Ukraine the West's Fault? Featuring John Mearsheimer

Codex Alimentarius: The End Of Health Freedom - Book by Brandon Turbeville

7 Real Conspiracies - Book by Brandon Turbeville

The Difference It Makes: 36 Reasons Hillary Clinton Should Never Be President - Book by Brandon Turbeville

Dispatches From A Dissident Vol 1 - Book by Brandon Turbeville

Dispatches From A Dissident Vol. 2 - Book by Brandon Turbeville

Dance, Amputee - Book of Poetry by Brandon Turbeville

38 Steps To 501 And Other Poems - by Brandon Turbeville

The Road To Damascus: The Anglo-American Assault On Syria - by Brandon Turbeville

Resisting The Empire: The Plan To Destroy Syria And How The Future Of The World Depends On The Outcome - by Brandon Turbeville

The War Continues: The Syrian Crisis 2016-2022: Vol 1 NEW BOOK - by Brandon Turbeville

The War Continues: The Syrian Crisis 2016-2022: Vol. 2 NEW BOOK - by Brandon Turbeville

The White Helmets Exposed NEW BOOK - by Brandon Turbeville

The History And Science Of Color Revolutions NEW BOOK - by Brandon Turbeville

Vanessa Beeley's Twitter

Assala - Boaadak Ani - Syrian singer

George Wassouf...Shoukran - Syrian singer

Nat Hentoff - Writer and Journalist

Real History - Ep. 31 "Brandon Turbeville" - YouTube

Real History - Ep. 31 "Brandon Turbeville" - BitChute

Real History - Ep. 31 "Brandon Turbeville" - Rumble

Real History - Ep. 31 "Brandon Turbeville" - Rumble 2

Aug. 10, 2023
"Real History" with Melissa
Ep. 30 - Neil Foster --- I'm a Woman
Dialogue Copyrighted CTTM - Aug. 10, 2023 (Exempting Bumper Music and Literary Quotes)
Broken Air Conditioners - Keeping the Bees Cool - Watching the Hens Grow - Garden Update - K-nep Environment - Going Back to Work Driving, Amazon - Unionizing Drivers - The "Alien" Letter to "Congress" -- Advice from the Extraterrestrials - Movie, The Day the Earth Stood Still - UFOs and Benevolent Aliens - Twilight Zone episode, How to Serve Man - South African Politican, Julias Malema, "Kill the Boer" - Elon Musk, White Genocide and the Farm Killings - South Africa's Problems - Food Shortages, Famine, Starvation, Food Inflation - Cooking and Home Economics No Longer Taught - 13 Countries Nations Agree to Abolish Farming to "Save the Planet" - Dutch Farmers; The Global War on Farmers - UN World Food Programme's David Beasley; Millions Marching Towards Hunger - The Show of Philanthropy; Bono - Trained to Worship the Wealthy - The Millionaires Buying Beachfront Houses Despite "Rising Sea Level" - Lying Politicians - The Aspen Institute, Lifetime Trustees, CFR and Trilateral Commission; Henry Kissinger, Crown and Pritzker Families from Chicago - Illinois Governor JB Pritzker Signed Bill Allowing Non-Citizens to Become Police Officers; Peacekeepers - Transgender Double Murderer, Breast Augmentation on Taxpayers - Urban Alchemy Nonprofit, Ex-Convicts Clean Up Homeless - Psychopathy - Bill Gates, Mosquitos, Malaria - Disease X; Porton Down - Neil's Upcoming Trip to Scotland - Angry North and Boris's Bitches song, "I'm a Woman" - Edwin Black's book, War Against the Weak: Eugenics and America's Campaign to Create a Master Race - Next Week, Brandon Turbeville (Neil has Interviewed) - Grow a Garden.

Podcast links:

Fact Check: Was Letter Sent by Aliens Read Out at Congress UFO Hearing?

The Day the Earth Stood Still

Alien Confused As Earth Leaders Try To Explain All The Human Genders (Babylon Bee)

South African political leader calls for violence against White citizens at rally: 'Kill the Boer, the farmer'

13 Nations Agree to Abolish Farming in order to 'Save the Planet'

Alex Newman - Climate Change

Florida school district says trans employees can’t use pronouns, bathrooms that match their gender identity

JB Pritzker signs bill allowing noncitizens to become Illinois police officers

Forced Sterilization in the United States

“Disease X” Was Rehearsed at “Clade X” Are We About to See A New Plandemic?

I'm a Woman - A song by Angry North and Boris's Bitches

Ep. 30 - "Neil Foster --- I'm a Woman" - BitChute

Ep. 30 - "Neil Foster --- I'm a Woman" - Rumble

Ep. 30 - "Neil Foster --- I'm a Woman" - Rumble 2

Ep. 30 - "Neil Foster --- I'm a Woman" - Odysee

Aug. 3, 2023
"Real History" with Melissa
Ep. 29 - Our Limited Time
Back to Work After Surgery on Spine - Awareness of One's Mortality - Alan Said that All Possibilities That Exist in the World, Exist Within You - You Are the Microcosm of the Macrocosm - Urgency to Accomplish Our Tasks in the Short Span of Our Lives - Favorite Blurbs of Alan's - Sychronicity - Refinishing Midcentury Danish Furniture; Working with Shellac - Germany Unseasonably Cold - Noticing That People are Losing Control of Emotions, Having Tantrums - Plastic Barriers Being Removed from Banks and Stores - Donald Rumsfeld - Distracted and Angry Drivers - Prince, the Musician and Chemtrails - Movie, Return in Red - Behavior Correllated to Injection - Dr. William Makis, Canadian Doctor Tracking Injuries and Deaths and the Connection to Covid-19 Vaccination - Prion Disease - Vaccine Injury and Death and the Affects on Mental Health - We're Conditioned to Believe that Crises Just Appear - Henry Kissinger - Alan Watt, We're Living Through a Script - Bill Cooper, When in History do You Want to Return? - The Good Old Days; History is a Horror Show - Narcissism - Cold War Era Germ Warfare on British People - At the CFR, Director Brennan of the CIA on Geoengineering - Adam's Short Film on Chemtrails - 5G and "Conspiracy" - The Coming Rollout of 6G - Controlled Opposition, Disinformation, Counter-Intelligence, Authorized Voices - Alan Watt on the Three Levels of Science and Technology - Ukraine/Russia - BBC Television "News-Benders" from 1968 - Viruses, Pandemics and Lockdowns in Movies Before 2019 - Biosecurity - British TV from 2013, "Utopia"; TV show "Spooks" - Alan Watt, Predictive Programming - Cartoon Book on Gay and Trans Sex Aimed at Young Children - Pushback on the Woke Agenda - Canada, Sweden, Hormones, Gender - Cliffhanger.
Dialogue Copyrighted CTTM - Aug. 3, 2023 (Exempting Bumper Music and Literary Quotes)

Podcast links:

The News-Benders 1968

‘Era of global boiling has arrived,’ says UN chief as July set to be hottest month on record

Sinister Skies: The Chemtrail Phenomenon in 15 Minutes

How the British Government subjected thousands of people to chemical and biological warfare trials during Cold War

Millions were in germ war tests

Biological Weapons Tested On British Public 1/4

Operation LAC

Can new onset psychosis occur after mRNA based COVID-19 vaccine administration? A case report

First Episode Psychosis Following COVID-19 Vaccination: a Case Report

Acute psychosis induced by mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccine in adolescents: A pediatric case report

PRION DISEASE - Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD) or "Mad Cow Disease" post COVID-19 vaccination - 14 tragic deaths explored

CARDIAC ARRESTS - Young women are dropping dead everywhere.

Died suddenly - School bus drivers are collapsing at the wheel - 9 recent incidents!

Nine-year-old helped North Carolina school bus driver during December heart attack

mRNA and pregnancy - Women are dying suddenly after giving birth.

Audio - "Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt - "Modern Mythological Enemies versus The Man in the Mirror" July 4, 2007

Audio - "Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt - "Brushfires, Birds, Bees and Biochemical Warfare" - Apr. 19, 2007

Audio - "Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt - "Sing Your Song and Steal Some Time" - Feb. 28, 2007

Alan Watt on Arthur C. Clarke + the 3 Levels of Technology (and Science, and Reality) - May 4, 2007

Real History Ep. 29 - Our Limited Time - BitChute

Real History Ep. 29 - Our Limited Time - Rumble

Real History Ep. 29 - Our Limited Time - Rumble 2

Real History Ep. 29 - Our Limited Time - Odysee

July 27, 2023
"Real History" with Melissa
Ep. 28 - From my great sorrows
Michael in Sweden - Recently Travelled to Germany, Hungary and Belgium for Work Conference - Seeing the Geoengineering from the Plane - Heavier than Normal Spraying Across the World; Allergies - Listening to Alan Watt's Talk from July 4, 2007, "Modern Mythological Enemies versus The Man in the Mirror" - Extremely Hot in Texas - Satisfaction in Understanding; The First Miracle is Discovering Reality - My Gradual Process of Waking Up - Peggy Lee song, "Is That All There Is?" - A Life Lacking Purpose and Meaning - Alan's Impact on Our Lives - Growth Since His Passing - Thinking for Yourself - Alan's Good Answers - Waking Up is Like Peeling the Layers of an Onion - Learning to Stand on Your Own Two Feet - Home Surveillance, George Orwell's 1984 - Intuition, Synchronicities, In the Groove - Geoengineering, Windmills in Germany, Belgium; Noise - Hungary - Michael; The Wealth of Information on the Cutting Through the Matrix Websites - Video, "Cutting Through the Matrix 101"; Learning to Navigate the Sites and Make Use of All that is There - Michael's Garden - Midsummer Festival in Sweden.
Dialogue Copyrighted CTTM - July 27, 2023 (Exempting Bumper Music and Literary Quotes)

Redux links:

Audio - "Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt - "Modern Mythological Enemies versus The Man in the Mirror" July 4, 2007

Transcript - "Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt - "Modern Mythological Enemies versus The Man in the Mirror" July 4, 2007

Video - Cutting Through the Matrix 101 - July 6, 2023

Audio - "Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt - "Sing Your Song and Steal Some Time" - Feb. 28, 2007

Transcript - "Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt - "Sing Your Song and Steal Some Time" - Feb. 28, 2007

"Real History" with Melissa - Ep. 28 - "From my great sorrows" - EDITED YouTube video

"Real History" with Melissa - Ep. 28 - "From my great sorrows" - BitChute video

"Real History" with Melissa - Ep. 28 - "From my great sorrows" - Rumble video

"Real History" with Melissa - Ep. 28 - "From my great sorrows" - Rumble Ch. 2

July 20, 2023
"Real History" with Melissa
Ep. 27 - Osman -- A Diplomat's Son
Osman in Somalia - Born in Uganda, Raised from Early Childhood in London, England - Idi Amin - Somalia Based on Clan System of Families - Somalia, Ethiopia, Russia, Cuba and U.S. Intervention - Coup Attempt Against Somali Regime - Father Quit Working for the Government, Moved the Family to Kenya - His Father's Relationship with Idi Amin - Soviet Involvement in Somalia, Soviet Experts Building Up Somalia's Military - Father Worked with the Opposition, Moved Family to Libya - Moved to London Shortly Before 7th Birthday; Changes in London - Immigration - Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs - Buyer Beware - Glorification of Criminality in Fiction, "Getting Away With It" - University in Scotland, Studied Geology and then Biochemistry, Infomatics, Genomics - mRNA Vaccine, Gene Therapy - Returning to Somalia to Live and Work.
Dialogue Copyrighted CTTM - July 20, 2023 (Exempting Bumper Music and Literary Quotes)

Podcast links:

Real History Ep. 27 - Osman -- A Diplomat's Son - BitChute video

"Real History" with Melissa - Ep. 27 - "Osman -- A Diplomat's Son" - Rumble video

The Sultanates of Somalia

1969 Somali coup d'état

Ogaden War

1978 Somali coup d'état attempt

Somali Civil War

Somalia: Fall of Siad Barre and the civil war

Somali Salvation Democratic Front

Somali diaspora

Mythical Idi Amin: Did writers get the real truth about him?

Tony Blair hits out at 'myth' that he allowed 'uncontrolled immigration' into Britain

MIT researchers to lead a new center for continuous mRNA manufacturing

End of Black Sea Grains Deal Promises Pain for Africa's Neediest

Poetry from Somalia

Hadraawi: the most famed poet in Somalia, the land of the poets

Hudeidi - Uur Hooyo (Feat. Aar Maanta)


Hudeidi: The Somali 'king of oud' who was felled by coronavirus

Aar Maanta

How Somali pop star Aar Maanta is banding the diaspora together with music

Maryam Mursal - Heesteena (live at Africa Calling)

Maryam Mursal

July 13, 2023
"Real History" with Melissa
Ep. 26 - Neil Foster: Would I Lie to You?
Raising Chickens - Beekeeping and Garden Update - True Grassroots Environmentalism - Florida's Fishery and Wildlife Conservation; Poisoning the Water, Killing the Wildlife and Fish the Agency is Tasked with Protection - Corrupt Liars - Dead and Diseased Fish from Pesticide Spraying by Government Agency - K-nep Environment, Pinocchio Award for Liars - High Levels of Pesticide in Florida's Lakes because of Government Agency "Management" of "Invasive" Plants - Agenda 21, Agenda 2030 - Neil's T-shirt, Good People Disobey Bad Laws - U.S. Sent Cluster Bombs to the Ukraine - Rollout of 15-Minute Cities - Converting Shopping Malls into Housing - Doctors, Vaccines, Gender Affirmation, Hormone Blockers - Arresting People for Politically Incorrect Speech (or Silent Prayers) - Transgender Parents and Breastfeeding - Breast Milk, "Toxic" Masculinity - Pornography, Images Stuck in Your Head - Thomas Sheridan, Psychopaths - Judith Reisman's Work on Pornography, Kinsey - Rap Music, Misogyny - Normalizing Homosexuality for Decades, Same-Sex Marriage - Queer, Sexually Explicit Book for Children at Public Libraries - Alexa - Self-Checkout and the Elimination of Jobs - Digital Currency, Cashless Society - World Economic Forum's New Champions, The Future of Money - "Red Flag" Laws - Preparing an Introductory Talk on Agenda 21, Climate Change.
Dialogue Copyrighted CTTM - July 13, 2023 (Exempting Bumper Music and Literary Quotes)

Podcast links:

Real History w/Melissa - Ep. 26 - Neil Foster: Would I Lie to You? -- BitChute video

Real History w/Melissa - Ep. 26 - Neil Foster: Would I Lie to You? --- Rumble AWCTTM

David Ochs, a bass guide on Lake Rosalie

Fact checking the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) Episode 1

Fact checking the FWC Episode 2

Fact checking the FWC Episode 3

The Future of Money - WEF - watch the final 3 minutes

Developers are turning 14 GTA malls into tiny cities, with Cloverdale leading the way – is this the solution to Toronto’s housing crisis?

The Dying Mall’s New Lease on Life: Apartments

Meet the 15-Minute City’s Cousin: The 20-Minute Suburb

American Academy of Pediatrics - Why We Stand Up for Transgender Children and Teens

“In My Daddy’s Belly” Book To Teach Children Males Can Get Pregnant, Give Birth

'It turned out to be a big mistake.' Gen Z's trans poster-child Milo from 2016 MTV show re-emerges and tearfully regrets hormone jabs, hairy belly and 'dead ovary'

Lake Wales Public Library - Queer

Ex-con transgender calls for punching gender critical people in the "f***ing" face

Eurythmics, Annie Lennox, Dave Stewart - Would I Lie to You?

July 6, 2023
"Real History" with Melissa
Ep. 25 - Darin and Petrus Sitho: More on South Africa's Farm Murders
Petrus Sitho Felt a Calling from God to Bring Attention to the Farm Murders in South Africa and Corruption Within the ANC - Expropriation of Farm Land, Section 25 - Song, Kill the Boer, Kill the Farmer was Sung by Political Leader, Julias Malema - People Following Their Politicians, Want to Take Land by Force - Killing of Zimbabwe Farmers, Three Million Illegal Zimbabweans - Opened a High Court Case Against the President of South Africa - Graphic Nature of Torture, Rapes of Victims - President Ramaphosa had Millions Stashed in Mattresses and Sofas - Sacrifices that Petrus has Made to Bring Attention to these Killings and Hold the ANC Government Accountable - Please Consider Supporting the Work that Petrus Sitho is Doing with Stop Farm Killings SA.
Dialogue Copyrighted CTTM - July 6, 2023 (Exempting Bumper Music and Literary Quotes)

Podcast links:

Stop Farm Killings SA --- Petrus' website

Back a Buddy - donations for Stop Farm Killings SA (can use PayPal and other payment methods)

Ep. 25 Darin and Petrus Sitho: More on South Africa's Farm Murders - BitChute video

Ep. 25 Darin and Petrus Sitho: More on South Africa's Farm Murders - Rumble video

Umshini wami --- song, "Bring me my machine [gun]"

Dubul' ibhunu --- song, "kill the Boer"

Heila and Daniel van der Walt were brutally murdered in their home.

Elderly couple attacked, stripped, beaten, stabbed, had boiling water and oil poured over them, and melted plastic dripped on them.

Farm attack, paraplegic woman assaulted husband stabbed, Koedoesfontein

Elderly couple brutally stabbed and raped

Farm murder suspect killed in attempted farm attack

Repeat offenders out on bail, granted bail again, and only two returned to court.

Farm murders: Murder of little Wilmien Potgieter

10 years after murders of Attie, Wilna and Wilmien Potgieter, we must join forces again

Bloody trail of murder in South Africa

Amy Biehl

South Africa aims to expropriate land without compensation

Ramaphosa Had Millions Allegedly Stashed Under Mattresses, Around R1.2 Billion Squirrelled Away

June 29, 2023
"Real History" with Melissa
Ep. 24 - Julie and JP -- Book of Ours: Sadism
JP and Julie from Book of Hours - Latest Video Essay, The New Model: Sadism - Their Video Essay, The New Model: Quarantyranny - Narcissists and Sadists Keep Changing the Rules - Simulacrum; The Movie, The Matrix - Therapists, Jung, Shadow Work, Seeing Our Own Dark Side - The Deviant Priesthood; Aztecs and Human Sacrifice; Corporate Culture - The Epic of Gilgamesh - Satanism, Luciferianism - Long-Term Plans - Real Magic - Dark Topics in The New Model: Sadism - Cats - Generation X, No Children - Austerity, Poverty - Artificial Intelligence - Tagline for The New Model Series, This is the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) - Machine Learning, World's Knowledge Digitized - JP Works as User Interface Designer and Information Architect - Generative AI, Large Language Models - Phigma - Hypernormalization of AI in the Form of Propaganda - March 2023, Biden Administration Deployed Defense Production Act for Creation of Technologies and Chips Needed for AI; Nvidia - Hyper-realism - TV Series, Black Mirror; Episode "Joan is Awful" - The New Model Essay on AI Due Out in August.
Dialogue Copyrighted CTTM - June 29, 2023 (Exempting Bumper Music and Literary Quotes)

Podcast links:

Real History Ep. 24 - JP and Julie -- Book of Ours: Sadism

The New Model: Sadism (YouTube)

The New Model: Sadism (Substack)

The New Model: Sadism (Patreon)

Book of Ours

Book of Ours - The New Model Series

From psychopaths to ‘everyday sadists’: why do humans harm the harmless?

Alan Watt - Groups Vs. The Individual

Biden signs $280 billion CHIPS and Science Act

Hope, fear, and AI

92% of programmers are using AI tools, says GitHub developer survey

June 22, 2023
"Real History" with Melissa
Ep. 23 - Darin in South Africa: Farm Murders
Existential Crisis - South Africa's High Unemployment - Farm Murders, SA Murder and Rape Capitol - Petrus Sotho, StopFarmMurders.za.com - Speaking Out Against the ANC - Corruption - Renewable Energy, Blackouts - Water Treatment, Cholera - Train System Nearly Destroyed - World Economic Forum, Young Global Leaders - The Agenda is Global - Elon Musk Backs Away from WEF, Guides into Their Goals from the Backdoor - WEF's New Champions, Meeting in China 27-29 June, 2023 - Doxa Deo Churches, a Sustainable, UN Approach to Christianity - The Path of an Individual.
Dialogue Copyrighted CTTM - June 22, 2023 (Exempting Bumper Music and Literary Quotes)

Podcast links:

"Real History" with Melissa - Ep. 23 - Darin in South Africa: Farm Murders - BitChute video

Stop Farm Murders

Stop Farm Murders Activist Petrus Sitho arrives in Alberton

SA Presidency acknowledges receipt of call for farm murder commission

Farmers urged to step up security after 7 ‘brutal’ farm murders in South Africa during the past week - June 7, 2023

Gruesome details surface from AfriForum’s 2022 farm murder report

Is South Africa Limiting Water for White People? Proposal Gets Pushback

South Africa's Economy Loses Momentum Amid Record Power Cuts - IMF

Darin's Piece on Austerity

South Africa is Key to Global Net Zero

Patrice Motsepe-backed solar company that pays in Bitcoin aims for expansion

Magneto Renewable Energy

The decline of Johannesburg: Why Africa’s richest city is crumbling

Global University Leaders Forum - WEF

WEF New Champions chapter launched in South Africa

Here’s How Tomorrow’s African Leaders Will Improve the World - WEF

Young Global Leaders | Justice Minister Ronald Lamola recognised by World Economic Forum

Lamola launches his campaign to become ANC deputy president in Mabuza’s stronghold

Minister Lamola to Address World Economic Forum, and Financial Action Task

Ronald Lamola - Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

'Our cyberspace will be safe': Ronald Lamola co-signs cybercrime agreement with France

World Economic Forum - Net Zero Carbon Cities - Geordin Hill-Lewis: Mayor of Cape Town, South Africa

Compact of Mayors

C40 Cities - Global Network

Doxadeo - Churches Blended into Agenda 2030, Sustainability Goals of UN

Religious Organizations Taking Action on Climate Change (2007)

Canadian Christians Launch Collective for Climate Action (2023)

A decade of faith-led climate action under Pope Francis (2023)

Jewish institutions awaken to climate crisis, with hundreds pledging action (2023)

United Nations - How a new initiative is mobilizing Muslims to help save the planet (2020)

Yale School of the Environment - A Ramadan reflection on Islam and climate action (2023)

How Ramadan is going 'green' - and why sustainability is part of Islamic tradition (2023, WEF)

COVID-19 shows the need for radical change. Here's how faith leaders can help rebuild a better post-pandemic world (May 2020, WEF)

City Changers Movement - Doxa Deo Churches Worldwide

June 15, 2023
"Real History" with Melissa
Ep. 22 - No Artificial Heart
Artwork and Music, Copyright David Marshak - Niagra Escarpment in Ontario, Canada; UNESCO Biosphere - Mega-Farming, Glyphosates - David is a Painter, His Wife a Herbalist, Three Children in Forest School - Bertrand Russell, The Impact of Science on Society; Johann Fichte on the True Purpose of Education - The Short-Lived Co-Op Bistro with Local Produce and Music - People Prefer to Look at the Bright Side Over Facing Reality - 9/11, Discovering Alan Watt's Work - David's Music; The Angry Period - David's Oil Paintings Featured in this Video - David's Songs "New Normal" and "Herd Behaviour" - Trades Paintings for Music Production - Drawnonward; A Group of Canadian Artists Travel Throughout Canada, Painting, Making Friends; the Inuit People - Song, "Artificial Heart"; Painting, "The Visitor" - Finnish Mother Father from New York, Russian Jewish and Pennsylvania Deutsch Heritage - Father's Summer Experience in the Heyday of the Folk Music Scene - Progression from Leftist Thinking (Canada's NDP - New Democratic Party) into a Deeper Understanding of Reality - Movies; Wariness of the Programming, Enjoy the Medium - 1984, Animal Farm and Brave New World, Required Reading/Viewing - Movie, The Secret of Roan Inish - Alan Watt's Christmas Compositions, "Hombre" from Christmas Day, 2008 and Alan's Photographs of Birds; "Hombre" and Bird Photography Copyright Alan Watt/CTTM.
Dialogue Copyrighted CTTM - June 15, 2023; Art, Songs Coprighted D. Marshak; Hombre and photographs Copyrighted Alan Watt (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)

Podcast links:

Real History Ep. 22 - "No Artificial Heart" - BitChute video

David Marshak - Painter

David Marshak - Songs


Bloem Botanicals

Sarah's old business

What is Forest School?

Suicide amongst the Inuit of Nunavut: An Exploration of Life Trajectories

Roundup roundup: How Ontario uses the controversial herbicide

Seven Painters Seven Places 2 of 5

Seven Painters Seven Places 3 of 5

Seven Painters Seven Places 4 of 5

Seven Painters Seven Places 5 of 5

Arctic Artists 1 of 3

Arctic Artists 3 of 3

June 8, 2023
"Real History" with Melissa
Ep. 21 - Neil Foster -- Everything They Do is Evil
Quit Working for Amazon - Jane Fonda, White Men are to Blame for Climate Change - Net Carbon Tax Added to Groceries - Inflation and Rising Food Costs - Alcohol Still Affordable, Cigarettes Cheaper - Soma, A Drugged and Compliant Population - Vaccinations Known to Be Dangerous and Ineffective in the 1800s - Depopulation - Edmund Black's book, War Against the Weak: Eugenics and America's Campaign to Create a Master Race - Target, Clothing for Children, Satanic and Transgender Imagery - MODIFIED mRNA Vaccines - Taking Children to Gay Pride Parades - Yuri Bezmenov, Contaminated Culture.
Dialogue Copyrighted CTTM - June 8, 2023 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)

Podcast links:

"Real History" Ep. 21 - Neil Foster -- Everything They Do is Evil - BitChute video

"Real History" Ep. 21 - Neil Foster -- Everything They Do is Evil - YouTube video (1st 40 min. only)

Jane Fonda blames 'White men' for climate crisis, calls to 'arrest and jail' them

Net zero ‘grocery tax’ will push shopping bills up by £4bn, Tories warned

Big name retail stores now targeted by gangs in organized hits: Investigators | Nightline

War Against the Weak -- book by Edwin Black

Forty-five years of registration statistics, proving vaccination to be both useless and dangerous - Alfred Russel Wallace, 1885

Study showed sperm replaced by spike protein

CRISPR Scientist's Biography Explores Ethics Of Rewriting The Code Of Life - mRNA

Transcript - CRISPR Scientist's Biography Explores Ethics Of Rewriting The Code Of Life - mRNA

Elon Musk - Synthetic mRNA has incredible potential!


Yes, There are More than Two Genders Shirt

Target is Sexualizing Children

Trans Kids are Sexy - T-Shirt

As ‘Pride Month’ approaches, the LGBT mob is ramping up its attacks on dissenters

Yuri Bezmenov - ALL Interviews and Lectures HQ (1984-1983) - Thanks to "The Truth Archive"

Everything They Do is Evil - Angry North & Boris's Bitches

June 1, 2023
"Real History" with Melissa
Ep. 20 - Something Greater
Darick and Ula, Husband, Wife, Father, Mother, Artists - Ula's Podcast, Music, Sound, Spoken Word - Leonard Cohen, If it Be Your Will - Carl Jung, Alan Watt, the Path of an Individual can be Lonely - Ula Paints with Oil, the Time and Focus on a Painting - Darick's Artistic Process, Creating Since Childhood - What is Natural, Making Peace with Technology - The Awesome Responsibility of Teaching Children - Grace, Free Will, Choices, Many Called, Few Chosen - Asking the Question of Who these Intergenerational Families of Elite Really Are - Jung, Unifying the Whole Person.
Dialogue Copyrighted CTTM - June 1, 2023 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)

Podcast links:

"Real History" with Melissa - Ep. 20 - YouTube video

"Real History" with Melissa - Ep. 20 - BitChute video

Darick's Website - Illustration, Design, Websites

Ula's Website - Art

Ula's Podcast

Darick's Podcast

Darick's podcast archive section

Another Website for Darick

"A Matter of Heart" - a Carl Jung documentary

Face To Face | Carl Gustav Jung (1959)

Alan Watt Reads Carl Jung - the Mass vs the Individual - June 29, 2007

Rudolf Steiner lecture archive

The Battle for Human Nature Between Luciferic and Ahrimanic Beings - Rudolf Steiner

May 25, 2023
"Real History" with Melissa
Ep. 19 - Judy in Disguise with Glasses
Judy in Oregon - Geoengineering - Worked for Scottsdale, AZ Builder - 9/11, Terrorism and a Trip to Las Vegas - Deeply Bothered by War - Behaving Like a Conspiracy Theorist, Trying to Wake Everyone Up - Researching - Moved to Costa Rica for a Year - Traveling Through South America, Easter Island, Egypt - Discovering Alan Watt - Going to Canada to Meet Alan, The Harsh Conditions at Alan's House - Drinking Brandy with Alan - The Spiritual Experience - Rudolph Steiner - Waldorf Schools - Steiner's Thoughts on Reducing Humans to a Single Bodily Function, an Eye or an Ear - Alan Watt's Book on The Hermaphroditic (Androgynous) Agenda - Handicapped, Disabled People, the Metaverse, Transableism - May Cover of British Vogue Featured Handicapped Women - Book, Harrison Bergeron, Film, 2081, Handicapping People in the Future - Book, Covid Vaccines From a Spiritual Perspective - Judy in Disguise with Glasses.
Dialogue Copyrighted CTTM - May 25, 2023 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)

Podcast links:

"Real History" with Melissa - Ep. 19 - Judy in Disguise with Glass - BitChute video

"Real History" with Melissa - Ep. 19 - Judy in Disguise with Glass - YouTube (first half of talk)

Costa Rica

Costa Rica - CIA document 1950

Machu Picchu vs. Chichen Itza: How to Decide


Nazca Lines

Uros Islands: The Floating Villages of Lake Titicaca

Easter Island

Unearthing the Mysteries of Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egyptian Culture

Reporter calls San Francisco 'worse than the third world' due to drugs, homeless problems

VOTERS’ REMORSE: Blue state survey shows majority want to re-criminalize drugs: 'We made an enormous mistake

LA Dodgers apologize to Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, reinvites group to Pride Night event after backlash

Sorority sues over admission of trans woman who got ‘aroused in their company’

Portland elementary school cancels after school Pride Fest event over social media threats

‘They Are Not Girls’: High School Asks Boys To Stop Putting Tampon Dispensers In The Toilets

Bridging the Gap between Transgenderism and Transhumanism

An accessible, disability-inclusive Metaverse?

‘A necessary and overdue education’: British Vogue dedicates five covers to disabled trailblazers

2081 short film

From transgendered to 'transabled': Now people are 'choosing' to identify as handicapped

Becoming disabled by choice, not chance: 'Transabled' people feel like impostors in their fully working bodies

Transabled: Healthy People Who Want to Amputate Their Limbs. Really.

Michigan State Inclusive Guide 2023

Alan Watt: The Mind Has No Firewall

The Battle for Human Nature Between Luciferic and Ahrimanic Beings - Rudolf Steiner

The Being of Man - Vol. 128. An Occult Physiology (1951)

Covid Vaccines from a Spiritual Perspective

Judy in Disguise - John Fred and his Playboy Band

May 18, 2023
"Real History" with Melissa
Ep. 18 - An Individual
Michael from Sweden - Long Winters, Alcoholism and Seasonal Affective Disorder - Born in Ghana, High School and Military in Cyprus - Learning about The Individual as Opposed to the Mass Man - The Capital of Cyprus Split Between Turks and Cypriots, Constant Fighting - Stay at Home Dads in Sweden, Social Engineering - Increased ADHD - Mass Drugging of Swedish Society, Men on Antidepressants - Infertility - Brave New World in Sweden - Brain Chips/Neural Implants, Biometrics - Sweden, Cashless, Technology-Driven, Virtual Reality Headsets - University in Southampton, England - U.K. Obsession with Football - Parts of Cyprus Promoted as International Party Destinations, Anything Goes - Meeting a Woman from Sweden in Cyprus, Moving to Sweden - No Football Team Colors Worn by Swedes or They'll Be Branded Racists/Nationalists - Promotion of Transgender Agenda - Care in Communicating with Others, Living Inside Your Own Mind - Relating to Daughters - Pressure to Get Covid Vaccination - Strict Enforcement to Conform to the Authorized, Standard Culture.
Dialogue Copyrighted CTTM - May 18, 2023 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)

Redux links:

Real History with Melissa - Ep 18 - An Individual - YouTube video

Real History with Melissa - Ep 18 - An Individual - BitChute video

Seasonal Affective Disorder



An Island Divided: Next Steps for Troubled Cyprus

Sweden's Experience As a Sexual Paradise

Sweden: Land of the Stay-At-Home Dad

ADHD medication collection among girls and boys (0-19 year olds) in Sweden over time

In Sweden, Men Can Have It All

14% young Europeans at risk of depression, Sweden tops the list

Sweden - Young men feel the most threatened by advances in women’s rights

Thousands Of Swedes Are Inserting Microchips Under Their Skin

Swedes are getting implants in their hands to replace cash, cyellowit cards

'The obsession with football is a bit weird'

A beautiful song from Northern Ghana

Donae'o - Party Hard | Official Music Video

Ayia Napa: where youngsters come ‘to do what they can’t do at home’

'It’s all about democracy': inside gender neutral schools in Sweden

Beyoncé - Love on Top, Crazy in Love - Stockholm, Sweden May 11:th 2023

May 11, 2023
"Real History" with Melissa
Ep. 17 - Neil Foster
Beekeeping - The Handmaid's Tale - The Role of Women in Agricultural Societies, Japan - Masks - 15 Minute Cities - Electric Vehicles - Emergency Use Authorization - Covid-19: The Great Reset- Tiny Apartments and Houses - Suicides During Lockdown - Social Influencers - Military, Woke and Politically Correct Language - Catastrophic Contagion - Normalizing Heart Attacks - Bezmenov, Contamination, Purges - Transgender - The Role of Doctors and Their Complicity - Impassioned Speeches and the Punch and Judy Show of Politics - Non-Compliance.
Dialogue Copyrighted CTTM - May 11, 2023 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)

Podcast links:

"Real History" with Melissa - Ep. 17 - Neil Foster - BitChute video

The Mikado - Gilbert and Sullivan

Fort Myers aims to be a 15-Minute city as population increases

A beehive as a model for living

The Caste System of the Honey Bee

Beehive - Government of New Zealand

Beehive - New Zealand

The Japanification of the US economy

The Japanification of the World?

Why the Government Should Invest in Tiny Homes

Japan’s Tiny Coffin-Sized Apartments Make Your College Dorm Room Look Like a Palace

Trans teen died from vaginoplasty complications during landmark Dutch study used to justify child sex changes

May 4, 2023
"Real History" with Melissa
Ep. 16 JP and Julie: Book of Ours
Book of Ours, an Art Collaboration - Husband and Wife, JP and Julie - Commitment to Art and Creativity to Address Social Issues - Anarchy - Post-Left Anarchism - Communitarianism (versus Community) - Microsoft Justice Reform Initiative - Data Mining, Aggregation - Geofencing - Rockefeller's Resilient Cities - Opportunity Zones - Wraparound Programs, Lifelong Dependency on the System, the New Form of Slavery - Behavior Modification, "Nudging" - Sidewalk Spykit - Lifelong Learning - Quarantyranny - The New Constitution: Living War Crimes - The Creative and Artistic Process - Leaving San Francisco - Living by Intuition - Lateral Thinking - Gardening - Keeping Love for Humanity Alive.
Dialogue Copyrighted CTTM - May 4, 2023 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)

Podcast links:

Real History Ep. 16 - JP and Julie: Book of Ours - BitChute video

Creating a more equitable justice system

Neighborhood Data for Social Change



What Is an Opportunity Zone?

100 Resilient Cities

The New Model: Resilient Cities

The New Model: Communitarianism

The New Model: Life Long Learning

Sidewalk Spykit

The New Constitution: Living War Crimes


The Golden Age


The New Model: Globotics

The Reason Redux

Book of Ours email

Book of Ours Website

Book of Ours Patreon

Book of Ours YouTube

Apr. 27, 2023
"Real History" with Melissa
Ep. 15 Adam and The School of Philosophy
Adam Recovering from Major Surgery - Facing Mortality - Good Nurses - Has Lived in Germany Six Years - Carpenter-Joiner - The German Language, Complexity - The School of Philosophy, Adam's Father Became Involved in the Auckland, New Zealand Branch in 1984 - Harsh Discipline, But Sports Outings and Happy Memories - Charges of Abuse Leveled at Some Schools Associated with the School of Philosophy and Economic Science - Freemasonry - Glasgow, Scotland - Truth Groups, Alan Watt - British Medical Association - Being Watched and Assessed.
Dialogue Copyrighted CTTM - Apr. 27, 2023 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)

Podcast links:

Real History Ep. 15 - Adam and The School of Philosophy - BitChute video

School of Philosophy

School of Philosophy and Economic Science

SES - Course or Cult?

Pupils' historical abuse at London schools claims total £1m

Elderly and vulnerable people are still being put on an end-of-life 'death pathway'

What is the Liverpool care pathway and what went wrong?

Liverpool Care Pathway, More Care, Less Pathway


Facts Are Stubborn Things; Statistics Are Pliable How RAND Corporation Is Endangering Our High-Value Healthcare Systems

Apr. 20, 2023
"Real History" with Melissa
Ep. 14 Born to Be Alive
Ken & Krissi and Their Family in Eastern Europe - Natural Childbirth - Growing Trend to C-Section - Bonding with Children, Cultural Traumas - Trivium Method of Learning - Pornographic Pop Culture - A More Natural Way for Children to Be Born, Play, Learn and Grow.
Dialogue Copyrighted CTTM - Apr. 20, 2023 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)

Podcast links:

Real History Ep. 14 - Born to Be Alive - BitChute video

Patrick Hernandez - Born to Be Alive - Official Video

Patrick Hernandez - Born To Be Alive (1979) - Extended Dance Version, Soul Train

Ultravox - White China

Caesarean section rates continue to rise, amid growing inequalities in access

Why the C-Section Rate Is So High - Doctors are generally paid quite a bit more for a C-section than for a vaginal birth.

Breastfeeding: how the biological norm became perceived as a modern day pressure


Apr. 13, 2023
"Real History" with Melissa
Ep. 13 More with Darin from South Africa
Gurus - Alan Watts, Philosopher from the 1970s - Alan Watt, Cutting Through the Matrix - South Africa - Comfortable Life, White English Background - Apartheid - Color - Cape Malay, Dutch East India Company - Status of Indians and Chinese in S. Africa - Chinese Build Infrastructure with Their Own People and Return to China - Carroll Quigley's books, Tragedy and Hope; The Anglo-American Establishment - Jan Smuts - Milner Group - Black Students within the Segregated System - Military Service Avoided - Nelson Mandela, the End of Apartheid - African National Congress (ANC) - Corruption and Nepotism - Diamond and Mining Concerns Still Run the Country as in Milner's Day - Agenda 21 - Twitter - Nationalistic Rhetoric - Zombie Movies, The Last Man on Earth; I Am Legend - CDC, Symbolism, In-Groups and Out-Groups, License to Kill - Rolling Blackouts in South Africa and Elsewhere - Political Corruption, Plausible Reasons for Power Failures - ESG.
Dialogue Copyrighted CTTM - Apr. 13, 2023 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)

Podcast links:

Ep. 13 - More from Darin in South Africa - BitChute video

Ruinous blackouts threaten to end ANC rule in South Africa

Mining in South Africa looks to solar, AI and chickens to go green

Patrice Motsepe's energy firm is involved in half of all the latest approved green power projects

Telegram - South Africa Unite

Telegram - Cutting Through the Matrix (unofficial)

South African Tycoon Motsepe Plans to Boost Clean Power Generation Seven Fold

JP Morgan: Clean energy is a massive investment opportunity. We’re on track to finance $1 trillion for green by 2030

Apr. 6, 2023
"Real History" with Melissa
Ep. 12 Darin from South Africa
New Age Thinking Crept into Telegram, Christianity - Microdosing Hallucinogens Being Promoted - Soma - Looking at the Numbers, No Pandemic - The Magical Power of Words - Incentivizing Behavior, Loyalty Cards - Digital Currency, World Economic Forum - Roadmap 2030 - Elon Musk, Technocracy, Universal Basic Income, Twitter Communitarianism.
Dialogue Copyrighted CTTM - Apr. 6, 2023 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)

Podcast links:

Ep. 12 - Darin from South Africa - BitChute video

Elon Musk on why the world needs a universal basic income

Science fiction and grandfather’s views shaped Musk

The New Model: Communitarianism

Telegram - South Africa Unite

Telegram - Cutting Through the Matrix (unofficial)

Mar. 30, 2023
"Real History" with Melissa
Ep. 11 Demons, Dybbuks and Druggies
Giovanni - Driving a Truck Cross Country - Born in Lithuania, Father Italian, Mother Jewish Lithuanian - Mother a Drug Addict - Rough Childhood, Child Protective Services (CPS) - Childhood Trauma, 6th Sense, Psychic Abilities - Alan Watt, Psychopath versus Possession - Gypsy Aunts, Tarot, Numerology - Demons; What is it We See in Evil People? - Jewish Mythology of the Dybbuk - Bad Choices, Drugs, Alcohol, etc. as Openings to Demonic Forces - The Joy of Raising and Caring for Children - The Druggie Ex-Wife - Custody Battle - Listening to Alan Watt and Finding Refuge in the Talks.
Dialogue Copyrighted CTTM - Mar. 30, 2023 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)

Podcast links:

A Vatican exorcist's most haunting experiences (Unfinished thought: Alan Watt liked that some within the Catholic Church still recognized the supernatural.)

How to deal with a dybbuk

Ep. 11 Demons, Dybbuks and Druggies - BitChute Video

Gypsy sorcery and fortune telling

NJ boy, 12, OD’ed on fentanyl after being forced to clean uncle’s drug lab: prosecutors

Nine-year-old boy is ‘Britain’s youngest crack cocaine dealer’

Dad: Shaniya's Mom Trafficked Her to Settle Drug Debt

Over 1,100 children trafficked into UK drug trade, data shows

Texas woman admits to selling children to settle drug debt, sentenced to 6 years in prison

The Corrupt Business of Child Protective Services

Dybbuk -- 1974 ballet; music by Leonard Bernstein

Dybbuk -- New York Philharmonic conducted by Bernstein

Mar. 23, 2023
"Real History" with Melissa
Ep. 10 Henry's Log Home
Henry from Tennessee, USA - Things that Didn't Make Sense; Henry's Search for Truth - Entry into World War II, Vietnam War, Cold War with Russia - Religion, Son of a Preacher, Rockefeller's Influence on Churches, Scofield Bible - Finding Alan Watt and Cutting Through the Matrix on RBN, John Stadtmiller - Favorite School Topics, Science and Music, Saxophone - Teaching Music - Building a Home - Switching Careers, Learning to Be a Commercial Electrician - Homeschooling - Traveling Through the American Southeast, Tennessee, North and South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Northern Florida - Poverty and Drug Use in the Appalachians and Other Parts of the South - Business and Hospital Closures - Built a Log Home from a Kit in the 1980s; Did All the Work Himself, with Help from Wife - First Daughter Born at the Start of Homebuilding - Father's Hard Life Born in the 1920's, Growing Up in the Depression - Commitment and the Importance of Keeping One's Word - Salt of the Earth.
Dialogue Copyrighted CTTM - Mar. 23, 2023 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)

Podcast links:

Episode 10 - Henry's Log Home - YouTube Video

Episode 10 - Henry's Log Home - BitChute Video

Cyrus Ingerson Scofield: Charlatan and Heretic

World Council of Churches

Rockefeller and Interchurch World Movement

Rockefeller and Religion — Federal Council of Churches in America

Farm Program Pays $1.3 Billion to People Who Don't Farm (2006)

U.S. Is Getting Ready to Pay Farmers Not to Grow Grain (1980)

United States farm bill

S. 275 (95th): Food and Agriculture Act (1977 Farm Bill)

Alto Saxophone Vs. Tenor Saxophone

My Tennessee Mountain Home - Dolly Parton

Country Roads - John Denver

The Trail of the Lonesome Pine - Laurel and Hardy

Georgia On My Mind - Ray Charles

Sweet Home Alabama - Lynyrd Skynyrd

Carolina In My Mind - James Taylor

Carolina In My Mind - James Taylor

Earl Scruggs and Doc Watson

Salty Dog Blues - Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs

Salty Dog Blues - Earl Scruggs and The Morris Brothers

Forgotten Coast - James McMurtry

My Old Kentucky Home - John Prine

Cumberland Gap - David Rawlings

Autumn Leaves - Cannonball Adderley

31 Depression Blues - Ed Sturgill

In the Shenandoah Valley Long Ago - Songs of Murphy Hicks Henry (featuring A.J. Lee)

Bluegrass clog dancing - authentic film from 1965

Down By the Willow Garden - from the documentary "Oxyana"

Oxyana - 2013 documentary about rural America's opioid crisis

Mar. 16, 2023
"Real History" with Melissa
Ep. 9 Betty and The Value of One US Dollar
Betty was Born in 1929, Father Died in 1933, Left Mother with Six Children Under the Age of 14 - The Depression - Garden, Cows Named Blackie and Suzie - Churning Butter - Chickens - Fruit Trees - Round Steak - Supplementing the Life Insurance Policy - The U.S. Dollar in 1933 and 2023 - Inflation - House and Car Prices - Mortgage - Property Taxes - Political Gangsters - The Truth About Government Services - Helping Family.
Dialogue Copyrighted CTTM - Mar. 16, 2023 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)

Podcast links:

RH Ep 9 - YouTube Video

RH Ep 9 - BitChute Video

Cost of Goods the Year You Were Born

1930s Price Guide

"Pennies From Heaven" -- Bing Crosby

"A-Tisket-A-Tasket" -- Ella Fitzgerald

Mar. 09, 2023
"Real History" with Melissa
Ep. 8 Neil Foster
Hr. 1 - Neil Foster - Born in Scotland, Father was Single Parent - Neil Sent to Catholic Boarding School, Education was Poor - Worked in Hospitality Industry - Studied Management at University - Grew Sick of the Apathy of Scottish People - Moved to Turkey, then Ireland, then Bulgaria - Worked in Bulgaria for Spanish Company FCC, on the Building of a Bridge - First Heard Alan Watt While on a Mountaintop in Bulgaria - Moved Back to Ireland, Started Writing for the Sovereign Independent Newspaper and Website - Lisbon Treaty; Voting Irregularities - Ireland, Abortion, Immigration - Traveling, Learning Different Cultures - Hospitality of Bulgarians - Destruction of Cultures, European Union - Euro, Price Increases - Inflation - Soviet Era Engineering in Croatia, Serbia - Meeting Paula, Visa Problems in the U.S.; Forced Out for Three Years, Married in the Bahamas. Hr.2 - Life in Florida - Gardening - Covid and Training to Comply - Human Obedience Training, Angry North and Boris's Bitches - Getting a Patdown at the Airport - Phobias - Saying "No" - Hold on to Humanity - Facebook - Autistic Boy - Standing Up for Yourselves - Terrain, Germ Theory - Cryptocurrencies, World Economic Forum - Rationing Toilet Paper - Reality Bytes Radio - Fifteen Minute Cities - The Great Reset, book - Propaganda About Right-Wing Extremism - Rollout of 15-Minute Cities in Florida - Neil on Writing and Radio.
Dialogue Copyrighted CTTM - Mar. 09, 2023 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)


Podcast links:

RH Ep. 8 - Hour 1 - YouTube Video

RH Ep. 8 - Hour 2 - YouTube Video

RH Ep. 8 - Hour 1 - BitChute Video

RH Ep. 8 - Hour 2 - BitChute Video

The New Concentration Camp is Here - The 15-Minute City Rollout has Begun

Ivo Papazov and his Bulgarian wedding band

Human Obedience Training by Angry North and Boris's Bitches

Your Government Loves You

Mar. 02, 2023
"Real History" with Melissa
Ep. 7 Webcam Girls
Joe from Niagra Falls, Canada - Immigrant Parents - Father Contracted Polio as a Child - Discovering Alan Watt's Talks - Rick Simpson - Growing Cannabis with Father, a Strong Influence and Support - Pressure from Employer to Get Covid Vaccine - Growing Garlic, Making Sourdough Bread - Food Security - Trading with People - The Beginning of the Pandemic, Affects of Lockdown on Psyche - Scarcity of Decent Women - Sex is a Powerful Drive - Lack of Emotional Support During Pandemic - Live-streaming Webcam Sites During Lockdown - The Positive Influence of Joe's High School Girlfriend - Normalization and Mainstreaming of Internet Pornography During Covid - Research on Affects of Pornography - Bond of the Family Unit - Christmas Day Windfall of Webcam Site Credits - Surveillance and Data Collection - Self-Cleaning Public Toilets - Safe Shooting Up Sites for Heroin Addicts - Movie, Videodrome - Joe on Guitar - Baking and Gardening.
Dialogue Copyrighted CTTM - Mar. 02, 2023 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)

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RH Ep. 7 - YouTube Video

RH Ep. 7 - BitChute Video

Pornhub Premium now FREE to encourage everyone to stay home during virus crisis

The Year Sex Work Came Home

Coronavirus Has Scrambled the Sex and Porn Industry. Cam Girls Are Cashing In.

Business booming for cam girls amid coronavirus outbreak

Cam girls are now working inside warehouse studio ‘pods’

Sexy cam girls will keep lonely senior citizens company

Hotels in Colombia turn into camming studios to stay afloat during COVID

Legendary Sin Cities

Webcam modeling helps you find the perfect "virtual girlfriend"

Andrew Tate isn't Andrew Tate, He's just playing an Andrew Tate character, says lawyer

Boleyn Models


Son Spends $275,000 of Dad’s Money on Virtual Girlfriend

In a first for St. Catharines, smart, self-cleaning public loo being installed/span>

Ontario passes housing bill amid criticism from cities, conservation authorities

"Safe Injection Sites" Aren’t Safe, Effective or Wise. Just Ask Canadians

Feb. 23, 2023
"Real History" with Melissa
Ep. 6 Larry Learns About the CIA
Larry from Indiana - Learned to Do Math Equations in the Cattle Business with His Uncle - The Government Introduced Disease to Cattle, Took Over the Cattle Business - Government Bought Tobacco from Small Farmers then Took Over Altogether - Larry Dropped Out of High School Two Weeks into the 9th Grade - Worked for Uncle's Construction Business - Real Estate Courses at College and University - Started a Real Estate Business - Bought a Newspaper - Church Ladies; Local Gossip and Local Sports Stats and Children's Grades All Published - Sent a Packet of Camera-Ready Propaganda-News from an Outfit Affiliated with Parade Magazine - Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) - D.A.R.E., Children Spying on Parents; Teaching Them to Be Informants - Carl Bernstein's Rolling Stone Article on the CIA and the Media - A Push by the CIA to Buy Up Newspapers from the Late 1980s to Early 1990s - Family Came from Appalachian Region, Eastern Kentucky - Generational Distrust of Government - Alan Watt and the Three Levels of Science - 17 Generations of Masons in the Family - Uncle's Masonic Connections - Movie, Brotherhood of the Bell - Poverty; Larry's Father Died When Larry was 10 and Then His Mother Lost Her Eyesight - Gold Standard - Late 1960s, Building Houses that Sold for $10,000 - Recession - The Cemetary Business - Dealing with Banks and Loans - The Value of Alan Watt's Work.
Dialogue Copyrighted CTTM - Feb. 23, 2023 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)

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RH Ep. 6 - YouTube Video

RH Ep. 6 - BitChute Video

Foot and mouth disease Britain

Hang on to Heritage - tobacco farmers

The CIA and the Media

How the National Security State Manipulates News Media

Operation Mockingbird

CIA influence on public opinion

CIA and the Cultural Cold War

CIA and the colonizing of the Catholic mind

Feb. 16, 2023
"Real History" with Melissa
Ep. 5 Troubled in Northern Ireland
Paul from Newry, County Down, Northern Ireland - Bessbrook, County Armagh - Ulster - The Four Traditional Irish Provinces - Irish Famine - Mass Graves, Pauper's Grave in Newry - Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland - England in Ireland - Catholicism versus Protestantism - The Troubles - "Peace Walls" to Separate Catholics from Protestants - The Shankill Road, The Falls Road - Football Associations - The Shame of Babies Out of Wedlock - Sexual Abuse by Catholic Priests - Mass Graves of Children at Catholic Care Home - National Health Care, Brother's Struggle with Depression, Rigged Explosion Affecting Four Flats - Knife Attack on Paul and His Sister by Disturbed Brother - Accusations of Inappropriate Behaviour, Eventually Escalate to Online Attacks - When Alan Watt's Books Arrived at Paul's Flat - Narcissism, Toxic Positivity, Rumination, Stonewalling, Gaslighting - The Dubliners, "Seven Drunken Nights," A Song Which is a Good and Funny Example of Gaslighting - People Use Social Media to Abuse and Attack - Psychopathic, Egosyntonic Culture - People Live Their Lives on Social Media - "The Lonesome Boatman" by The Fureys - Irish Travellers (Tinkers) - "The Field" movie, Not Mentioned in the Conversation, but an Illustration of the Relationship Between Those Attached to The Land and the Nomadic Lifestyle of The Irish Travellers - Inability to Empathize with Others - More Examples of Narcissism - People Unwilling to Listen and Hear Another Point of View.
Dialogue Copyrighted CTTM - Feb. 16, 2023 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)

Podcast links:

A Brief History of Northern Ireland v Republic of Ireland (football associations)

Why Ireland Split into the Republic of Ireland & Northern Ireland

A good example of gaslighting! --- The Dubliners - "Seven Drunken Nights" (with lyrics)

The Anatomy of a Narcissist - Dr. Ramani

Three Ways Narcissists Destroy Your Physical Health - Dr. Ramani

The Fureys - The Lonesome Boatman

The Fureys

Irish Travellers

A favorite movie of Alan Watt was The Field --- "love of the land" versus the ideals of the nomadic Travellers or Tinkers

RH Ep. 5 - YouTube Video

RH Ep. 5 - BitChute Video

Feb. 9, 2023
"Real History" with Melissa
Ep. 4 The Transcriber
Introduction to Religion - Learning the Restaurant Business as a Teenager - Joined the Army, Became an Army Cook - Stationed in Germany, then El Paso, TX - The New Age via Shirley MacLaine, "Out on a Limb" - Becoming a god - Follow the Stars - Crystals, Reiki, Rolfing - A Murder at Blockbuster - Loss of Optimism - Scientology - Auditing - Psychiatric Drugging - Scientology's Citizen's Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) - Personal Experiences with Psychiatric Medications - Scientology Courses, Cost and Time - Scientology's Influence Over Relationship Choices - Tried to Make Sense of the News and Current Events - Alan Watt's Talks - Watching Alan Watt's Reality Check 1, An Incredible Experience - Listening to Numerous Talks by Alan, Followed by Profound Psychic Changes - Letting Go of Illusion - Conversations with Alan about Purpose - Transcribing Alan's Talks, Ten Hours to Do the First One - The Idea of Transcript Booklets - Organic Gardening.
Dialogue Copyrighted CTTM - Feb. 9, 2023 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)

Podcast links:

Real History Ep. 4 - YouTube Video

Real History Ep. 4 - BitChute Video

Amhrán na Leabhar (Song of the Books)

Songs of the Scribe (album) - Song: "My Hand is Cramped with Penwork" (For Diana, with love for her years of dedication...and the carpal tunnel.)

Aquarius / Let The Sunshine In (The 5th Dimension)

Feb. 2, 2023
"Real History" with Melissa
Ep. 3 Master Carpenter
News about the Vietnam War, Walter Cronkite - Father had Independent Trucking Company - Teamsters Union, Teamster Involvement in Construction Business - Movie, Donnie Brasco - Death of Father and Treatment of Mother by Teamsters Union - Fishing and Hunting with Brother - Memories of Childhood - Ruby Ridge in 1991-92, Waco in 1993 and Events that Shaped Jim's Perception of Reality - PBS Documentary of Ruby Ridge, Moving Recollections of the Weaver Daughter - ATF at Waco, Bowing to the Fire - Same Sniper Who Killed Vicky Weaver was at Waco Siege - Jim's Involvement Trying to Bring Historical Facts to a Group - Donald Trump's Background - Fictional Portrayals of Government Agencies for Indoctrination - FBI - 9/11 and Unbelievable Explanations of Events - Emotional Attachment to the Country You're Born Into - Jim's Work as a Carpenter - The Promotion of "President" Trump by the Media Many Years Prior to His Presidency - Trump Didn't Pay Some Construction Companies for Work - Trump's Debts and Bailout by Rothschild Agent Wilbur Ross, Trump Appointed Him Secretary of Commerce, Alex Acosta Got Jeffrey Epstein a Sweet Deal in Florida on Sex Crimes, Trump Appointed Him Secretary of Labor - Book, Red Mafiya: How the Russian Mob Has Invaded America - Attention to Detail in Carpentry Applies to Research - Appreciation for Alan Watt's Work.
Dialogue Copyrighted CTTM - Feb. 2, 2023 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)

Podcast links:

Real History Ep. 3 - YouTube Video

Real History Ep. 3 - BitChute Video

Breaking Free: The history of the owner-operator in trucking (2021)

Ruby Ridge | American Experience | PBS (2021 documentary)

Siege at Ruby Ridge: The Forgotten History of the ATF Shootout That Started a Militia Movement

Waco Massacre documentary

How the Government Covered Up the Waco Massacre

The Lessons of Waco - by Ron Paul

Peter Rowan - Ruby Ridge

Good Ol' Shoe - Working - "Wag the Dog"

Jan. 26, 2023
"Real History" with Melissa
Ep. 2 Faith from Canada
How Faith Found Alan Watt's Talks - Trusting Your Instincts - Leaving Uganda for Kenya - Moving to Canada - Alan's Talks Seemed to Conflict with Faith's Understanding of Christianity - The Unvaccinated No Longer Welcome to Attend Church, Ontario, Canada - The Oneida Community Cult - Free Love - William Branham, Freemason - Religion, Ties, Binding, Control - Religions, Stepping Stones to Higher Truths - The Creator, The Supernatural - Fear and Hate - Music from Uganda, "Ssewaswa" - "Akalo Ka Buganda" - Know Who You Are, This Dirt, This Land is Ours and Nobody Can Take it From Us - Children Not Taught Their Language and Culture - Happiness in the Midst of Extreme Poverty - "Fumbria Abaana" (1964) - Milton Obote - Museveni, President of Uganda Since 1986 - Banana Republics - Risks of Speaking Out Against Corrupt Politicians - Bobi Wine, Ugandan Musician and Politician, "Kiwaani" - No Streetlights in Most of Kampala, Capitol of Uganda - Kampala, 14 Million Crammed in City Built for 1 Million - A Generation Lost to AIDS - Oral History - Cognizant of Evil - In Third World Countries You're Aware of Savagery, It's Visible - In the West it's Hidden, Wolves in Suits - Racism and Classism in Africa - Black on Black Hatred - Kenya, "Safari Ya Bamba."
Dialogue Copyrighted CTTM - Jan. 26, 2023 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)

Podcast links:

Real History Ep. 2 - Bitchute Video

Real History Ep. 2 - YouTube Video

Idi Amin's Israeli Connection

Uganda Election: President Yoweri Museveni Declared Winner As Bobi Wine Alleges Fraud

Arrested, tear-gassed but still singing: Pop star-turned-politician Bobi Wine takes on Uganda's 'strongman'

Buganda Music Ensemble - Ssewaswa - The Singing Wells project

Akalo Ka Buganda by Sir William Kibuuka New Ugandan Music

Fumbria Abaana (1964) - Kawaliwa & Mary w. the AGS Boys

Safari Ya Bamba (A Voyage to Bamba) || Giriama (Kenyan) Folk Song || Arranged By Dr. Arthur Kemoli

Jan. 19, 2023
"Real History" with Melissa
Ep. 1 Cross Country
Talking to a Listener of Alan Watt who is a Retired L.A. Street Cop and a Friend of Alan's Born in East Germany Inspired Idea to Talk to People about Their Histories, Observations and Experiences - Lutz Dammbeck film Overgames - Alan's Conversation with Miss Effie, "Driving Miss Effie" - People's Stories are Compelling and Interesting, This is Real History - Alan's Motorcycle Ride in the Highlands of Scotland and Discovery of an Old Church - My Father's Love of Travel, Postcard Collection and Genealogy and My Mother's Love of History - My Grandparents, Grandmother Left to Raise Six Children on Her Own - Alan's Stories about Traveling Bards in the Highlands - My Aunt Betty Tells a Story about Pig Thieves - Traveling Through the American South - Staying in a Haunted Hotel - A Big Library in Birmingham, Alabama with Large Genealogy Archive and Personal Histories - Trying to Tour a Pre-Civil War Home - Vicksburg National Military Park, No Longer Accepting Cash - Monuments to Industry but the Industry is No Longer There - Alan Watt Talked about When Manufacturing was All Off-Shored People Would Sell Beads on the Side of the Road to Tourists - America has Been Turned into One Big Museum - The Goodman House in Tyler, Texas - Personal History of the Goodman Family - Book, Empire of Pain: The Secret History of the Sackler Dynasty (Purdue Pharma) - Opioid Addiction - Documentary Film, Oxyana, about OxyContin Addiction and the Devasting Fallout - Diane Sawyer's Hidden America, Drug Abuse in Appalachia - History Told Through Music, Songs About War, "Come Out Ye Black and Tans," "Lay Me Doon" (We Were Soldiers) - "The Bonnie Banks o' Loch Lomond" (Jacobites, Bonnie Prince Charlie) - "The Foggy Dew" (Ireland's Easter Rising) - "The Battle of Shiloh Hill" (American Civil War) - "Ballad Of The Alamo" - "Cripple Creek" (Appalachia) - The Marshall Family, Bluegrass in the Early 1970s; Rebel Records Grants Permission to "Real History" Podcast to Use the Marshall Family Songs, "Things I Used to Do" and "Something This World Didn't Give Me" - Drug Abuse in Glasgow, Scotland.
Dialogue Copyrighted CTTM - Jan. 19, 2023 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)

Podcast links:

Marshall Family - Rebel Records

Marshall Family - Things I Used To Do


Diane Sawyer - Hidden America

Empire of Pain - opioids and the Sackler family

Opioid epidemic in the United States

Scotland's drug death crisis in six graphs

Irish Descendants - Come Out Ye' Black And Tans

Lay Me Doon - (We Were Soldiers)

The Corries - The Bonnie Banks o' Loch Lomond (Jacobites, Bonnie Prince Charlie)

Hamish Imlach - The Foggy Dew (Ireland's Easter Rising)

The Battle of Shiloh Hill - (American Civil War)

Marty Robbins - Ballad Of The Alamo

Mr Hobart Smith - Cripple Creek

Marshall Family - Something That The World Didn't Give Me

Ep. 1 Cross Country - YouTube Video

Ep. 1 Cross Country - BitChute Video